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Types Of

Travel Portal Development

Customers will end up booking with you if you offer them a booking experience worthy of major travel portals - a real booking engine, secure, multilingual with tariff offers adapted to travelers' expectations. It is, thus, crucial to invest in the right type and the best of travel portal development services. Our solution is turnkey, includes all the functionalities you will need, and can still adapt to your specific desires!

Enable your ability as a travel business or agent to promote the sale of your products. This business-centric solution offers a viable accounting and reporting system too.


Offer your direct customers a wide range of choice in online flights, train, cabs, hotel, resorts and cruise bookings. The comprehensive online travel booking system can boost revenue and provides you a competitive edge.


Develop comprehensive modules for small and medium scale travel business with B2B and B2C channels. You will receive client integration with suppliers across flights, hotels, cabs, cruises, resorts, train and other bookings.


White Label travel portal solutions are an ideal platform to start a travel business on a budget. Increase brand visibility and benefit from our global inventory.

Travel Portal Development Key Features

Multiple Suppliers

We believe in giving our best when it comes to supplier API integration in the travel portal development. OneClick team has years of experience in connecting multiple suppliers and third party services to the client’s portal.

You can select any supplier for your travel business and OneClick will use reliable tech solutions and integration format XML and/or JSON to send and receive the data for your travel business.

Loyalty points

Loyalty points integration will help you to retain and engage your customers to stay with your Travel portal. Loyalty points can be set up customized for your regular use of the portal. OneClick team will identify and develop the best suited loyalty points for your system. Users can redeem the loyalty points in the next booking and get a discount on the booking. The whole loyalty points module can be customized from the Admin panel and based on the customization set, users can use their Loyalty points.

Meta Search for the website

Metasearch engines can be challenging. To overcome these, our portals use open source search servers like Sphinx to index large databases and quickly search through them. Our crawlers constantly scrape data from various websites and run in the background. We use meta rank modules that filter the repeated search queries from different APIs and bring in relevant results.


For each extra second taken for loading, 7% of your visitors leave your site. The travel portals we develop are light, and optimized for minimal loading time. The weight of each component is strictly limited. This will ensure that the speed of booking and payments delights the user and is a motivating factor to return to your portal.


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Travel Solution For All Platforms


Web integration is the art of translating design into code, understandable by browsers and search engines. Our integrations are compatible with all browsers. They are accessible and compliant with W3C standards. In addition, we offer a 360 degree approach in your travel portal development. While a responsive design and seamless navigation is essential for the success of your business, it is also important to collate the user data. Hence, we offer additional report and analytics modules which can help you keep a track of your customers. You can track consumer behaviour and preferences, their last bookings, history and analyze their data to offer them further services. Thus, our detailed analytics solutions in travel portal development help you optimize data to boost sales and build a loyal customer base.


We create 100% responsive websites. Whether it is custom or white label portal development, we offer you Progressive Web Apps and easy-to-update websites. We help you define your strategy and identify the technologies best suited to the realization of your project. Our graphic team realizes the webdesign and the graphic charter of your site, while respecting the rules of UX / UI. Our development team uses all its expertise to produce a high-performance, scalable and robust site. We make everything work together with complete and robust content management system (CMS) solutions that allow you to be completely autonomous as soon as your site goes online. We also develop advanced and responsive web applications with databases using Bootstrap, CSS, HTML5, PHP, JavaSCript and other formats.


Web development has evolved from the first static HTML sites. Today, with the multitude of CSS / Javascript frameworks, increasingly advanced CMS, it is necessary to specialize to innovate and stay at the cutting edge of technology. Our front-end development team is abreast with the latest front-end technologies, in order to offer you modern and dynamic interfaces. It is essential that the design, the first impression experienced by users, is neat and carries the message that you want to convey.

Mobile Apps

We believe that it is the tool that must be adapted to the needs of the client, and not vice versa. In this perspective, we focus on several technical areas of expertise based on Open Source solutions. Responsive Web Design is our specialty. In the case of mobile apps, the way a customer interacts with the website is different. Yet, they must be able to easily navigate the website and make bookings. We test all our mobile apps on iOS and Android platforms to relive the experience of the end user and adapt design, integration, developments and performances based on it. Layout and content optimization is also taken into consideration at this stage.


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