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The habits of travelers and tourists have changed dramatically and more and more people are choosing travel and hotel bookings online. In addition, this consumer trend is forcing professionals in the sector to offer hotel booking apps like This is even more true for hotels, travel agencies or tourist offices.

Travel app development are a great way to get more customers for your business. The app allows customers to book their travel directly from your app, rather than going through a third-party website. Unlock the potential of your travel business with our transparent and competitive travel app development costs.

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What Determines The Cost To Build A Travel Or Hotel Booking App Like Booking.Com?

Basically, your idea of ​​an travel app, along with business and functional necessities, influence the cost of travel app development.

The most influential factors that determine the final cost of building an travle application are:

  • Vendor type and location
  • Complexity and number of features of the application
  • Back-end infrastructure and API
  • Complexity of UX / UI design
  • Inclusion of additional branding visuals
  • Development approach (native, mobile web, hybrid, etc.)
  • Number of platforms to develop (iOS, Android, web etc.)

Our goal is to support you in making an efficient travel app development while managing the cost. There are many models of travel booking app and the choice is really difficult. OneClick can help you make the best choices. You can also hire iOS and Android travel booking app developers for the project.


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Features of Travel and Hotel Booking App

The cost of the application largely depends on the features you want to incorporate in your hotel or travel booking app. So, in order to build a travel booking application like cost will vary from $5000 to $25000.
  • 1

    Sign up

    and Personalized Profiles

  • 2

    User Dashboard

    for Offers and Deals as per Artificial intelligence

  • 3

    Search Widget

    as per Geolocation, radius and number of travelers and many more filters.

  • 4

    Hotel List

    with deduplication, ratings and reviews, maps, amenities, photos and many more

  • 5

    Booking Availability

    confirmation, policy of hotels, Cancellation.

  • 6

    Secure Payment

    on the website/Mobile apps

  • 7


    on Email and on Mobile App as a reminder of booking with all details.

Benefits of Travel App Development like

  • benefits-icon
    Artificial Intelligence
  • benefits-icon
    Destinations & Hotels
  • benefits-icon
  • benefits-icon
    IOT in Travel
  • benefits-icon
    Multi Language & Currency Support

Develop A Travel App Based On Your Unique Requirements

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How Does A Travel App Works?


How Does A Travel And Hotel Booking Apps Like Booking.Com Work?

Hotel Search
Hotel search lets travelers search hotels close to their destination in their economy with best reviews (Ratings) and the search is also influenced by a metasearch engine which lets travellers compare hotel room rates from various online travel agencies (OTAs) and other booking sites all in one place.
Room Category & Features
Every Hotel has various rooms and it gives the traveller an option to choose and decide to get the best experience for them i.e. Oceanside view, City side, Suite rooms, etc.
Pricing of the rooms gives an idea of offerings of the room for the given price. · Size of the bed (Queen, King bed, Twin beds), With/Without Breakfast, additional amenities, extra services (Laundry, Meals, Gym, airport pick up).
Booking the hotel and room ensures confirmation of hotel booking with total cost upfront or a few OTA’s have an option of booking at the hotel. Hotel confirmation numbers are shared with the traveller to make sure they are reserved for the booking.
Cancel Booking
All Hotel bookings have a policy of cancellation and they can be completely refundable or non-refundable, do ensure to look at cancellation policies before your booking.

Technology Stack


Travel Suppliers

OneClick Travel Technologies provide seamless integration of API’s of all the suppliers and their inventory to be displayed on the website, we have integrated over 30 suppliers in a portal and few of the key Suppliers are as follows. Pack your bags with confidence and let our bespoke travel booking app development take care of your every journey, hassle-free.

  • GDS Suppliers

    • GDS Suppliers
    • HotelBeds
    • WelcomeBeds
    • Priceline
    • TBO
    • RTS
  • Non-GDS Suppliers

    • W2M, Amadeus
    • SmyRooms, Sabre
    • Paximum, Gallileo
    • Restel, WorldSpan
    • RoomsXML, Expedia
  • 3rd Party API's

    • Aggregator of Travel Service
    • Hotel De-duplication API’s
    • Ratings API
    • Reviews API (i.e Tripadvisor)
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FAQs of Cost of Travel Development

Customers are usually in search of customizing their travel related searches. An API provides users with this feature. Thus, API integration in your travel app makes your platform more user-friendly. This, in turn, helps you get good and consistent business.

Yes. We offer a free demo for both B2B and B2C travel app. Kindly fill the form below and our team will revert to you.

To maintain complete security, we add a secure https layer for encryption. With IP address tracking we maintain vigilance over users or entities entering into the system. We also sign an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) with all our clients to maintain complete privacy of their project.

The time to develop a travel app depends on the complexity of the project. We offer an estimated time before the start of the project and respect the deadlines committed without compromising on the quality of output.

We offer both Android and iOS apps for white label tralve solutions. In addition, we offer assistance in app store optimization and submission. Clients can also request for APK file demo.

Yes. We offer end-to-end digital marketing services for promotion of your brand and website. We help you boost your sales through SEO, SEM, PPC, Content Marketing, Email Marketing and other services.

  • User registration and login
  • Search functionality for flights, hotels, and activities
  • Online booking and payment processing
  • User profile management
  • Push notifications and alerts
  • Reviews and ratings system
  • In-app messaging and communication
  • Maps and directions to help users navigate their trip

Here are some tips to help reduce the cost of travel app development:

  • Prioritize the most important features and delay adding advanced features until later stages of development.
  • Choose a single platform (iOS or Android) to develop for initially.
  • Consider outsourcing development to a team in a region with lower wages.
  • Use open-source libraries and frameworks to reduce development time and cost.

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