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Originally, Human Resource Management System (HRMS) was thought of as a simple option for the purpose of archiving data. Nowadays, it has become indispensable with the constant evolution of high technologies. The worldwide growth of several companies has also increased the number of HRMS software development requests to improve remote work processes.

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OneClick, your HR software development company, provides businesses across USA and Europe with customizable HRIS and HRMS solutions that meet the needs of different organizations, depending on their sector of activity and their specificities.

Within the framework of a company, the HRIS or HRMS application aims to reduce and regroup within the same database the activities linked to human resources. By optimizing this, the HR management system empowers the employees working within the group through a workflow. The latter gives them the possibility of directly including their information. A HRIS or HRMS is the result of different software coupled into one responsible for managing all HR-related tasks.

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Why do you need to invest in HRMS software development?

Today, companies are doing their best to focus on the essential aspect of their field of activity and thus increase the turnover. The dematerialization of certain tasks is part of the speed development process and the HR position is naturally part of it.

In fact, according to several studies on the subject, the vast majority of companies entrust the keys of the human resources management system to HRMS software (Human Resources Management System). Productivity is improved, and the notion of competitiveness takes its full place in society, which leads employees to be fully involved in the organization's forward movement.

  • employee_management

    Employee management

    Employee management in HRMS will help employees to give their best work daily and help in the growth of the organization.
  • performance_evolution

    Performance evaluation

    HRMS will track the performance of each employee and help HR people to track the evaluation of each individual.
  • time_tracking

    Time tracking & Attendance management

    Single place to track the attendance and time of each employee of the organization.
  • recruitment

    Recruitment management

    Track record of each applicant and schedule an interview with an applicant.
  • analytics_reporting

    Analytics & Reporting

    By reporting the data on regular interval it will help HR persons to analyse the data.
  • activities_rewardmanagement

    Activities & Rewards management

    Tracking activities through the HRMS system and giving rewards to the employee will make them motivated.
  • expense_management

    Expense Management

    Expense done by the HR department or employee can be managed through HRMS portal.

Features of HR Management System

HRMS(Human Resources Management System) software development is the key solution for each organization. Not having proper HRMS app might create chaos in the organization, it will surely affect the performance of the enterprise and reduce the productivity of HR people and the management.

Once any company implements the HRMS software it will smoothen the HR, Admin, and operations work. It will reduce the efforts and streamline the process that increases the productivity of the HR and operation department.

Implementing proper HRMS software will help HR people with the below points:

One system for all HRMS activites.

Benefits of HRMS Software Development

Here are some key benefits to implement HRMS.
  • Employee data management

    Using HRMS software development, organizations can manage all employee data such as enrolling, employee information, etc. HR team can manage old data as well as track the recruitment data at a single place.

  • Employee documents management

    Employees and HR persons can manage all Employee documents in one place with the help of HR management system. Corporates can store and maintain years of data at a central location and it will be easy to find old records from one single location.

  • One System for multiple tasks

    Having multiple modules like Expense tracker, Activity tracker, leave management, etc. in one HRMS application can reduce overall cost of implementing other software.

  • Employee Engagement program

    HR teams can schedule different employee engagement programs using HR management software that will help to organize the program properly and effectively.

  • Different Modules of HR Management Software
    • HR Portal
    • Leave and Absence
    • Expense
    • Time and Activities
    • Planning
    • Skills Data and Analysis
    • Interviews
    • Training
    • Recruitments
    • Employee Well-being
Is The Cost Of The HRMS System Turning You Down? We Have Solutions For Different Types Of Apps

Technology Stack

front end (website and mobile apps)
  • HTML 5 HTML 5
  • Angular js angular js
  • Ios & android ios & android
  • Flutter flutter
  • Css 3 css 3
  • React js react js
backend (website and mobile apps)
  • nodejs node js
  • php php
  • .net core .net core
  • my sql my sql
  • postgress postgress
  • mongodb mongodb

FAQs of HRMS App Development

A Human Resource Management System is a combination of multiple systems and processes that can be used in an organization for various HR and employee related activities that helps to run the company's processed smoothly.

  • Hassle free hiring process
  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • Fast payroll processing
  • Flexibility to work with old applicants
  • Reduced paperwork
  • Time saver
  • Better employee - manager relationships

  • Attendance & Leave Management
  • Projects management
  • Task allocation
  • Employee data management
  • Expense Tracker
  • Meeting scheduling
  • Recruitment management

HRMS can be designed for any medium to large size companies based on your needs.

Yes, Hrms can have customized features as per your needs. We at OneClick have created our own HR Management System as per our requirements.

The approx timeline to develop HRMS is 60 working days with minimum features. The costing of the system depends on various factors such as features to be provided for front end and back end, technology used for development and support to be provided after deployment.

Yes, we will provide you dedicated technical support team that will be available for calls or email support for any technical issue.

About HRMS App Development Experts

Our Team is having over of Experience in CRM software development and has worked with various technologies and have developed and managed portals.

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We have developed our own HRMS system that we have customized as per our needs. Kindly contact and talk to our team to build a better application for your custom HRMS portal.

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