How much does it cost to build flight booking app like Expedia?


Online booking in the travel industry is in soaring demand. The travel business group is a vast business division that incorporates many segments: travel agency, restaurants, insurance agencies, etc. Travel management software development is a division, which has been hot for many years now and hints at no chilling at any point in the near future.

Only 20% of adults in the USA choose booking flights offline, while the other 80% prefer flight booking app. This makes it clear that investing in a flight booking app like Expedia is the right move to boost revenue. If you are wondering that the cost of flight ticket booking apps development is high, we’d like to suggest that the ROI is even higher.


How to Succeed in Your Flight Booking App?

The rapid growth of flight booking apps in the global market is undeniable. This surge can be attributed to the universal necessity for travel, be it for business or leisure purposes. People consistently rely on booking flights to reach their desired destinations, from point A to point B.

To ensure the success of your flight booking app, it's crucial to prioritize user experience by simplifying the search and booking processes, resulting in a hassle-free experience. Additionally, focusing on building a robust brand identity and creating a lasting impression on customers' lives is essential for standing out in this competitive industry.

What Determines the Cost to Develop Flight Booking App for Your Business?


The Internet has changed the concept of many businesses. Especially those who belong to the tourism sector. Online or OTA travel agencies are now the ones with the most power over the user. This is the case with flight booking app like Expedia too. A platform from which you can book your flight tickets, through the hotel to car rental. If your market niche is evolving in these areas, flight booking engine development seems the right choice.

White label or customized solutions like these provide an integrated reservations portal, access to traveller profiles, on-demand itineraries as well as a space where you can post news and information about your company's policy. While your customers have everything, they need in one location, you get an easy way to stay in touch with your customers on the go.

The administration interface of these web-based booking engines offers an ideal management of reservations, allowing you to track upcoming reservations and those awaiting payment. With the help of APIs you can offer real time information regarding seat-availability and dynamic pricing through your flight booking engines. Finally, when you change reservation states, customers receive emails to notify them automatically. These are few of the many features of travel booking engine web development for travel business.

The average cost to develop a flight booking app like Expedia varies from $15k-$100k. The cost may vary depending on the app/website design, additional features/functionalities added, API’s you want to integrate.

We can build a travel booking app for your travel business of any complexity. With nearly a decade of experience in travel management software development, OneClick has helped businesses across the USA and world to improve their customer base.


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Features Of Web-Based Booking Engine

The victory of every flight booking app now differs on what ease and convenience it is offering to its clients. It’s essential to know which features are necessary, not only for you but also for your users. Here are the features that you want and require from your flight booking app.
For Users

- Allow travellers to choose their seats.

- There is a service of booking cancellation.

- Notification via email about ticket bookings, cancellation and flight delayed etc.

- Attractive banners for the advertisement.

- Print preference to view booking details and print E-tickets.

For Admin

- Create new pages for different offers

- Manage information on app for offers and pricing

- Consistent communication with users for new requests or change of bookings

- Sending push notifications and updates for bookings and related offers

- View history of users, current and upcoming bookings

- Regulate payments and refunds


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