Automating Businesses With DevOps Services & Solutions


OneClick IT Consultancy is a leading DevOps Services company offering the benefit of its expertise in leading the change implied by new technical and organizational challenges when embarking on a DevOps consulting & implementation process.

We understand the scope of DevOps services project, and identify the technical challenges. By taking advantage of the strengths of the various Cloud providers, our experts produce a prototype within a controlled timeframe and cost. Together we create a realistic backlog to transform this experience into a production solution.

Introduction To

What We Do In DevOps

We know that for the successful implementation of DevOps solutions and services, good communication is necessary. That is why we strive to contribute to a mutual understanding of the different requirements and working methods in development and operation.

Our DevOps solutions approach is based on our development, architecture and consulting services on modern yet mastered technologies. We support you in the DevOps implementation process within your company, in order to accelerate the time to market of your projects.


Top DevOps Services We Offer

DevOps Consulting Services

We offer you our expertise via a wide range of services for the implementation of your infrastructure and the definition of your DevOps approach to managing the cloud infrastructure and taking ownership of the project until deployment.

DevOps Change Management

We help your core team ensure a fully integrated operation of the distribution pipeline automation cycle and adapt your automated deployment cycle to changes.

DevOps Integration

We host your code repositories, administers them and keeps them running smoothly so that your developers can focus only on your project. As a DevOps service provider, we support you in the use of these tools and the implementation of a methodology to make them more efficient.

DevOps Automation

Speed up your automation processes, make them more robust and efficient by using a suitable cloud solution allowing more reliability, fewer errors and a shorter time to market.

Cloud Infrastructure

We offer you a wide range of services for the implementation of your infrastructure and the definition of your DevOps monitoring solutions. With an automated environment, we offer Cloud management to help you better access and utilize the data and improve workload management.

IT Orchestration

We provide complete automation integration, coordination and control covering the entire infrastructure hierarchy through intelligent orchestration tools.