How Much Will It Cost to Develop Question-Answer App like Quora

Quora is a happy place – a motivational, inspirational question and answer platform. The objective of the site is to try to offer answers to any question, from the most existential to the most anecdotal, thanks to the help of its users and its volunteer experts. It is like a databank of information that users across the world seek.

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There are very few such questions and answer platforms like Quora and developing one could offer a plethora of business opportunities. From a technical Q&A platform to healthcare-related Q&A, the choices to develop an app like Quora is a smart move.

What Determines Cost to Develop Question-Answer App like Quora

We use the internet every day for online shopping, social networking, chatting, watch movies, learn new technologies. For most internet users, it's like a guide or a place where they can find answers to all kinds of questions.

The cost to develop a question and answer platform like Quora which is so vast and extensive is based on a few key factors. Since it is a mass platform, security is the major point. The site needs high-security standards to protect the database. The next part is the integration of multiple languages and frameworks that need to be used. Website performance is crucial for a better user experience. The auto-complete search box of quora is its highlight. A feature that can help the user know if a similar question is already asked or not helps prevent duplication.

We at OneClick can help you integrate the existing features to build an app like Quora. With our expertise in creating trendsetting apps, we can also plan additional features ot match your ideas. The cost to develop a question and answer platform can be discussed based on the type of UI/UX, features, and cloud support you need for the app.

  • video-call

    Following Topics

    This feature helps to follow the desired topics. Here you can also the topics that you found from the question to get future updates.
  • face-filters

    Sharing questions and answers

    Provides an opportunity to share any question or answer on social media linked to the user account.
  • connect-webcam

    Activity Feed

    It shows the most recent activities of users according to the topics that have to choose during registration
  • host-webinar

    Answer Recommendations

    Engaging the audience and keeping them engaged is one of the major aspects that determine the success of the app
  • host-webinar

    Top Writers Program

    To encourage more users to write.

Features to Develop Question-Answer App Like Quora

You Can Monetize Your Own Question-Answer App Development

How Does a Question-Answer Platform Work?

  • sign up / log in

    A meeting application requires a cloud storage and everything happening with the platform will be stored there in cloud itself. An organization/ individual user can register selecting a suitable plan.

  • Choose your topic related to your interest

    After registration is completed, the meeting application needs to be downloaded in the system and profile creation shall be completed.

  • Activity Feed Q-A related to your topic

    Desired calendar has to be synced and the application is ready for use.

  • Ask Question

    Meetings, webinars, conferences, audio calls, etc. can be setup and the parties can have a productive meeting.

  • Give answer of the question asked by others

    Settings like mute/ unmute audio, invite other participants, one-to-one chat, group chat, share video, share screen, take control of the screen, record meeting, etc. can be managed while continuing a meeting.

Is The Cost Of Question-Answer App Turning You Down?

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