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The habits of travelers and tourists have changed dramatically and more and more people are choosing travel and hotel bookings online. In addition, this consumer trend is forcing professionals in the sector to offer hotel booking apps like This is even more true for hotels, travel agencies or tourist offices.

Travel app development are a great way to get more customers for your business. The app allows customers to book their travel directly from your app, rather than going through a third-party website. Unlock the potential of your travel business with our transparent and competitive travel app development costs.

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What Determines The Cost To Build A Travel Or Hotel Booking App Like Booking.Com?

Basically, your idea of ​​an travel app, along with business and functional necessities, influence the cost of travel app development.

The most influential factors that determine the final cost of building an travle application are:

  • Vendor type and location
  • Complexity and number of features of the application
  • Back-end infrastructure and API
  • Complexity of UX / UI design
  • Inclusion of additional branding visuals
  • Development approach (native, mobile web, hybrid, etc.)
  • Number of platforms to develop (iOS, Android, web etc.)

Our goal is to support you in making an efficient travel app development while managing the cost. There are many models of travel booking app and the choice is really difficult. OneClick can help you make the best choices. You can also hire iOS and Android travel booking app developers for the project.


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