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Increasing digitalization have made travelers inch towards technology, reducing human touch points. However, one of the human touch points that remains crucial and relevant, for both, the travelers and travel companies, is robust Customer Support Outsourcing. And it is the Customer support which has and will continue to emerge as key differentiator between companies in a highly competitive travel market.

Our clients vouch for our customer handling abilities. Our clients often tell us that their customers are in “good hands with us”. We aim to provide quick and efficient solutions using smart technologies and modern tools. We help in strengthening customer loyalty by taking “ownership” in resolving issues and concerns for the customers. We believe in and execute the “humane approach” while dealing with customers and this has helped us position our Travel Customer Support Outsourcing team as brand-ambassadors for the client companies they work for.

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Customer Support Outsourcing for Travel Tech

Travel customers have many questions, as they have enough information available at a click and information leads to questions. Be it queries regarding comparisons between plans offered by you and your competitor or helping them iron out doubts about their travel plans or assisting them get a “better” deal than the one they saw on your website; travel customers and their queries have evolved significantly, the question to be asked is 

Is your customer support outsourcing team evolved enough to cater to the new-age travel customer needs?


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Why Customer Support Outsourcing Services is Important for Travel Companies?

Customer evaluations, feedback, and positive word of mouth are vital to all types of travel firms (online and offline). A travel company can only succeed if it can meet the expectations of its clients and provide hassle-free travel experiences. Furthermore, maintaining healthy customer ties is equally important, and this is possible only when your services meet your customer’s requirements. Customer support outsourcing enables companies to proactively manage their efforts to gain customer loyalty.

Key Reasons Why Customer Support Outsourcing Services is Significant for Travel Companies

Customer Support Influences 70% of All Purchase Decisions

Many factors influence whether a consumer will purchase the products or services of a hospitality business. However, outsourced customer support is among the most important. According to a McKinsey study, 70% of all buying choices are outsourced customer support affected.

Responding to Travelers Questions

People are staying indoors due to the Covid-19 epidemic. New travel protocols are unknown to most tourists. They've got a lot of questions about the lodging, transportation, and medical services available at the destination. For appropriate post-pandemic promotions, travel companies/agencies can hire travel call center or web chat support. They also provide information on the facilities that are available.

Differentiates Travel & Tourism Businesses from their Competitors

Competition within the travel industry is tough and companies are making all possible efforts to stand out from their competitors. Travel companies can distinguish themselves by providing exceptional, positive, and assuring experience to their customers through their outsourcing customer support team. If the customer has an excellent travel experience, they likely would voluntarily engage themselves in spreading positive publicity about the company, which would surely help the business in more ways than one.

Customers are twice as likely to share a negative experience as they are to share a positive experience.

Outsource customer support service is also important in the Travel industry as it influences business reviews. According to an American Express survey, people are twice as likely to share a negative experience with a company as they are to share a positive experience. It is significant because people look for online reviews before purchasing any company's products or services, particularly in the hospitality industry. If an entertainment business gets dozens of negative reviews, other prospective customers will not be permitted to visit and purchase products or services from their establishments.


Is Your Customer Service Team Providing “An Experience” Or Just Service?

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Why Outsource Customer Support Service For Travel?

When it comes to outsourcing customer support, the new-age travelers, including the highly mobile millennials want the ability to choose and use the CS channels of their choice, CS channels which will handle their issues swiftly, fairly, and with the least amount of effort. The travel firms that can match these requirements, will certainly gain a devoted consumer base.

Whether you work for an airline or a travel website, you are bombarded with calls, emails, and chats from people who have a variety of questions/concerns. You can either concentrate your time and money on this or focus on your core skill and allow your customers to be handled on multiple channels by a skilled, experienced outsourcing company. The key word here is "multiple channels." Naturally, you will receive a lot of calls from customers or future customers, but that's not the only interaction. Customers highly prefer to send emails to or chat with CS team of travel companies that have different requests for reservations, reservations, cancellations, refunds and so many other topics.

About Customer Support Outsourcing Service


10+ Years Experience of Travel Industry

Our Team is having 10+ years of experience in customer support and has worked with various industries for B2B, B2C and B2B2C Travel clients to make their travel business more profitable.


Top Travel Customer Support Outsourcing Services Provider in USA

We work with a multiple travel portals based in the U.S. and Canada, with diverse backgrounds and 30+ different modules. This professional network of travel experts provides services 24/7/365, and our reliable customer support model can quickly scale agent support up 200%, providing your customers help when they need it and the best experiences across all travel portal modules.

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