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How much it will cost to build an app like Google Opinion Reward?

Opinion Reward is a panel which allows users to take surveys in exchange for compensation.

Nowadays many MNC’s , Banks , Small Industries , etc.. needs online data of users by their upcoming new product or new plan , So by using that they can launch their upcoming plan and able to estimate their success / failure ratio before launching.

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Get rewards from valid Opinion

People are more inclined to give their choice of opinion online. New age companies now taking feedbacks from people via online surveys. Below are the main features for survey panel:

  • online-feedback-product

    Online Feedback for Product

    Feedback by customised survey form
  • paid-survey-offers

    Best Paid Survey Offers

    Offers for best surveys according to profiling.
  • surveys-for-cash

    Surveys For Cash

    Best rewards on earned points.
  • targeting-right-audience

    Targeting right audience

    Target General Population as well as Selected Audience By Group of predefined Qualifications.
  • community-platform

    Community Platform

    A platform where all age group people can earn by giving their opinion.

Features of the Application

The cost of the application largely depends on the features on the website and mobile application and how well Technology can impress guests on the website. So, in order to build a Panel like Opinion Reward cost will vary from $5000 to $25000.

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How does an Opinion Reward Platform Work?

Technology is playing a key role in that. By technology they can have launch surveys to the cloud and share link of that survey to the end point and collect respective positive and negative data from that survey. Behalf of that they will give rewards to the users who filled up that surveys.
Now the question is , how they spread their survey link to end users and collect data?
Here now we need Opinion Reward Panel.
  • Campaigns

    Campaigns are used for recruitment purpose , in which we add partners and campaign create unique links for each partner to share. There are types of campaigns available in to the panel. For E.g. Double Opt in , Single Opt in , Single Opt in CPC.

  • Partners

    Partners are those who tied up with us and we will share campaign partner link to them to share it to users and based on that redirection users will register into the system. There are many types of partners available in the market. For an E.g. Click based , Registration based, etc..

  • Manage users

    Here admin can see list of users , search users by various kinds of filters like Country , Status , Partner , Name , Email,etc.. Admin can also update any details of users , also can export list of selected users in csv format. Admin can also change multiple user’s status by importing excel file in an appropriate format.

  • Point Management

    Campaigns are used for recruitment purpose , in which we add partners and campaign create unique links for each partner to share. There are types of campaigns available in to the panel. For E.g. Double Opt in , Single Opt in , Single Opt in CPC.

  • Survey Management

    Admin dynamically manage surveys and can assign incentive points for that surveys.

    Admin can manage length of interval here and can see real time conversion rate and can able to measure performance of that surveys across all vendors.

  • Polls

    Admin can add polls and their answer options. Like current affair polls and take opinion from users and collect that data. On every attempt of poll admin can give some points to the users.

  • Reports

    There are 5 types of reports available. In that reports admin can see details of each reports.

    1. User Report , 2. Polls Report , 3. Referral Requested , 4. Redemptions Request , 5. Redeemed Report

  • Email Broadcasting

    There are 2 main modules available in Broadcasting.

    1. Email Templates Management: In this module admin can add their own templates . Admin can also select predefined values which will by dynamic like {first_name} . So it will be replaced by user’s first name.

    2. Broadcasting Management: Here admin can select any of the email templates, also can change and broadcast that email to everyone or else he has option to upload file and in that file, admin can either enter OQ unique user id and email will be broadcast to those users only.

  • Notifications

    Admin can see each and every activity of user by notifications in this module.

  • Site settings

    Admin can set their email address dynamically for contact us and more..

  • Email SMTP Management

    Admin can add many SMTP details here and active / deactive from email then from the panel email will send to only active SMTP.

Is The Cost Of The Opinion Reward Platform Turning You Down?

We Have Solutions For Different Types Of Apps

Technology Stack

front end (website and mobile apps)
  • HTML 5 HTML 5
  • Angular js angular js
  • Ios & android ios & android
  • Flutter flutter
  • Css 3 css 3
  • React js react js
backend (website and mobile apps)
  • nodejs node js
  • php php
  • .net core .net core
  • my sql my sql
  • postgress postgress
  • mongodb mongodb

FAQs of Survey App Development

Google Opinion Rewards is a survey app that enables users to take online & offline surveys, polls, collect feedback and analyze the data. It allows Surveyors to earn rewards or points for taking the survey.

Companies who want to conduct surveys for their products or services, pay survey app companies to collect people’s opinion and send the data to them so they can make better choices for their products.

Some of the key features of Survey taking apps are as follows:

  • Signup and profile personalization
  • Surveys listing
  • Taking survey
  • Dashboard
  • Reward and earnings
  • Notifications
  • Referrals

Survey apps should extend to have :

  • Flexible look and feel (UI)
  • Data Analysis
  • Randomization of questions
  • Various question types
  • Piping of questions
  • Offline data collection

The cost of survey apps depends on the number of smart and rich features to be included in the app, technology and marketing strategy to be used. So, it may cost somewhere in between $5000 to $25000.OneClick IT Consultancy will send you a detailed proposal for your specific needs. Let’s connect.


We have integrated a lot of 3rd party API’s for better functioning of Surveys Listing. They are as follows

  • Elite Opinion Vendor API
  • SalesIQ API For Chatting with users
  • OneSignal API for sending web notifications

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