OneClick's Amadeus API Integration


Distinguishing a seasoned travel professional from a casual traveler involves recognizing that, for the former, Amadeus goes beyond Mozart's music it takes the lead in travel technology.

Amadeus, headquartered in Madrid, strategically expands its business in two realms: the global distribution system (GDS) and IT solutions designed to automate travel processes. This article explains the GDS aspect as a crucial intermediary between travel providers and vendors.

Benefiting from extensive hands-on experience with GDS APIs, OneClick IT Consultancy draws insights from prior engagements, such as our shared experiences with Sabre API integrations. Let's focus on the primary competitor, exploring the nuances of working with the Amadeus platform.


Understanding Amadeus GDS


Amadeus GDS, commanding a market share exceeding 40 percent, is a globally influential distribution system established in 1987 by Air France, Iberia, Lufthansa, and SAS. Originating as a European alternative to the American Sabre GDS, it has expanded its reach to cater to travel businesses in 190 countries.

Counting online travel agencies (OTAs), travel management companies (TMCs), host travel agencies, air consolidators, and various digital travel sellers among its clientele, Amadeus facilitates the exploration, comparison, and booking of inventory through a suite of application programming interfaces (APIs). Notably, these include:

  • Flight booking APIs provide access to a diverse array of deals from over 400 airlines, encompassing 130 low-cost carriers, ancillary services from 150 airlines, and fare families from over 100 airlines.
  • Amadeus extends its technological prowess through various APIs, showcasing its dominance in the travel tech domain. These include hotel booking APIs seamlessly connecting to an extensive network of over a million properties sourced from 150,000 providers.
  • Amadeus offers tours and activities APIs, aggregating information from 101 tour operators. For mobility needs, car rental APIs establish connections with 75 providers spanning approximately 1800 cities globally.
  • Rail enthusiasts benefit from rail booking APIs, integrating content from 90 rail operators.
  • Amadeus provides travel insurance APIs, facilitating booking and shopping options from 22 insurance companies. Beyond these specifics, a suite of additional travel APIs complements Amadeus's comprehensive offerings.

Amadeus blazed a trail by using APIs back in 2000, and today, they provide various APIs for web and mobile apps, categorized into Self-Service and Enterprise options. The OneClick IT Consultancy team boasts hands-on experience collaborating with both classifications. In the following sections, we'll delve into the distinctive attributes of each group and elucidate the requisites for seamlessly integrating these APIs into your project.


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