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B2C travel portal provides the right kind of tools and enterprise insights that simplify the whole reservation process for all customers, whether they are travel bookings from corporate customers or end users, and the main element of the travel website, allowing direct travel sales to the travel portal of the organization.

Regardless of the industry, the idea of a B2C travel portal has always helped in business development. B2C travel portal development has helped travel companies as many travel-related businesses build a B2C marketplace. B2C marketing stands for business-to-customer marketing, and this concept is aided by a helpful platform. This also assists in the formation of new trade relationships and the inflow of new money.

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B2C Travel Portal Development

Explore B2C Travel portal development solution that match with any travel business, small or medium. OneClick is creating business travel easier and better.

Our B2C travel portal offers the right features that make travel booking process more fast and simpler for all kinds of clients, corporate industry and end-to-end customers travel booking engine represents the cutting edge features of travel portal offering direct sales of travel products on company's travel portal.

Using most advance travel cutting edge features of OneClick our online travel reservation and management system, OTAs can consolidate the resell inventory from different API suppliers and add their own brand with markups. We provide all Online travel booking solution for B2C travel portal like transfer, flights, experiences, hotel booking, car booking and vacation rental booking engine.


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Services We Provide for B2C Travel Portal Development

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    Excellent Platform

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    Management of Products

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    Reports & Export

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    Integrate XML/API

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    For All Devices

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    Web & App Available

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    Dashboard for Tracking


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How B2C Travel Portal Development Works?

A B2C travel portal enables users or travel agents to sell hotels, flights, airport transfers, packages, and other travel items. Travelers expect a user-friendly and technologically advanced travel platform with the increasing speed of the travel industry. To ensure the complete growth of a travel portal, it is critical to consider every aspect of the customer.

Travelers prefer a portal that provides an all-in-one solution to their travel issues, and customer satisfaction is the key to business success; it allows you to expand. The B2C travel portal solution is the answer to all of your problems. It enables you to view all travel-related searches on a single page, allowing customers to perform a hassle-free search. The B2C travel portal solution is a cost-effective and efficient software solution.

Travel Modules We Offer

Bus Booking
Holiday and tour packages
Payment Gateways
Advance Features

B2C Travel Portal Development

  • website
    Advanced Booking Engine
  • fares
    Implementation of Negotiated Fare Booking Engines
  • inventory
    Implementation of Negotiated Dynamic Packaging
  • revenue
    Font Office Back Office to Handle Prices
  • crm-integration
    Supplier Extranet and Integrated CRM
  • shopping
    Payment Gateways and an Integrated Shopping Cart
  • setting
    Management Knowledge Suite
  • api
    Integration of a Third-Party XML API
  • registration
    Customer Registration and Membership
  • chat
    Live Chat and Feedback Options for Customers

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Perks of B2C Travel Portal Development

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    Lower operating costs
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    Access in real time
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    Support for customers
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Why Choose OneClick as a Top B2C Travel Portal Development Company?

We provide solutions that streamline processes while improving the lives of each individual customer. We are firm believers in the two most important aspects of B2C Travel Portal Development: competitive pricing and never compromising on quality. We are well-known for having the most sensitive websites, as well as those with high speed and scalability.

At OneClick, you can finish the journey with the maximum number of hotels, car rentals, international airlines. Our launch of our B2C travel portal offers your brand access to the world market. With different rates and availability, our system reacts directly to improve your turnover through an integrated travel solution. So, if you are in a travel company and want to expand quickly, then the best way is with the B2C travel portal. Our highly skilled team paves the way for your success. We are taking control of the server, bandwidth and IT infrastructure and will provide customers with self-service resources for online operation. OneClick gives you the capacity to fly. You're still able to knock our doors.

With OneClick's customized B2C travel portal solution, you can effectively build your online presence. We assist you in developing a functional and adaptable booking system for your website. When it comes to creating a B2C travel portal, we are 70% less expensive than our rivals.


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FAQs of B2C Travel Portal Development

B2C Travel Portal is an online travel software that includes a complete travel portal development to configure Hotels, Transfers, Tour Packages, Flight Tickets, and Car Rental in the travel portals of Travel Agents, Travel Agencies, and Travel Management Companies in order to improve customer service.

  • Lowest possible price: YES!
  • The most advanced technology: YES!
  • All Travel Services Available at a Glance: YES!
  • Is it linked to a large API inventory? YES!
  • Mobile-Friendly Website: YES!
  • Easy-to-use back end: YES!
  • Excellent service: YES!

Yes, we'll help you to develop B2C travel portal for your business.

About B2C Travel Portal Development


10+ Years of Experience in Travel Industry for B2C Customers

Our B2C Travel Portal development expert team is having a decade years of experience in B2C Travel Portal Development in USA and Worldwide and We've worked with multiple travel clients for B2B, White label travel platform and B2B2C clients to grow their travel business online on internet world.


Best Awarded B2C Travel Portal Development Company USA

As we awarded best B2C travel portal development company in USA, We've developed 150+ B2C travel portals including various module such as flight booking engine, hotel booking engine, car rental engine, vacation rental engine, cruise booking and other activities. We've 2000+ API suppliers with a top notch brands. Kindly connect with us at contact@itoneclick.comand Get a free estimation quotes for your next own B2C travel portal.

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