Create a Lasting Impression On Users With Next-Gen Flutter Apps!


Do you have an immediate need to hire dedicated Flutter developers? Then you have come to the right place. OneClick IT Consultancy provide can help your Flutter programmer, whether you are looking to hire a junior, mid-level, or senior developer. Give your users a delightful experience like native apps at a reduced cost.

Flutter app development is aimed at companies seeking fast deployment, optimal code reuse, highly compatible and secure apps with stunning widgets and an attractive UI. Google Ads, Reflectly, Panasonic, Alibaba, Nubank also use Flutter for their development projects. Do you want to join the league and hire dedicated Flutter Developers?


Why Hire Flutter Developers?

The role of our Flutter developers extends beyond just creating apps. It involves collaborating with QA engineers, UI/UX designers, project managers and clients. Consistent performance, constant upgrade and impeccable after-sales service makes our Flutter developers a class-apart from others in the industry.

With OneClick, you can handpick your team of Flutter developers and have complete control during the project. Our vast experience in building scalable cross-platform apps has helped clients bring their ideas to brilliant reality. Discover the outstanding features of Flutter and leverage them for developing your next project without the worries of staffing. Hire dedicated flutter developers based on the requirement of your project and facilitate your customers with unmatched features and functionalities.

USPs Of Flutter App Development

  • product
    Quicker development of applications
  • travel_benefits_ic_2
    Lower cost of app development
  • integration
    Easy plugins integration
  • testing-1
    Reduced testing efforts

Outsource Developers Via An Offshore Development Company

  • When you outsource React Native development services, it means that you are going to an offshore software development company that offers you the option of hiring a dedicated team of developers.
  • The company to which you outsource the required skills is known as the outsourcing company. This company is responsible for completing the project on time. All you need to do is provide the requirements.
Hiring Process

Process Of Hire Dedicated Flutter Developers

  • 1.
    Share Your Project Requirement
  • ic_arrow_up
    Requirement Analysis & Feasibility Study
  • 3.
    Select the Best-Fit Hiring Modal
  • ic_arrow_up
    Deployment of Resources
  • 5.
    Sign off Kick Start The Project

Benefits Of Hiring Dedicated Flutter Developers

  • Quick access to skills that are not available in your company
  • Low complexity and low risk in the contract
  • Time spent on training can be reduced
  • Ability to ensure high quality software development
  • Focus on management and supervision
  • Low cost of acquiring and managing talent
  • You get the best talent since the developers are already well trained by the outsourcing development company

A good software development team can get rid of all your hassles and work professionally to complete a project with maximum precision and quality.

Most companies today recommend using specialist offshore software developers, due to the high productivity this model achieves. After all, who wants to sit down at the end of the day and train and micromanage their resources when you can get the job done with minimal intervention?

Why Choose Us?

Multiple engagement models

Choose dedicated teams, on-site deployment, time or project-based engagement models based on the requirement of your project. We have a solution suitable for every size of project.

On-time delivery

We value deadlines – whether set by clients or us. The unmatched dedication of our team ensures timely delivery of all React Native projects.

Experience across industries

We have extensive experience working with agencies, SMEs and companies, and brands around the world. We have expertise across the entire mobile ecosystem, having worked with many leading players in the mobile, media, business, charity, and agency sectors.

Agile Methodology

We are able to make continuous versions to give you total visibility of your React Native Mobile App Development project as it progresses. Our collaborative approach will give you the opportunity to have feedback at the end of each sprint.


Create A Lasting Impression On Users With Next-Gen Flutter Apps!

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FAQs of React Native App Development

Depending upon the offshore development model you choose, the management of Flutter developers will be done by you or our project manager.

We believe in quality over price. While the market has high demand for Flutter developers, there is dearth of good resources. At OneClick, we have a team of experienced Flutter developers and the cost depends on the expertise and years of experience of each resource. Moreover, we take care of infrastructure and upskilling of all our resources.

Yes. We offer on-site deployment of Flutter developers upon request. If you are looking for on-site deployment for longer duration, we request you to inform us at an early stage so we dedicate resources that are open to relocation for your project.

Share your requirement with us. We will conduct a feasibility study and analyse the requirement. You can then choose the best hiring model that suits your project. We deploy resources and kick-start the project.