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Experts in UI/UX design and development services, we place the needs of your users at the heart of the design of your digital solution.

OneClick is one of the leading UI/UX web design and development company dedicated to the world of connected objects. It supports its clients in creating intuitive and attractive interfaces and in optimizing their services. With nearly a decade of experience in UI/UX design services, we have worked with SMEs as well as bigger brands. Since its creation, the company has always placed UI/UX Design services at the center of its approach when supporting its clients.


About UI/UX Design and Development

The statistics speak for themselves, more than 7 out of 10 Internet users will not return to a website if their first experience was negative. In an increasingly competitive market where consumers are even more volatile, understanding their behavior and expectations is essential. All the more so when new technologies and new equipment are easily and quickly accessible.

Dissatisfied users ultimately cause a loss of turnover. It is for this reason that companies are increasingly placing UI/UX Design Services at the heart of the development of their products and services.

At OneClick, our UI/UX Designers, with development teams, determine the architecture, as well as the entry points for a site, an application, a back office, or a human-machine interface. They support customers in their user journey optimization projects (customers, partners, or employees). Thus, they work on one or more iterations such as exploration (usage analysis, an audit of the existing), ideation (brainstorming, personas, wireframing), creation (ergonomic charter, graphic design) then the evaluation (test, user feedback, etc.) before integration by the developers.

By also using the agile method, OneClick helps its employees progress and continuously satisfies its customers. As a UI and UX mobile application design company, our aim is sharing, learning, and surpassing our own projects.


What OneClick IT Consultancy Offers For UI/UX Development?

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Prototype Design
It consists in producing simplified models in responsive design, allowing you to visualize the location and behavior of the elements (visuals, editorial content, features) that will make up your graphical interface.
Graphic Design
An emerged part of the iceberg, it is the visual layer which is applied to the previously defined structure. By combining intuitiveness and aesthetics, it must provoke at first glance an emotion - ultra-positive in the user. And that is what makes us vibrate.
Frontend Design
Because it is the design of an interface that elicits the support of the user, we take care of its realization down to the smallest detail. Our graphic formula? Attractiveness + intuitiveness.
Mobile App GUI Design
Our UI/UX designers master the CMS of your dreams and always code in accordance with standards. The user is at the heart of each of our services. By focusing on better user experience, you will increase your visibility.
Responsive Web Design
We design your device so that it is perfectly usable on all media, so that it corresponds to both your target and your objectives.

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Development Process

UI/UX Design and Development Process

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    Assess your needs
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    Analyze your users
  • 3.
    Think the device
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    Test the prototype
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    Optimize support

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FAQs of UI/UX Design App Development

No. They are completely different. “UI" in UI design stands for user interface. It is the graphical presentation of an application. It includes the buttons that users click, text, images, sliders, text entry fields, and all other things the user interacts with. This includes screen layout, transitions, interface animations, and every micro-interaction.

“UX” stands for “user experience”. A user's app experience is determined by how they interact with it. Is the experience smooth and intuitive or awkward and confusing? Does navigating the app make sense to you or does it seem arbitrary? UX designers are responsible for determining how the user interface works. They determine the interface structure and functionality. How is it organized and how all the parts relate to each other? In short, they design how the interface works.

Our process begins with understanding your requirement and assessing your needs. This is followed by analyzing your target audience and their needs. A major part of UI/UX design and development process involves adapting the design based on device and platform. We then test the prototype and move to final development process. Our process also involves optimized support post development.

Our team of expert UI/UX designers work intuitively to understand your target users and their behaviour. This helps them develop appealing designs. Quantitative data of site usage is also important for a UI/UX designer to build your app or website. The tools we use for this captures data like eye tracking, heatmaps, UI tagging, click tracking. This helps us understand the how, why and what in user behaviour which translates to more audience-oriented designs and interface.

UI/UX process is a creative one. There are a lot of factors affecting the output. Hence, the time taken for designing and developing the entire UI/UX of your website or app is based on your project brief and requirements.

The cost of UI/UX design solely depends on your requirements. It revolves around the interface and features you need for your website and app. More advanced features would increase the cost of UI/UX development significantly.

Our clients utilize both our white label as well as customization services. We take into consideration your requirements, project scope and budgets to offer you the best match solution in UI/UX development. Our white label travel portal development solutions are favoured by many clients across USA and Europe.

We offer both cross platform and native app solutions for development. Our developers have experience in native app development tools & technologies like Java, Objective C, Swift, and C#, PHP, Laravel, Magento, Symfony, Drupal and other latest technologies.

This is an interesting question and these UI/UX trends change every year. We have collated all the design trends for 2020 in this detailed blog.

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Why Choose Us?

Agile Methodology

We are able to make continuous versions to give you total visibility of your UI/UX design and development project as it progresses. Our collaborative approach will give you the opportunity to have feedback at the end of each sprint.


Working in test environments means that we can guarantee efficient and stable constructions throughout development. Once an application is launched, we follow it closely thanks to our integrated analyzes in order to maintain and improve the product as and when subsequent phases.

Experience across industries

We have extensive experience working with agencies, SMEs and companies, and brands around the world. We have expertise across the entire mobile ecosystem, having worked with many leading players in the mobile, media, business, charity, and agency sectors.

Experts in all mobile technologies

We have a team of developers specializing in the entire spectrum of UI/UX design and development services. From native solutions to multi-platform solutions and web technologies, including server-side development.