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Web App Development

The backend to a website is everything the user can’t see. Generally, this means the programming that generates pages the user views, creating the “server-side” content of the site. This could be scripts, directives, databases, and other automated functions the server performs.

Our trained, highly skilled web developers adopted a customer-focused approach by upgrading their self to latest web technology like ReactJS, AngularJS, NodeJS, Laravel, Magento 2.0 and many others.

  • Creative Website
  • Enterprise Apps
  • Customer relationship management software
  • Ecommerce Apps
  • Full Stack Development Teams
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Mobile App Development

We ship rich experiences to the small screens, which translates into the success of your business, ease of operation and engagement of the consumers with our exceptionally deep understanding of user experience and mobile technology. We work with multiple ecosystems in order to create maximum impact on your end-users.

Our main focus, as a mobile app development company is to provide strategic planning & industry’s best product to compete in the market.

  • iOS Apps
  • Apple Watch Apps
  • Apple TV Apps
  • Android Apps
  • Gear Watch Apps
  • Internet of Things
  • BLE and Wearable Apps
  • VOIP Apps
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Digital Marketing

At OneClick, we know how important it is to have talented designers working on your email campaigns. That’s why we have a creative team to do just that. We’ll focus on your email campaign’s creative design so your attention can be focused on other parts of your business.

  • Email Marketing
  • Prelauncher campaigns
  • Social Media Following
  • Facebook and Google Ads
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UI/UX Design & Development

OneClick understands the value of designs and how your applications or platforms need to be user-friendly. So, we provide the best User Interface suitable for your business needs.

  • Domestic & International Flight Bookings
  • Hotel Booking
  • Car Booking
  • Train Booking
  • Cruises Booking
  • Resort Booking
  • Activities Booking
  • Payment Gateway Integration
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eCommerce Website Development

As a top-tier eCommerce website development company, we specialize in building custom online stores that are tailored to meet our client's unique needs and goals. Our team of experts leverages the latest technology and design trends to create eCommerce websites that are visually stunning, user-friendly, and optimized for conversions. Whether you need a simple online store or a complex enterprise-level eCommerce solution, we have the expertise to deliver results.

  • Custom eCommerce Development
  • mCommerce Development
  • Inventory Management Solutions
  • Shipping & Logistics Integration
  • Third-Party API Integrations
  • Payment Gateway Integration
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