How much it will cost to build a Chatbot Application?


The key to a successful online business is impeccable customer service. And chatbots are not just a solution but a revolution in this field. In the last 5 years, chatbots have successfully replaced email and phone calls on many popular websites such as BBC News, Mastercard, Spotify, The Wall Street Journal, Pizza Hut, HP, Whole Foods and more.


Why Integrate A Chatbot To Your Website?

How many users have stopped trading with a brand precisely because of a bad customer experience? Most people have also suffered the endless wait to be put in touch with an advisor or representative who will solve your problem. Chatbots can prove to be an effective solution to overcome this kind of annoyance and to avoid losing customers.

Adding a chatbot to your site makes it possible to offer online assistance available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, while avoiding users having to wait too long to reach a customer service or sales representative.


Cost Of Developing A Chatbot Application

It goes without saying that the main factor influencing the final price is the work done to develop a product. The development process is usually divided into several phases. Having a general idea of the phases of the project is important to understand the factors entering the budget of a chatbot. The following roadmap has proven to be appropriate for the development of efficient chatbots and these steps will allow you to get an idea how much does a chatbot cost.

Benefits of Developing A Chatbot Application

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    Manage Incoming stream of Messages
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    Sorting and Indexing
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    Seamless Integration
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    Chatbot Integration
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    Launch Chatbot
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What are the advantages of a chatbot compared to traditional communication channels: website, mobile app, or phones?


1. On a website, or a mobile application, it is the user who is obliged to adapt to the service, the interface, the navigation mode. With a chatbot it is exactly the opposite. A well-designed chatbot adapts to the user's request. It's this natural language interaction that makes chatbots so much more interesting.

2. The other advantage of a chatbot is that there is no waiting, the response is immediate. Consumers can start a conversation when they want, without being required to finish the conversation in a given time. They can resume it later too. All this in a natural language and at their own pace.

3. According to a Gartner study, chatbots will fuel 85% of all customer service interactions by 2020.

4. In 2022, bots will make it possible to save 8 billion/year for customer services, as per Viuz/Juniper Research.

5. You may be convinced that it is high time to bring your business into the era of Conversational Commerce but you are wondering what is the budget or cost for developing a chatbot application for your business. This blog will give you insights on it.


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Chatbot Creation

A chatbot is nothing more than a computer program capable of interacting with Internet users and answering their questions. Before starting to create your bot, it is essential to clearly define your strategy and objectives before launching this project.According to the objectives, it will be necessary to make a choice between the various chatbots existing today on the market namely
Auto reply / FAQ chatbots

These are 'classic' bots answering predefined queries without context around.

The 'conversational chatbot'

More advanced than the previous one, this kind of chatbot is particularly frequent on Messenger. This integrates a script defined and given by its creator. The chatbot will then be able to follow this script.

The chatbot with AI

This last chatbot is the most 'intelligent'. It is based on deep learning technology. It is able to learn, to gain experience to improve its listening skills and enrich vocabulary.

Technology Stack


So, How Much Does A Chatbot Application Cost?

  • You can start with a simple chatbot that automates the routine flow of your business and opt for an AI-based bot as soon as the first shows its effectiveness. The cost of developing a simple chatbot is between $15,000 to $30,000. An AI based customized chatbot may cost between $40,000 to $100,000.

  • Also, once developed, the chatbot costs almost nothing to use if we compare it to the cost of customer service. Hence, they offer an almost zero operating cost for the company.

  • A bot launch project is a strategic and innovative project for your business. It is therefore essential to get good advice and carry it out according to specific rules. In fact, badly negotiated, your chatbot can be counterproductive and scare your customers away!

  • Want to know more about chatbots or entrust us with a project? Request a personalized quote for cost of developing your chatbot application now.

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FAQs of Chatbot App Development

Chatbot is an AI based software that can provide customer solutions through queries and issues, even without a human touch. It offers multiple benefits including providing solutions on customer queries, process for automate lead generation, feedback collecting, improving customer relationships etc.

Yes, Chatbots support multiple languages. It depends on the main language that we use in the website and also the geographic location of the targeted users.

In OneClick IT Consultancy, we follow simple steps to build high functional chatbots for every industry.

Step 1: Determine the role of chatbot

Step 2: Evaluate and pick the channel

Step 3: Design dialog flows, storyboards and integrations

Step 4: Collect chat data

Step 5: Choose Development Platform

Step 6: Go through Internal Testing

Step 7: Easy deployment

It depends on the customization in chatbot functionality of your requirement. Generally it takes 25-30 working days to develop a standard chatbot. Our top Chatbot developers are really well experienced to build customized chatbots with any challenges.

At OneClick IT Consultancy, we have the best teams with 8+ years of experience in Chatbot development. Our team members are tech enthusiasts who strive for excellence. Thus, the best results are always guaranteed.

Yes, We can integrate chatbot from your existing mobile app or website to a new mobile app to streamline customer interactions.

Generally, It applies to all the online and offline businesses who have a website or online portal to serve directly any services to users.

Industries can use:






-E-Commerce Portal

-Education Platform

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