eLearning solutions are an integral part of any business or education sector. Opening up training and development through eLearning ensures better productivity, more access, and offers unified and extensive learning.

To help our clients with seamless knowledge distribution, OneClick brings holistic eLearning portal development services. Our solutions help diversify the entire experience while helping businesses and educational institutions achieve better results through attractive offerings.



As an eLearning Development Company, OneClick we create robust solutions that can bring tangible results for your organization. Our unique blend of project managers, developers, solution architects integrate all the visual and instructional design strategies to create engaging, rich, and unique solutions to match the needs of your organization.

With nearly a decade of experience in eLearning Solution Development, we have designed solutions that drive performance and learning. Our custom eLearning solutions are innovative, creative, fresh, feature-rich, and cost-effective. It includes gamification, VR based learning, localization, and a mobile-based approach to serve to the requirements of your business.

Introduction to eLearning Solution Development


For several years, the e-learning market has experienced double-digit growth - and this is no coincidence! Practical, dynamic, and flexible, the e-learning solution offers many advantages and advances towards increasingly immersive, interactive, and educational technologies.

Educational design and development are at the heart of our eLearning services. Our know-how and our creativity allow us to design technical solutions adapted and relevant for each of your training projects, whether it is the development of an LMS, a virtual class, an ePortfolio, or the management of the performance of your teams.

Our Design and Development team customizes, tests and deploys each of our Open Source solutions to offer a stimulating and effective learning environment, thanks to functionalities developed on- measure for your organization.

We use the best of Open Source technologies to create an eLearning platform adapted to your learning context. Our eLearning solutions are highly flexible, allowing you to manage and deliver fully integrated, proven, and customizable training.

Benefits of eLearning Solutions Development

  • Immersive Features
  • Personalized
  • Organizational Growth
  • Anytime, Anywhere