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Automating Businesses With DevOps Services & Solutions

OneClick IT Consultancy is a leading DevOps Services company offering the benefit of its expertise in leading the change implied by new technical and organizational challenges when embarking on a DevOps consulting & implementation process.

We understand the scope of DevOps services project, and identify the technical challenges. By taking advantage of the strengths of the various Cloud providers, our experts produce a prototype within a controlled timeframe and cost. Together we create a realistic backlog to transform this experience into a production solution.

    Introduction to

    What We Do In DevOps

    We know that for the successful implementation of DevOps solutions and services, good communication is necessary. That is why we strive to contribute to a mutual understanding of the different requirements and working methods in development and operation.

    Our DevOps solutions approach is based on our development, architecture and consulting services on modern yet mastered technologies. We support you in the DevOps implementation process within your company, in order to accelerate the time to market of your projects.

    Top DevOps Services We Offer

    DevOps Consulting Services

    We offer you our expertise via a wide range of services for the implementation of your infrastructure and the definition of your DevOps approach to managing the cloud infrastructure and taking ownership of the project until deployment.

    DevOps Change Management

    We help your core team ensure a fully integrated operation of the distribution pipeline automation cycle and adapt your automated deployment cycle to changes.

    DevOps Integration

    We host your code repositories, administers them and keeps them running smoothly so that your developers can focus only on your project. As a DevOps service provider, we support you in the use of these tools and the implementation of a methodology to make them more efficient.

    DevOps Automation

    Speed up your automation processes, make them more robust and efficient by using a suitable cloud solution allowing more reliability, fewer errors and a shorter time to market.

    Cloud Infrastructure

    We offer you a wide range of services for the implementation of your infrastructure and the definition of your DevOps monitoring solutions. With an automated environment, we offer Cloud management to help you better access and utilize the data and improve workload management.

    IT Orchestration

    We provide complete automation integration, coordination and control covering the entire infrastructure hierarchy through intelligent orchestration tools.

    Want to be a part of DevOps transformation?

    How We Help Businesses Grow with DevOps Implementation

    • We believe that DevOps is a great way to help your business grow. We can help you get started with DevOps development by providing you with the tools and training necessary to begin implementing it in your own organization. Here are some of the ways we can help.
    • We can provide you with training in DevOps best practices, so that you know what to do when developing a new application.
    • We can offer you software tools for automating app deployment and app monitoring. These tools make it easier for you to implement DevOps within your organization.
    Discover how DevOps services can help your organization.

    Our DevOps Integration Process

    DevOps is a development process designed to augment the speed, quality, and reliability of software development. It's a modern way of thinking about software development as an ongoing process.



    Developers write and test code independently, then integrate into a master branch.



    The code is tested, and then developers merge it back into the master branch.



    Operations tests the code in an environment that simulates production and verifies it meets performance targets.



    Once testing is complete, operations deploys the code to production

    Industries We Serve

    We pride ourselves on being able to provide the best possible solution for any client, regardless of industry, size or budget.

    Real Estate

    We Work On These DevOps Tools & Platforms

    • HTML 5
    • Angular js
    • Ios & android
    • Flutter
    • Css 3
    • React js
    • nodejs
    • php
    • .net core
    • my sql
    • postgress
    • mongodb

    Why Choose OneClick for DevOps

    OneClick is your partner in the DevOps space. We help you create new products and services, improve your existing ones, and get your software to market faster than ever before.

    • Expert DevOps Team: Our team of experts knows how to get things done quickly and efficiently—and we always keep our clients' needs first.
    • Custom DevOps solutions: We develop a plan that fits into your budget and timeline, so that you can keep moving forward towards success.
    • Modern approach: We follow a streamlined process to development in a DevOps environment.
    • More than just deploying: We offer DevOps solutions with a high degree of automation and efficiency, reducing costs and improving quality.

    FAQ's for DevOps Services & Solutions

    DevOps is a methodology that aims to improve the collaboration between software developers and IT operations professionals. It also aims to improve the efficiency of software delivery and infrastructure management.

    Because it helps us to deliver better quality software in a more efficient way. We can use it to automate repetitive tasks, reduce manual errors, and minimize the time needed for testing new features or releases.

    Some examples of tools for DevOps include CloudBees Jenkins, Docker, Ansible Tower, Chef, Puppet Enterprise, GitLab CI/CD Pipelines, New Relic APM for Node.js Apps (formerly known as New Relic RPM), IBM UrbanCode Deploy and IBM UrbanCode Release.

    DevOps helps organizations maximize efficiency by improving communication between developers and operations teams. It also allows for more rapid deployment of new applications and greater collaboration between teams.

    A DevOps engineer works with software developers and IT operations team to help them collaborate more effeciently and deliver code more quickly. A DevOps engineer will typically have developers working on a feature complete with unit tests, while the Ops team ensures that the code is ready to be deployed into production. The Oprations team may also work with other teams to ensure that the new feature integrates well with existing systems.

    The first step is to break down the barriers between your business and technology teams. The next step is to create a culture of collaboration between them, and then you can start integrating DevOps into the rest of your development process.

    Companies can improve their efficiency by adopting DevOps Development because it allows them to bring new features to market faster than ever before and improve their customer experience by treating their users as partners instead of just customers who need support when something goes wrong with their product or service.

    Some examples include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Netflix, Spotify and Twitter—all of which use DevOps strategies to improve their speed-to-market processes.

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