Why AI Chatbot is Boon for Your eCommerce Business?

Overview of eCommerce Business

In today’s extremely competitive and above all mobile Commerce market, exceptional customer experience is the only way to maintain and create competitive differentiation. The importance of customer satisfaction is highlighted by a study that shows that an increase of only 5% in the customer loyalty rate can increase profits from 25% to 95%. And the only way increasing customer loyalty is by enhancing your customer experience.

The Adoption of Chatbots for eCommerce Business

It would be surprising to find someone today who has not heard of WhatsApp.

With more than 1.5 billion monthly users worldwide, WhatsApp is the most used messaging application.

The eCommerce industry, as one of the world’s fastest-growing consumer segments, and with billions of consumers shopping online every day, has evolved enormously with technological advancements.

The fact that it incorporates chatbots into its strategy to move in a competitive market was particularly remarkable.

Personalized WhatsApp chatbots for retail and eCommerce are proving to be a great way to generate meaningful customer engagement and achieve faster conversions.

A business or eCommerce chatbot is simply a software program that runs on the encrypted WhatsApp platform and allows your customers to communicate with your business through simple messages.

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Advantages of Chatbots for Retail and eCommerce Business

Converting people into customers and making profits are the most serious challenges facing the eCommerce industry today.

An eCommerce chatbot automates not only the process of handling customer requests but also reduces overhead and improves the efficiency of your customer support team.

Here are some of the benefits of chatbots in online shopping below:

  • Allows real-time conversations with instant answers to customer questions
  • It allows companies to help customers on their favorite chat platform and improve their shopping experience
  • It allows customers to take quick action, leading them to purchase
  • Helps build customer trust and loyalty
  • It allows secure communications with customers through end-to-end encryption on WhatsApp
  • It helps you get better brand recognition
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What Makes WhatsApp Chatbots Different from other Platforms?

The main factor that gives the WhatsApp chatbot an advantage over other platforms is that people are already using the messaging app extensively.

Your customers, therefore, do not have to be familiar with a new platform.

Below are some of the important benefits of using chatbots for your eCommerce business.

Multiple Actions

The eCommerce chatbot allows users to take various actions depending on the conversation flow.

From navigation to purchase, via ticket collection, users have access to several contact points via the chatbot.

This helps eCommerce businesses to attract and retain customers through the power of conversational marketing and engagement.

Group Messaging

Chatbots for online shopping offer eCommerce businesses a great opportunity to communicate with their customers in real-time, 24 hours a day.

Best of all, WhatsApp’s broadcast feature allows the business to create groups and send the same message to multiple users at the same time.

This strategy can be used to reach a large audience at the same time and send promotional messages and discount coupons within a group.

Ease of Access

With business chatbots, eCommerce companies can take advantage of the “click-to-WhatsApp” feature on Facebook ads, which allows them to engage their target audience in real-time, by simply clicking on the relevant ad.

Conversation Backup

Another benefit of WhatsApp chatbots is the backup of conversations, which allows companies to keep track of previous customer interactions without any problems.

Better Delivery Experience

A business chatbot can also be used for a better product delivery experience.

It can completely eliminate the hassle of finding the address.

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Consumers can simply share their location on WhatsApp chat, which makes the delivery process quick and easy.

Automated Messages

Now you no longer have to keep your customers waiting to provide them with an answer.

You can respond to them, even when they send you messages outside office hours, and keep them informed of their requests.

Using chatbots for online shopping, you can also collect instant comments from customer responses and use this data to better serve them in the future.

Multimedia Attachments

Thanks to the various multimedia attachments, including audio files, video, images, documents, text, and contact details, eCommerce companies can use business chatbots to answer customer questions in a much more engaging way.

Imagine customer satisfaction when they inquire about pants similar to the ones they bought last month but which is no longer in stock, and you inform them via WhatsApp as soon as it is back in stock with a photo of the product!

In addition, you can also share with the customer where it is, as well as the link allowing him to track his delivery.

How Chatbot is very useful for eCommerce Business?

  • Alert existing customers to flash sales or upcoming promotions
  • Direct prospects to relevant products to convert them into customers
  • Learn the buying habits of each customer and to better understand their concerns, objections, needs, and product preferences. This capacity improves the marketing of your catalog.
  • Collect data at each stage of the customer journey to improve the shopping experience
  • Collect customer reviews

In the world of eCommerce, a chatbot that interacts with your audience and remembers the last visits of your prospects is the ideal marketing tool to generate leads, improve conversion, and boost your turnover.

Instant messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, and more aren’t just for communicating with friends and business partners.

Messaging platforms are taking over from email and the opportunity for Conversational Commerce has only just begun.

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The addition of a sales channel through chatbots in the eCommerce business now allows you to market your products and services to customers on different networks in an efficient and user-friendly way while staying one step ahead of the marketing strategies of your competitors.

Users are Ready to Talk to Your eCommerce Chatbot

Research shows that users are more willing to buy online with a bot.

The implementation of an eCommerce chatbot places your business where your customers spend time online, on their phones, and especially on social networks.

Thanks to a virtual seller you stay at the cutting edge of innovation and stay one step ahead of your competitors.

You can even set up a voice bot to allow your customers to buy by speaking on your eCommerce website.

In addition, WhatsApp makes it easy to approach customers at the right time because they are likely to consult their WhatsApp messages instantly or in the near future.

As soon as your chatbot receives the photo or video, you can share it on the product page or social media to generate more leads.

So what are you waiting for? If you are an established eCommerce business, chatbots are the next big step to multiplying your revenues through a better customer experience.

If you are planning to go digital and create an online business, then chatbots will improve productivity and save manpower costs.

In either case, business chatbot application development must be on the list of features in your app plan.

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