End-to-End Payment Gateway Integration for Travel Portal

Payment Gateway Integration is required to link a website with a bank in order to allow customers to pay directly from the website. In other words, this app will be beneficial to anybody who wants to sell or purchase goods or services online.

Even if you have a physical store, the payment gateway is essential. It will assist you in bringing in more clients and increasing revenue. And those who will never visit your traditional store will make purchases in your online store.

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    Payment Gateway Integration.

    OneClick provides a plethora of payment gateway integration solution which will make live you to process payments for selected different services. We've integrated a different payment gateway around the world as per your requirements. We can integrate your website virtully with any of payment gateway company right away.

    Our Payment gateway integration dedication team is expert in payment gateway checkout Integration in your travel website. OneClick Team make sure the customers get extra-ordinary featured checkout experience on their travel portal. We can also add support for mobile wallets, net banking, and PayPal, according to your travel portal requirements.

    Services We Provide for Payment Gateway Integration


    Transactions in Multiple Currencies and In Real Time Via Debit and Credit Cards


    Consumer Authentication on The Internet


    Reporting and Reconciliation in Real Time


    Payment Options That Are Exclusive to You


    Effective Fraud Management Scheme


    Choice for Automatic Recurring Billing


    Optional Payment Methods


    Payment Gateway Integration with Your Company and Website

    Want To Hire Developers Support to Your Payment Gateway Integration?

    How Payment Gateway Integration Development Works?

    The payment gateway is an important part of the electronic payment processing system because it is the front-end technology that sends consumer details to the merchant purchasing bank, where the transaction is then processed.

    Payment gateway systems are constantly developing to represent new customer preferences and technological capabilities. Previously, terminals used magnetic strips to accept credit cards, which required paper signatures from the user. With the advancement of chip technology, the signature process may be replaced by a personal identification number (PIN) entered directly into the payment gateway. Contactless payments are now available, with many consumers opting to use their phones as payment devices rather than plastic credit cards.

    The design of a payment gateway can, of course, vary depending on whether it is an in-store gateway or an online payment platform. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) would be required for online payment gateways, which will enable the website in question to connect with the underlying payment processing network. In-store payment gateways will use a POS terminal that electronically connects to the payment processing network through a phone line or an Internet link.

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    Advance key Features of Payment Gateway Integration

    Our Top Notch Brands 3rd Party API Suppliers

    Our Most Popular Payment Gateway Integration Providers
    • Cynsa
    • Dae
    • Europamund
    • Gowaii
    • Mark-International
    • RCI-Supplier
    • Cynsa
    • Dae
    • Europamund
    • Gowaii
    • Mark-International
    • RCI-Supplier
    • Cynsa
    • Dae
    • Europamund
    • Gowaii
    • Mark-International
    • RCI-Supplier
    • Cynsa
    • Dae
    • Europamund
    • Gowaii
    • Mark-International
    • RCI-Supplier

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    Benefits of Payment Gateway Integration

    • The trend to merchant account providers, who combine payment passes services with full merchant account and payment processing packages, grew due to the numerous advantages for merchants.
    • Secure Transactions. Payment Gateways use standard industrial encryption to protect confidential data efficiently, shielding both traders as well as customers against fraud.
    • Customer base expanded. Payment gates allow shoppers around the world to access and expand exponentially their customer base.
    • Bundled with a shopping cart. Payment Gateways Integrations also provide shopping cart software with their services. With the click of a button, your customer can pick items, add them to his or her shopping cart, and complete the order at the checkout. The shopping cart computes the cost of the goods, sales tax, and shipping charges without requiring you or an employee to be present to complete the transaction.
    • Transactions are processed more quickly. A payment gateway is much quicker than manual delivery, and consumers can make purchases without the hassle of long queues or waits.
    • Convenience is increased. Through a payment portal, your store is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and your customers can shop from the comfort of their own homes at any time of day or night.
    Get Full Control Over Your Business With Smart Payment Gateway Integration

    Why Choose OneClick As A Top Payment Gateway Integration Company?

    If you operate an online company, you must be able to accept payments. After all, you are not a charity. You're attempting to reach as many people as possible with your product or service. However, selecting the right payment gateway company can be a difficult task.

    Our payment gateway integrations will allow you to conduct real-time financial transactions in a scalable, adaptable, stable, and secure environment. We use hardware and software encryption to add an extra layer of protection to your personal information, such as credit card numbers, to ensure that financially sensitive information is transmitted securely between you and your clients.


    FAQs Of Payement Gateway Integration

    Is the payment gateway's checkout process extremely smooth for customers? Are there any strange delays or hiccups? Customers are compelled to use a certain website. You want to provide your customers with aeasy, smooth, and trouble-free experience.

    It's easy to go for the cheapest option, but that's not always the best option. Finally, a low-cost approach will scare consumers away by creating a negative checkout experience. Put yourself in your customers' shoes. What would entice them to return again and again?

    If integrating your payment gateway into your website would cost you time and money, you should think about another option. Also, if you have an older site or website, the gateway might not fit well with it, necessitating an update.

    About Payment Gateway Integration.

    10+ Years of Experience for Payment Gateway Integration for Travel Portal

    Expand your travel and tourism business and attract all the travel portal developmen solution by providing them with a secure and suitable payment gateway online. Our Payment Gateway Integration expert team is having a decade years of experience in Travel Portal Development Solutions.

    Travel API and Payment Gateway Integration Provider Company

    We offers a broad range of payment gateway and banking options to your customers. Let them choose the suitable method of payment and initiate the transaction conveniently with OneClick. As We awarded Best Payment Gateway Integration Solution Provider in USA. We've integrated 100+ payment gateway api's for different platform such as flight booking, hotel booking, car rental engine, Vacational rental engine, Cruise booking and other travel platforms. Kindly contact us at sales@itoneclick.comand Get a FREE Estimation Quotes for your next own travel portal.

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