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How much will it Cost to Develop a scheduling app like Buffer or Hootsuite?

No need to waste hours juggling from one account to another to publish your posts. Social Media Management Software or Scheduling Apps can help you to view and alert yourself, program and schedule your publications, on your different walls and dashboards.

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Whether you are Brand with regular social media content, a Community Manager, blogger or simply addicted to your social networks, these online posting and scheduling software will make your life easier.

What Determines the Cost to Develop Social Media Posting and Scheduling software?

Social Media Management Apps is one of the important tools for improving the productivity of your marketing department. It enables users to share or schedule a single post on various social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, as well as analyze their results and engage with their community.

Businesses marketers opt for posting and scheduling apps with little research and minimum budget requirements at hand. After all, the cost to develop a social media management software like Buffer is not known to many. If you calculate the enormous amount of long-term subscription fees that an organization pays for such scheduling apps, it is a considerable part of the budget.

At OneClick, we propose that organizations and marketers become self-sufficient with in-house social media management and scheduling apps. Enjoy the freedom to pay only for the features you wish to access and that is what determines the cost to develop a social media management software like Hootsuite or Buffer. Based on your budget, we offer you different types of scheduling apps that also match your marketing requirements.

  • video-call

    Artificial intelligence

    Artificial intelligence using ChatBots have simplified user Experience
  • face-filters


    Personalized and Customized Itineraries
  • connect-webcam

    Mobile App

    Creating and scheduling social media posts with your phone Can manage your updates on mobile App.
  • host-webinar

    IoT in Scheduling

    Priority-based Adaptive Scheduling Algorithm

Features to Develop Social Media Management Software like Buffer

You can monetize your own social media app development

How Does A Social Media Management Engine Work?

  • Augmented reality and face filters

    These are not new social media trends as well. Having become popular in 2017, they still enjoy the demand.

  • Artificial Intelligence and chatbots

    These are not new social media trends as well. Having become popular in 2017, they still enjoy the demand.

  • Live streaming (live videos)

    The most popular social media apps already have this feature. Users prefer watching live videos to reading posts on social media.

  • Video Content

    Video content is more popular than written posts because users prefer watching to reading now. It is explained by the lack of time they have and by the fact that visual information is easier to perceive.

  • Ephemeral Content

    It is the type of content that is live for up to 24 hours and then disappears from your feed. Again, Snapchat and Instagram are the leaders here. Stories increased the time people spend on these social apps daily. A nice thing to attract users.

  • Generation Z

    Researchers say that Millennials are no longer the most influential audience. They will soon be pushed aside by a new Generation Z (people born after 1998). If you think about how to create a social media app now, make sure you analyzed the need of the new influential group - Gen Z.

  • Publishing Content

    More and more people (and companies as well) want to share their content with as many users as possible. Websites are not the only place for creating content any more. Good social media apps already offer publishing opportunities to their users.

Is the cost of the social media app turning you down?

We have solutions for different types of apps

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