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A travel API is essentially a collection of web services that allows you to access travel offers from various travel consolidators. Travel APIs, such as flight APIs, car APIs, hotel APIsand so on, enable travel agencies, tour operators, and travel companies to access their rich content and travel deals.

An API allows two or more companies to exchange data. You can get real-time data such as flight timing, ticket price, number of stops, and so on by using the Travel API.

OneClick is a global leader in the growth of travel portals. And we have cost-effective solutions for travel portal development for small to mid-size travel businesses that meet your expectations. Our travel portal development strategies produce meaningful results while increasing the company's revenue thanks to their innovative and competent approach

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Travel API Integration For Online Travel Software.

OneClick offers top notch Travel API solution with all GDS(Global Distributor System) through XML API. A GDS works as a centralized online reservation system that offers real-time price and fare availablities for flights and other travel products to travel agencies. It is connected with most of famous airline, hotel and other travel supplier and manage the back-end platform with alot invetory globally. OneClick has connected and integrated with top notch GDS Suppliers like Amadeus, Sabre and Travelport APIs for different clients.

OneClick offers best solution for XML API Interface where you can manage whole third-party supplier inventory from a single roof, instead of logging into multiple platform and change the access of live fares.


Services We Provide for Travel API Integration Company in USA

  • Reservations of flights, hotels, buses, trains, restaurants.
  • Both B2C and B2B channels have high margins.
  • A safe and quick transition
  • Immediate margin benefits.
  • Dashboard that is easy to use
  • SMS and portal for payment.
  • GDS, XML, integration of API travel
  • Integrations of auxiliary service.

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How Travel API Integration Development Works?

Travel APIs are often divided into two different categories, or more accurately, the most commonly used Travel APIs are for hotel and flight bookings.

Both hotels and flights are linked to one or more GDS systems in order to sell their hotel rooms or flight tickets online on a regular basis, updating their prices, availability, and so on. Now, the GDS system has hundreds of vendors across various countries using various interfaces for this GDS system.

Industries We Serve

Bus Booking
Holiday and tour packages
Payment Gateways

Advance Key Features Of Travel API Integration

  • XML API integration Consolidator
  • Secure, Dependable, and Robust
  • System for Real-Time Monitoring
  • Increase Your Online Direct Sales
  • Travel Search Integration is Simple to Set Up and Adaptable
  • Offers a Fast and Error-Free Online Reservation Service
  • An Advanced API Framework That Allows You to Create Flight, Hotel, etc. Applications
  • A Dedicated Web Site Where You Can Track Your Sales and Commissions

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Benefits Of Travel API Integration

API saves a lot of time

Many businesses provide APIs that developers can use to add airline, hotel, and car rental booking functionality to their applications. Otherwise, all inventory must be collected separately.

Increase traffic

Increase traffic to your app and website by allowing two companies to share data– Online travel agencies (OTAs) have an inventory of tickets, hotels, events, taxi service, and so on, which they may have obtained from a variety of APIs. This is conveniently shared using Travel APIs.

Assists in dynamic packaging

The API service provider displays bundles with adjustable pricing for flights, hotels, vehicles, and other APIs. Depending on your requirements, you can have a dynamic kit integrated. And, as the travel company evolves, all changes can be made rapidly.

Simple to execute

Simple to execute Travel APIs make the process easier– APIs are the lifeblood of every online travel agency. It enables a travel agent to incorporate API for hotel booking, flight booking, and third-party API integration on their website.

Travel APIshelp you keep customers

Travel API Integration ensures that if a customer searches for a hotel or a flight on your travel platform, Airline API Integration, flight ticket booking API integration, and others ensure that they are not diverted to another website and that payment is received solely by your travel agent.

Why Choose OneClick As A Top Travel API Integration Company?

There are certainly a variety of service providers that claim to provide the best results. But what distinguishes OneClick from the rest is its commitment and devotion to a single project. We are confident in our ability to provide you with satisfactory results. Our customers will certify to the high quality of our services. As an organization, we make certain that our actions speak louder than our words. If you are still not convinced, then consider the following arguments why you should choose us over any other service provider.

-We provide complete security and privacy for our customers' personal information as well as the company's details.

-You will be fully satisfied with our services.

-We also guarantee the highest level of IP security.

-Customers get the best active service from our organization.

So, I hope this has given you a better understanding of what Travel API Integration entails. If you need these services for your travel website as well, please contact us at any time. So, think about the advantages and connect with us to get the best services.


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FAQs Of Travel API Integration Development

A Travel API is a set of web services used to access travel data from various portals. It's similar to a control panel for interacting with software components without having to deal with the code itself.

Travel APIs operate on a basic logic: They retrieve online travel data (flights, hotel costs, availability, and destinations) from a single server and make it available to third-party resources.

The cost of travel API is determined by the services you choose and the supplier. The fee usually ranges between INR 10,000 and lakhs. The more programs you add, the more money you'll have to spend.

You can get travel API integration from a variety of travel portal firms. However, in order to obtain a low-cost and technologically advanced travel API integration that is scalable and includes new functionality, you must first explore the top suppliers with your personalized requirements.

In a nutshell, contact the supplier's customer service and ask to be connected to the technical team as you need to Integrate their inventory into your website after listing your position. Now, a businessman in your area will contact you, go over the terms and conditions, and sign the agreement. Once all is in order with their technical team, they will send you their Inventory API document, which you will integrate with your website with the assistance of your technical team.

API integration is becoming increasingly important for travel portals. Users prefer a location where they can configure their travel-related searches and do not want to move between applications to do so. This is where API provides them with the same level of comfort and convenience. If a travel portal owner wants to grow his or her company, he or she must integrate API.

If you don't have your own API, you can incorporate API from third-party vendors into your own application/website. This is known as Third-Party API integration.

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We've developed 100+ Travel portal with measure GDS Supplier Travel API Integration to make the travel portal more profitable and successful product. We've various 3rd party Travel Platform API Suppliers for Hote, Flight Booking, Car rental and other activities with 2000+ available inventories. Kindly contact at sales@itoneclick.com and get a FREE estimation quotes for your own travel portal.