How much will it cost to build online reverse auction platform?

Online reverse auctions are increasingly being used in industrial sourcing activities. This phenomenon represents a novel emerging area of inquiry with significant implications for sourcing strategies.

"Buying Made Simple" by reverse auction.

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What is the fuel for online auction?

Reverse auctions gained popularity with the emergence of internet-based online auction tools that enabled multiple sellers to connect with a buyer on a real-time basis. Today, reverse auctions are used by large corporations and government entities as a competitive procurement method for raw materials supplies, product supplies and services like accounting and customer service.

  • save_time

    Save time

    Reverse auctions are amazingly quick and save time researching market.
  • avoiding_wastage_time

    Avoiding wastage of time and resources

    The buyer puts forth his requirements thus avoiding wastage of time and resources from either side.
  • compare_product

    Compare products

    The buyer can easily compare products and decide on the perfect fit.
  • best_price

    Buyer gets the best price

    The buyer gets the best price for the product.
  • product_sell

    Sell product/services

    The seller does not need to create a shop to sell their product/services.
  • connect_buyer_seller

    Connect buyer and seller in real time

    Online portals are able to connect buyers and sellers in real time.

Online Reverse Auction Platform Features

Since online portals are able to connect buyers and sellers in real time, reverse auction typically occurs online where multiple sellers gather to sell their product/services to a buyer.

Buyer gets the best price!

How Reverse Auction Works?

  • Register as a buyer and seller

    User can register them self as buyer and seller on the platform.

  • Make a request as buyer

    A buyer usually puts up a request with precise qualification for a quote on a platform where multiple sellers can see.

  • Place a bid as seller

    If the seller is selling products/services that match the criteria, they participate in the bidding. As this is an open market, each seller has a fair chance.

  • Chat

    Buyers and sellers are able to connect in real time via online portals.

  • Find potential supplier

    Generally, the bidder that bids the lowest wins the race but it might not always be the case. There are certain features a product may be offering that the other product might not be offering. Thus, the actual winner is the lowest unique winner. This means that a product/service provider which gives services that fit your requirements as well as gives you the lowest price wins. If a seller gives you say, product X for the lowest price amongst competitors but it doesn’t have a particular feature you are looking for, the obvious option is to go for the seller that provides the product with the feature in the lowest price.

  • Wins the race

    Seller wins the race who provides the product with the feature in the lowest price.

Top Online Reverse

Auction Platforms

Best Reverse Auction Platforms

  • Expedia
  • eBridge_Business_Solutions_LLC
  • eauction_services_EASiBuy
Is The Cost Of Online Reverse Auction Platform Turning You Down?

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FAQs of Online Reverse Auction Platform

Online Reverse Auctions are electronically managed auctions, typically hosted by a third-party service provider or via leased software systems. Our reverse auction system is a competitively bid web-based service to interested vendors. The platform helps to lead the bids, and the sellers bid for the item on the listing.

The organization needs to share multiple lists of selected vendors. We educate them about the reverse auction platform process and features and train them on how to use the auction platform, and handle the outside contact details to remind our vendors about the next auction or bid.

The secure and user-responsive online reverse auction software developed by OneClick is packed with all the features required for B2B auctions and no other similar software provides the same value. Established investment returns boost outcomes over traditional approaches by 25 percent.

Since Online software can connect buyers and sellers (Vendors) in real-time, Reverse auction typically uses online where multiple sellers gather to sell their product/services to a buyer. For that, you need some of the features in your platform. The list of features for online reverse auction platform as mentioned,

  • Registration and Signup
  • Buy and Sell Product/Service
  • Market Research
  • Transparency of Exchange
  • Best Negotiations
  • Push Notifications
  • Reminder Request for bid place

Buyers and suppliers alike see the benefits of reverse auctions. The below shows the most-recognized advantages for both parties participating in a reverse auction transaction.

Reverse Auction buyer benefits:

  • Real-time pricing
  • More small business participation
  • Govt. can meet small business goals
  • Transparent and fair process
  • Fair prices are driven by competition
  • More competition
  • Automated and streamlined sourcing process
  • Achieving savings

Reverse Auction Vendor Benefits:

  • Real-time pricing
  • The level playing field for all suppliers
  • All venders can participate and compete, including small businesses
  • Fair competition for all vendors
  • Fair prices are driven by competitions
  • Anonymity and identity protection during online transactions

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