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Do you want to develop high-end desktop applications that are compatible across platforms? ElectronJS is the perfect answer to develop highly functional, scalable and secure apps.

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ElectronJS is aimed at companies that use the latest web and mobile technologies to offer innovative solutions to demanding consumers. Microsoft VSCode, Atom, Slack Desktop, WhatsApp Desktop are all developed using ElectronJS.


Hire Dedicated Electron JS Developers

Web applications are becoming more and more powerful with the new APIs made available by browsers: Geolocation, notifications, Bluetooth, etc. The problem is that not all browsers implement these APIs at the same speed, and some even refuse to implement them at all in an attempt to block user tracking.

So how do you create rich applications when you're a web developer? For mobile applications it is possible to use frameworks like Ionic or more recently React-Native, but what is there for the good old desktop? ElectronJS and this is why you need to depend on ElectronJS developers.

USPs Of Electron JS Development

  • low-level
    Low level accessibility
  • security
  • accessibility
    Material accessibility
  • reports