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Today travel industry exists within highly tech-savvy customer base. For travel companies sources of traditional revenue sources are becoming more obscure and now travel companies require an operating model one that is focussed around their customers.

In our pursuit to provide our clients with a meaningful and sustainable customer service model, we have come up with multiple options that our clients can choose from depending upon their business requirements. From Time-based packages to Dedicated-resource packages, we have put in our wide experience in the travel industry to come up with carefully designed packages.

    Introduction To Reinventing Travel Customer Service

    The coronavirus pandemic has hastened the impact and reach of digitalization of travel related interactions and transactions by leaps and bounds. Travelers have inched closer to technology, have become more tech-savvy and demanding. According to research, 57% of them want a single website/app for all their planning, booking, and travel needs. With increased reliance on technology, the human touch points between travel companies and travelers have reduced significantly.

    One of the key touch points that remains crucial and relevant currently, for both, the travelers and travel companies, is the Customer Service and Customer Service will continue to emerge as key differentiator between companies in a highly competitive travel market.

    Travel-Tech Customer Support Services Offerings


    Voice Support

    Inbound Voice Support
    Outbound Voice Support


    Non-Voice Support

    Email and Webchat
    Social media chats


    Back-office Support

    Order Management
    Booking & Ticketing Queues
    Travel Claim Processing
    Billing Support


    Helpdesk Support

    Technical Support
    Firstline & Second line support
    Software Support


    Service Desk

    Server Support
    Active Directory Submission & Network Drive Mapping



    Primary troubleshooting
    Resolve generic IT issues
    Creating level 2 support tickets

    We Can Help You Validate Your Travel Portal with Customer Support To Grow Your Travel Business Smoothly

    Packages We Offer for Customer Support

    Time based Packages

    • - Pay as per your business hour usage.
    • - Ideal for businesses operating in multiple time zones & for businesses offering fixed support hours.
    • - Packages offered -24x7, 18x7, 12x7 etc.

    Hybrid Packages

    • - Hourly+Pay for performance package.
    • - Involves a base hourly rate with an additional performance-based incentive.
    • - Ideal for outbound sales/upselling processes.

    Fixed Packages

    • - Per agent cost billed at fixed monthly rate.
    • - Ideal for processes with significant volumes.
    • - Ideal for blended processes (voice, emails and live chat clubbed together).
    • - Ideal for long term engagements.

    Resource based Packages

    • - Dedicated resources:- Group of agents exclusively working for a single client. Ideal for processes with predictable volumes.
    • - Shared resources:- Best suited for a low volume processes. CS agents work as shared resources for multiple clients. Client pays only for volumes worked upon.
    • - Agent only packages:- Pay only for agents dedicatedly working for your business.
    • - Agent Manager packages:- Package includes cost of a dedicated account manager along with a team of agents.

    Hourly Packages

    • - Pay for services on an hourly basis
    • - Predictable and steady rates
    • - Pay only for productive time spent on your business needs

    About Customer Support Service

    9+ Years Experience of Travel Industry

    Our Team is having 9+ years of experience in customer support and has worked with various industries for B2B, B2C and B2B2C Travel clients to make their travel business more profitable.

    Top Travel Customer Support Service Provider in USA

    We work with a multiple travel portals based in the U.S. and Canada, with diverse backgrounds and 30+ different modules. This professional network of travel experts provides services 24/7/365, and our reliable customer support model can quickly scale agent support up 200%, providing your customers help when they need it and the best experiences across all travel portal modules.

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