How Much It Will Cost To Build Food Delivery App?


A UberEats or Zomato is only as good as the next revolutionary App. Will it be yours?

Online food delivery app is set to achieve the $200 billion mark by 2025. Also, the Restaurant-to-Consumer Delivery segment is projected to reach US$138.70bn in 2023, making it the largest in the food industry. With the rise in mobile usage, On Demand Food Delivery App Development will see incremental growth. The market has limited players and tapping it at the right time will offer a competitive edge to restaurants and food business alike.

Food delivery app is one of the most important apps that can be used to boost your business. It is an app that allows users to order food from different restaurants, and it sends it directly to their doorsteps. This app has gained popularity in recent years because it offers convenience and quality at a reasonable price.


Features Of Food Delivery App Development like Uber Eats

The cost of food delivery app development like UberEats largely depends on the features on the website and mobile application. It is also based on whether it is for a stand-alone restaurant or an aggregator.
  • 1

    Sign up

    and Personalized Profiles

  • 2

    Locality selection

    for showing the nearest restaurant and place an order from it

  • 3

    Add to Cart

    to place an order and get food delivered to your location

  • 4

    Secure Payment

    on the website/Mobile apps

  • 5

    Push/SMS Notifications

    on Email and on Mobile App as a push notification of order placed

  • 6

    Live Tracking

    of the driver with an estimated time for order delivery and get it delivered to your location

  • 7


    anything can be used to place the order

  • 8

    Direct integration

    Point of sale (POS), loyalty program, payment processor, delivery

  • 9

    Advanced and intuitive dashboard

    For owners/admin, delivery personnel and customers Multilingual, multi time zone, multi-currency, multi POS 3-step checkout process is so simple and intuitive

Why Bear The Food Delivery App Development Cost?


Because not investing right now will mean that you are missing out on a profitable business opportunity.

  • 60% restaurant owners agree that offering home delivery has led to a spike in sales.
  • 31% customers say they use online food delivery apps at least twice a week.
  • 57% millennials prefer food delivery solutions so that they can enjoy at home.

Food delivery business models are being launched currently with hygienic food ordering, healthy food ordering, advanced food ordering, etc in the market and making everyone’s life easier with it. If you are planning on starting a business like Uber Eats and ready to invest your money, On Demand Food Delivery App Development offers better ROI.

If you wonder what is the cost to build food delivery app like UberEats or Swiggy, the answer lies in the umpteen benefits of food delivery apps.

  • Quick 3 step ordering, secured-payments
  • Secured payment methods, special-offer
  • Exclusive special offers
  • Multiple addresses to quickly choose a location
  • Track your order and get updates
  • Reward points for ordering delivery from the App