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The travel and tourism industry is booming, thanks to new revenue streams created by the sharing economy and digital business models.In the tourism industry, customer service outsourcing can be the differentiator for companies that need to cut costs, improve multi-channel marketing and customer communications, and increase customer loyalty. Outsourcing can help your company enhance operational efficiency, ensure timely service delivery, and achieve high customer satisfaction and retention.

When it comes to customer service, the new-age travelers, including the highly mobile millennials want the ability to choose and use the Customer Service (CS) channels of their choice. CS channels which can handle their issues swiftly, fairly, and with the least amount of effort. With increasing competition in travel space, outsourcing your CS helps you to focus dedicatedly on other key aspects of your business, while your customers are taken care by professional, experienced, and competent outsourcing partners.

    Introduction To Travel Tech Customer Support

    The coronavirus pandemic has hastened the impact and reach of digitalization of travel related interactions and transactions by leaps and bounds. Travelers have inched closer to technology, have become more tech-savvy and demanding. According to research, 57% of them want a single website/app for all their planning, booking, and travel needs. With increased reliance on technology, the human touch points between travel companies and travelers have reduced significantly.

    One of the key touch points that remains crucial and relevant currently, for both, the travelers and travel companies, is the Customer Service and Customer Service will continue to emerge as key differentiator between companies in a highly competitive travel market.

    We can help your travel portal grow organically by providing you with an experienced travel customer support team

    Enhance Operational Efficiency, Improve Timely Delivery of Customer Service & Achieve Higher Customer Satisfaction.

    You are not alone if you are a start-up or a mid-sized enterprise considering outsourcing your customer service department. For most businesses, their customer service division is critical to their brand, customer base, and overall company growth.You will soon be a part of the large pool of diverse companies reaping numerous benefits that outsourcing has to offer.

    Travel domain start-ups and mid-sized companies can considerably reduce overhead costs by outsourcing CS function and better utilize their financial resources to strengthen core competencies.Outsourcing CS to India helps with significant savings especially in the early stages of growth. However, while outsourcing customer service to India may seem like a no-brainer, choosing the right outsourcing partner can be difficult, especially when it comes to client or customer service.

    Key reasons to outsource to India:
    • Find one of the best available talents across the globe
    • Cost efficient
    • Stable government and it’s supportive policies
    • Easy and affordable communications
    • Round the clock workforce availability
    • Consistent hight quality benchmarks
    • Experienced and committed professionals
    • Faster project delivery

    Benefits We Offer Travel Tech Customer Support Service

    Are You Looking for Travel Tech Customer Support Service For Your Travel Business?

    We use up-to-date CRM platforms, which keep records of customer contact information, interactions, conversations, notes, etc. While the CS team is interacting with the customers, CRM platform gathers data and insights, this helps the CS team to provide customer-centric experiences. Also, these platforms facilitate the CS team to work seamlessly as a cohesive unit, which leads to efficient customer service delivery.

    Few of CRM platforms we use are
    • 51Book
    • abacus
    • AERTicket
    • Mystifly
    • Priceline
    Seeking Custom Support For Your B2B Travel Platfrom Development For Your Travel Business

    Our core values of Travel Tech Customer Support

    Customer Centric

    We are Customer-centric! Our entire CS approach is based on treating the customer as the pivot of the business. This approach starts with fully understanding what the customer is looking for. Our customer centric approach leads to building trust between the customers and the brand and in the long run culminates in customer loyalty.

    Delightful and Dedicated

    We are dedicated in serving customers delightfully. We believe prime objective of CS is to be fully dedicated to the customer’s cause. It’s about creating a lasting & positive service experience which displays our level of commitment towards our customers.

    Agile and Humane

    We are agile and humane in delivering customer service! We take iterative approach that helps us to deliver valued service experience faster. Along with being considerate in displaying enough empathy to the customers, which helps us to relay our message that for us customers are our top-most priority.

    Why Choose OneClick IT Consultancy as a Top Customer Support Service Provider?

    OneClick IT Solutions, a leading customer service Outsourcing Services provider, enables your travel, leisure, and hospitality company to provide customer service that is responsive to the market's changing demands. We have the ability to tailor a solution that is best suited to your company's needs. With us, be assured of interactions which are focused on improving customer experience and making retentions happen!

    By outsourcing customer service to OneClick, your travel, hospitality, and leisure company will gain access to robust, round-the-clock support in the form of a 24x7x365 multi-channel contact centre. This communication hub is outfitted with highly trained personnel and cutting-edge call centre technology. We engage with your customers via inbound and outbound voice support, web / live chat, email management, mobile SMS / text, and IVR at our multi-channel contact centre (self-service). Our call centre technology, which includes IVR, Automatic Call Distributor, Dialer, Voice Logger, Reporting Engine, and other features, ensures that all your customer interactions are streamlined.

    We engage with your customers via inbound and outbound voice support, live chat, email management, and IVR. Our call centre technology includes IVR, Automatic Call Distributor, Dialler, Voice Logger, Reporting Engine, and other features, ensuring that all your customer interactions are streamlined.


    About Customer Support Service

    10+ Years’ Experience of Travel Industry

    Our Team is having 9+ years of experience in customer support and has worked with various industries for B2B, B2C and B2B2C Travel clients to make their travel business more profitable.

    Top Travel Customer Support Service Provider in USA

    We work with a multiple travel portals based in the U.S. and Canada, with diverse backgrounds and 30+ different modules. This professional network of travel experts provides services 24/7/365, and our reliable customer support model can quickly scale agent support up 200%, providing your customers help when they need it and the best experiences across all travel portal modules.

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