Productivity Tracker


The market is ripe for productivity tracker apps. Tapping this market will ensure that you not only create something new but also deliver value and stay ahead of your competitors. At OneClick IT Solutions, we offer our expertise in mobile app development to develop a feature-rich, responsive productivity tracking app for your enterprise. Whether it is simple to-do lists apps, or complex project management and employee productive tracking apps, we develop them all.


Productivity Tracker

There are more than 55k time and productivity tracking apps available in the Android and iOS market. In fact, productivity apps have the 6th highest penetration in the app market which is about 92%. This proves that everyone, whether students or working professionals, want to improve their productivity.

At an enterprise level, productivity apps bring together in a single tool all the tasks to be performed for tracking employee time and tasks. In addition to the classic management of working time, they allow analytical monitoring of each of the hours allocated to the performance of a specific task. Moreover, the collection of this information is updated in real-time, which allows managers and employees to have permanent access to it. Beyond these internal applications, these apps also help create a good impression on the clients and build professional trust and loyalty.

OneClick ensures that these apps are easy-to-use and time-saving for both employees and employers. Our team of experts provides end-to-end support from strategizing the app to post-development support and upgrades. We also offer many integrations with tools, including project management, billing, CRM, customer support, development tools, and more. All our apps are accessible on multiple devices and browser extensions.

A productivity tracking app thus gives you an overview of what your resources are doing with their time. This knowledge makes it possible to improve project estimates, guarantee accurate cost capture and better assess the company's profitability. They also help monitor employee productivity and help them boost their efficiency.

Advantage of productivity tracking app

  • Saves Time
  • Improves Efficiency
  • Detailed Reports
  • Progress Tracking
  • Enhanced Accuracy

Important Features Of Productivity Apps


Keep your projects on track with automatically updated time tracking software.


View live interactive dashboards with details on freelance activity.


Follow, monitor and get important information using the screenshot taken during working hours. Examine daily operations and identify work habits by checking what they worked on


Develop a better work environment by adding transparency to the way you manage your team


Determine how much time was spent on each project in order to improve time expectations and measure scope.


Create detailed reports on business productivity, time spent on arranged tasks, and applications and websites used at work.