Amadeus Certified Agents for Customer Support

For travel companies customer satisfaction and retention are critical to a company's success. To provide the best service to your customers, you must first understand how it should be done. That is where Amadeus certified agents comes in!

Amadeus certified customer service agents are skilled at providing effective customer service, from answering fundamentals queries to complex concerns like make real-time bookings,issuing air-tickets, making itinerary changes etc.

An Amadeus Certified Agent is capable at handling:

  • Air-Ticketing
  • Flight Schedules
  • Generating PNR
  • Itinerary Elements

    Key benefits of having a team of Amadeus Certified Agents is they put you ahead of your competition!


    • Access of executing bookings of up-to 400 000 destinations globally and have over 300 airlines in their portfolio.
    • Provide general overview and multiple flight options between two locations and multi destination flights.
    • Check all flights operated by all airlines that submits scheduled information to Amadeus and show only flights that have available seats for the specified travel date.
    • Provide most up-to-date scheduled and operational information about a particular flight with updated flight information, both before and after departure.
    • Book a flight from the available flight list (availability display) based on the customer's preference.
    • Book ticket with the correct details of a passenger's name, contact details, itinerary, ticketing details and received from element for reservation, and other information related to the passenger's trip.

    Hotels and Car Rentals

    • Assist your customers by displaying Hotel list, availability, rates, features, and pricing
    • Assist your customers with hotel bookings and cancellations
    • With help of Amadeus’s cutting-edge technology with unparalleled travel industry experience, help your customers find the car rental offers

    Generating PNR

    • Create accurate PNR along-with all elements
    • Handle all advanced PNR concepts, such as:
      • PNRs with Seating, Frequent Flyer data, and SSR messages.
      • PNRs containing OSI messages, remarks, and addresses
      • Data on PNRs with Infant, Child, and Unaccompanied Minor Passengers
    • Help customers by selecting and reserving the specific seats as per their preference
    • Assist passengers with modifications to their itineraries, such as:
      • Changes in departure and arrival airports,
      • Flight time and date, passenger name, flight number, food preferences, and so on,
      • Help them with timely cancelations
    Providing reliable & up-to-date support and Helping you to create brand value

    We provide a 24/7 support to your clients with:

    • Booking a hotel reservation
    • Booking a car rental
    • Make changes in travel date and travel location availability
    • Help with itinerary creation
    The Best Way To Ensure That Your Customer Service Levels Are High, That You Can Always Keep Them Consistent

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