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We believe in giving our best when it comes to b2b travel portal and travel app development. We’ve been powering the ambitions of hundreds of startups, entrepreneurs and businesses in the travel industry. Our professional team utilizes the latest technologies and frameworks to build robust travel apps and software according to the business model and custom requirements. Gauge our expertise by browsing through some of our recent white label travel portal development projects.


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Travel Portal Development Options


Customer Travel Portal

Designed for end-users, the customer travel portal is suitable for increasing business revenues and reaching out to a large group of potential customers. We design, develop and deploy feature-rich customer travel portals that facilitate bookings, provide personalized suggestions and serve as integrated travel and booking management system.

With the help of a customer travel portal, delight your existing and future customers with unprecedented efficiency, real-time support and competitive quotes on all travel packages and solutions.

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B2B Travel Portal

B2B travel portals are ideal for serving corporate clients. B2B portals come with all essential features to manage a large-scale B2B travel agency. We provide end-to-end solutions for B2B travel portal development and our experts can harness advanced technologies to equip the portal with innovative features.

A B2B travel portal comes with an integrated admin management system, agent management system and can also be used for adding channel partners to your existing network. Using a B2B platform, you can reduce your operational expenses and boost your growth prospects while catering to a large number of B2B clients.

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Agent Travel Portal

Agent travel portals are designed to simplify agent management and expand the agent network. We design and develop robust agent travel portals and take up travel app development projects. Our experienced team of travel app developers understand the nuances of travel business and build an intuitive agent travel portal that meets your specific business requirements.

Our agent travel portal development solutions can help you streamline your operations and simplify the task of agent management, spread over multiple regions or countries around the globe.

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White Label Travel Portal

A white label travel portal allows travel startups and companies to quickly start their operations by using a full-proof travel portal that can be rebranded according to their specific brand identity.

We provide white label travel portal development solutions that can help you start your own online travel agency with low investment. Instead of starting from scratch, white label travel portal development ensures that your customers get access to world-class technology and features, right from day one, just like an established.

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Our Capabilities travel_line

We can develop feature-rich travel portals and mobile apps that are embedded with robust capabilities that enhance the end-user experience. Travel portals developed by OneClick are known to possess the following capabilities:

  • Integrated Content Management System
  • Invoice Generator
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Currency convertor
  • Inquiry tool
  • User management
  • Flight/hotel/cab booking and reservation system
  • Cancellation/reschedule queues

travel portal development

services we offer

travel_ser3 Hotel
travel_ser1 Flight
cruise Cruise
ic_activity Activity
ic_vacation_rental Vacation Rental
travel_ser4 Car Rental

Hotel Reservation System

Give your clients the power to reserve a room, reschedule booking requests, cancel their reservations and a lot more with a hotel reservation system.

Flight Booking System

Digitize your airline operations with a powerful and robust flight booking system that can provide clients with real-time quotes and allow them to book flight tickets on-the-go.

Cruise Reservation System

Build an integrated cruise reservation system for your cruise line business and delight your clients with self-service capabilities.

Activity Booking System

Increase your revenues by attracting more clients towards your activities like heritage walks, special events and a lot more with an activity booking system.

Vacation Rental Reservation System

Own a vacation rental home or boutique property? Get in touch with our experts to create a holistic vacation rental reservation system to boost your growth prospects.

Car Rental Booking System

Enhance the efficiency of your car rental business and start accepting more booking requests with a dedicated car rental booking system. Our experienced team can help you build and launch an integrated portal with ease and efficiency.

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