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The theory of B2B travel portal development is extremely beneficial for travel companies and agencies. This involves web-based solutions and mobile applications for activities that help build new business partnerships with various organizations and facilitate customer support.

Whatever your business is, the concept of a b2b travel solutions has always aided in business growth. As several travel-related businesses create a B2B marketplace, B2B travel portal development has benefited travel businesses. B2B marketing refers to business-to-business marketing, which is a useful travel portal for make easierthis definition. This also aids in the establishment of new trading ties and the influx of new capital.

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B2B Travel Portal Development

A B2B travel portal is designed specifically for business in the travel industry. This means that your clients are businesses, which are travel agents, tour operators, local booking agents, and other agencies.

It's allows you to manage relationships with customers, distributors and partners through a single platform. Our best B2B travel portal in india, USA and across world allows your customers to manage their own accounts, bookings, members, Loyalty program’s and their commissions digitally on the platform. Streamline your travel operations with our powerful B2B travel software.

A B2B travel booking portal is developed and provided on web platform as well as mobile application. With growing usage of mobile application across the globe, adoption of travel services on the go via mobile app while travelling is the best value added services for end consumers. Streamline your business travel with our comprehensive B2B travel platform.


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Services We Offer For B2B Travel Portal Development

  • travel_tech_feature

    Agent management system

  • travel_tech_feature

    Administrative management system

  • travel_tech_feature

    Booking engines for Hotels, Flights, Activities and Holidays services

  • travel_tech_feature

    24/7 booking support

  • travel_tech_feature

    Live chat and feedback options for customers

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    Automatic back-office panel for refund, commission and cancellation

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    Several API suppliers

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    Complete B2B Travel Platform Solutions


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How B2B Travel Portal Development Works?

OneClick creates an online B2B travel portal network to help Tour Operators, Consolidators, and Travel Agents efficiently distribute movement or accommodation products to various sub-specialists. The idea of simplifying business with the aid of a B2B travel portal is no longer a luxury, but rather a necessity for a company. Efficiently manage your travel business with our advanced B2B travel software.

OneClick believes that whether you are developing a B2B White Label travel portal, a complete travel booking portal, a hotel reservation system, online car rental booking engine, or transport services, you can create a sub-agent management portal to help your business. All travel agencies can use the B2B travel platform at any time and don't have to waste time forming partnerships with global lodging providers or filling out paperwork. Maximize efficiency and profitability with our B2B travel agency portal.

Modules We Offer


Cutting Edge Features of B2B Travel Portal Development

  • Calendar
    Corporate self-booking tool
  • driver
    Distributor model
  • setting
    Deposit management system
  • admin
    Admin management system
  • multi-language
    Multi Language & Multi Currency
  • e-wallet
    eWallet system
  • mobile-friendly
    Responsive agent dashboard
  • api
    Integrated the API for agents
  • credit-card
    Manage payment and credit accounts of subagents

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Perks of B2B Travel Portal Development

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    Lower operating costs
  • live-access
    Access in real time
  • headphone
    Support for customers
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Why Choose OneClick as a Top B2B Travel Portal Development Company USA?

OneClick has been leading customers of B2B travel portal development services for years. We have worked very hard over the years to achieve our objectives. We are excited to work on a project in which the agent's may directory communicates with the consolidators.

OneClick enables companies to exploit their massive capabilities to sell their services and go global. Travel is something that each and every person wants to do. People live to go on vacation during the holidays; they will not travel to new horizons around the world. People often fly for corporate meetings or board meetings, to put it another way. Similarly, we need to switch services in our everyday lives, such as traveling from the workplace to home, from the airport to the hotel, or from the hotel to the airport. Sightseeing necessitates the use of transfer facilities as well.

Through the B2B travel portal, OneClick ensures safe accommodation, flight, move, tour package, and car booking services for travel agents. Not only do we have a safe travel kit, but we also make sure that the sub-agents profit from it. We ensure that the B2B web-based interface, as well as the on-page customization, is kept up to date. A properly optimized B2B travel portal on-page would ensure proper search engine ranking and increase online visibility.


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FAQs of B2B Travel Portal Development

B2B Travel Portal is a solution that consolidates your sales, ads, efficiency, and economics. It will manage most of your needs for your journey. Some of the best apps:

  • Signature
  • Rezy 360
  • PHP Travels
  • Dolphin
  • Toogo

B2B Travel portal systems provide the unified travel inventory and pricing with a single point of access. Millions of agents view these data at any given time to process the reservations for their end customers. B2B portal for travel agents, such as inventory, pricing, availability and data, provide information that is delivered in real time and therefore decreases the time to execute per booking for tourism companies, resulting in higher revenues and profits.

The development of a B2B travel portal is vital to achieving a strong Internet presence and enhanced website visitors that lead to a maximum of ROI. For both the travel business party and the final customer it has advantages. Travel companies can time and cost-effectively communicate with their customers. On the other side, customers can quickly get updated and book their journey. Maximize your travel business potential with our cutting-edge b2b portal for travel agents, offering seamless booking management and enhanced customer experiences.

You have two choices for developing B2B travel portal. You can either keep a team of technical developers in-house or outsource it to a professional software development company. OneClick IT Consultancy are being considered by major travel companies all over the world due to their adaptability to fit into the company's existing workflow. It is strongly advised to seek the assistance of a software development company because it necessitates expertise.

About B2B Travel Portal Development


Decade of Experience in Travel Industry for B2B Customers

Our Team is having a decade years of experience in B2B travel portal development in USA and Worldwide and we've worked with multiple travel clients for B2C, white label travel platform and B2B2C clients to grow their travel business online on internet world. Discover the ultimate partner for your travel business success - our leading b2b travel agency in USA, dedicated to delivering unparalleled service and support.


Top Notch B2B Travel Portal Development Company USA

As we awarded best B2B travel portal development company in USA, We've developed 100+ B2B travel portals including various module such as flight booking engine, hotel booking engine, car rental engine, Vacation rental engine, Cruise booking and other activities. Experience the power of seamless collaboration and increased efficiency with our cutting-edge b2b travel agent portal. We've 1000+ API suppliers with a top notch brands. Kindly contact at contact@itoneclick.com and get a free estimation quotes for your next own travel portal.

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