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We at OneClick help you set up a data analytics mechanism that helps you make informed business decisions. Our data engineers are skilled in building a data analytics system that uses AI-powered machine learning to deliver real-time reports through the use of both operational and analytical data.

Our technocrats can also build custom analytics solutions to fulfill specific needs. We offer a wide range of industry-oriented solutions & services that help assess both commercial product vendors and open source options. We are one of the leading players in data analytics consulting services and optimizing data strategies to gain a competitive edge.

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    What We Do in Data Analytics

    Data is crucial in today's business world. It makes all the difference in your business operations and growth. So, our key objective is to help startups and organizations to streamline operations in a digital world. Our data analysts prepare you for a data-led transformation that brings your best foot forward in the market. An inspired approach can drastically change your impact on business.

    End-to-end Data Analytics Services

    Data Analytics & Consulting

    We provide data analytics consulting services that help your business transform data into insightful information and ensure operational excellence. Our experienced consultants have deep domain expertise in data engineering, enabling them to resolve business challenges in weeks.

    Advanced Analytics

    We help businesses by offering expert modules required in advanced analytics. Our data analytics experts will discover, analyze the power of your data, and map the analytics initiatives with your business goals. Our advanced analytics services include

    • Predictive analytics
    • ML/AI analytics
    • Big data analytics
    • IoT analytics
    Data Discovery

    Our data discovery process is trusted by renowned companies globally. We ensure your data is secure, impactful yet accurate, and converted into actionable insights. Based on an appropriate data discovery, improved business decisions are taken.

    Data Management Services

    Beyond discovering data, we help businesses with data governance, monetization, and compliance. In data managed service, we assess current data architecture and build a data strategy based on the competitive trends and business goals.

    Data Analytics Implementation

    We follow a dynamic approach for data implementation. We do everything from migrating data to the cloud or mobile platforms. After migration, our data analyst will implement real-time and go ahead with batch processing systems across various environments based on cloud, web, and mobile services.

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    How We Help Businesses Grow with Data Analytics
    Solutions & Services

    With our gamut of offerings, businesses can make more effective yet prompt decisions. They can eliminate guesswork from developing marketing plans, and determine specific data to make it work more efficiently.

    • Our offerings improve decision-making and help have more compelling marketing strategies. These are two potential benefits of data analytics.
    • Data analytics can help businesses know their customers better, helping them market their products more effectively.
    • Data analytics solutions enhance customer service and increase operational efficiency.
    • It helps businesses streamline their operations, deliver resources, and augment the bottom line by allowing businesses to personalize customer experience to their needs.
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    How Does Data Analytics Software Work

    Data analytics is the process of transforming data into meaningful information, knowledge, and insight. Data analytics allows us to make predictions using past, current and real-time data. Through Data Analytics we can take what was once hidden in the data, and transform it into valuable business insights for future use.



    While conducting the data analytics process, data is collected, organized, and cleaned. First, decide the data requirements, or how the data is grouped.



    Data values may be numerical or divided by different categories. Analytics can be done through computers, online sources, cameras, environmental sources, and personnel.



    Once the data is gathered, it should be organized for an accurate analysis. It can be placed on software or a spreadsheet that can take statists.



    Once, the data is cleaned up, it should be scrubbed and checked. It ensures there is no duplicate data or error or incomplete data.



    The last step is to correct the errors before it goes on to a data analyst.

    Our Data & Analytics Solutions Served Globally

    We help diverse industry verticals turn data into information, information into understanding, and understanding into action - a solution!

    Marketing analytics

    Financial analytics


    Operational analytics


    Customer analytics

    eCommerce analytics

    Performance analytics

    Asset analytics

    Industrial analytics

    We Are Experts in Data Analytics

    • HTML 5 Microsoft Power BI
    • Angular js Tableau
    • Ios & android QlikView
    • Flutter Data wrapper
    • Css 3 Plotly
    • React js Sisense
    • nodejs JupyteR
    • php IBM Watson
    • .net core Highcharts
    • my sql Fusioncharts
    • postgress Zoho Analytics
    • mongodb SAS BI
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    Why Choose OneClick for Data Analytics & Engineering Solutions

    • Our team is detail-oriented and keeps a close watch on deadlines, budgets, and schedules.
    • We provide research-based recommendations based on detailed knowledge of the client's business, competitors, goals, and target market.
    • We hire only qualified, experienced data engineers and analysts.
    • Our company offers competitive and fair pricing models, as well as no surprise bills. Any unexpected or additional expenses must be pre-approved by you.
    • We have worked with renowned brands and companies for many years.
    • Our team believes in a proactive approach to solving problems even if they are complex in nature

    FAQs Data Analytics & Engineering

    The scalability is the main difference. Data analysis is the examination of data, whereas data analytics is about collecting, organizing, and storing data. Data analytics also include tools and strategies used to analyze data.

    • Descriptive analytics: It helps users with essential data insight into questions asked. This technique requires relevant data collection, processing, analysis, and visualization.
    • Diagnostic analytics: It is an advanced form of descriptive analytics that seeks to find the root cause of unexpected events. Users can take the data from descriptive analytics and explore more to find the cause.
    • Predictive analytics: It is a science of modeling, which uses historical data to accurately predict future events. The data sets are analyzed and a model is constructed to predict future outcomes.
    • Prescriptive analytics: Prescriptive Analytics can also be used by companies to create real-time recommendations on how to optimize their most important business decisions. For example, a company may use Prescriptive Analytics to determine the optimum inventory level given their current sales volume and product demands.

    Data analytics is a constant process that helps businesses function regularly in a streamlined way. Once a data analytics solution is executed, it becomes easy to understand overall business analytics and solve challenges instantly. Businesses can proactively make informed decisions based on reports generated by data analytics. Thus, there is no special time to implement data analytics solutions.

    We will analyze your business requirements, gain knowledge about possible objectives, and study various use cases and business goals. Thereafter we will connect the dots in your data. After assessing the data source, we will classify them to implement a quality evaluation of data. We will identify whether your data is accurate or consistent or not. Accordingly, we will generate reports and provide guidance on tools - KPIs - metrics to create a final analytics report. Up next, we start data modeling by using data from various sources. We will link them and create data models for reporting. And lastly, we provide technical support with relevant technology implementation, platforms to use, and much more.

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