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Video Conferencing Solutions

With the rise of mobile, video and cloud exchanges in work environments, the videoconferencing market is evolving rapidly and is seeing new players appear in hardware, software, hybrid solutions and above all a strong development of cloud services.

Among the solutions in vogue in companies, videoconferencing solutions hold a powerful place. In addition to reducing the costs of organizing sometimes unnecessary physical meetings, it also saves considerable time for teams spread over multiple sites. And this is just an example...

One of the things often overlooked when choosing a video conferencing solution is customer or client interaction. It is however fundamental, as these solutions can support you on a daily basis in the development of your sales or in the management of your customer relationship. Prospecting meetings, remote product demonstration, training session, regular meeting with a client are all needs that can be covered by videoconferencing tools.

However, choosing the best video conferencing solution can be overwhelming. Whether you are a VSE, an SME or a large group, having your own video conferencing software or application means more security and a better investment. But given the diversity of these videoconferencing solutions and the models offered, what is the best option for you?

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E-Commerce Application Solutions

E-commerce Application development has certainly become a need rather than just a means to increase traffic for enterprises. An e-commerce site will give you wings to your retail business, but streamline your online digital catalyst is the master craftsmen with creating outstanding and unique mobile e-commerce solutions.

With hands-on experience and expertise can put your e-commerce business on the right accelerating paddle and amplifies the shopping experience of the consumers.

We offer effective and prosperous e-commerce web design, module development, plug-in & custom solutions for all types of small and medium enterprises. We are a top-notch e-commerce solutions company that provides a better end to end functionality for your business.

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Chatbot Development Solutions

For some time now, chatbots have been at the heart of new web marketing strategies. But now, they allow you to go further in terms of automation, especially in corporate customer services. Chatbots solutions are becoming more and more effective marketing tools and if you want to boost your company's contacts and sales it is no longer possible to ignore this technology.

In fact, chatbots allow millions of people to interact with your brand without a human being on the other side. Unsurprisingly, more and more companies are starting to use chatbots to engage with their customers and improve their brand communication.

Chatbots are more than just computer programs on the web, on an e-commerce site, or on a Facebook page. They are a way to create useful and pleasant shopping experiences for buyers, and to rethink the customer journey (onboarding process, coaching of new clients, managing supply chain info etc).

If there is one thing you should remember, is that if you want to set up a chatbot project, you must first define the objectives, in particular the tasks that the bot must accomplish. The clearer your specifications, the more time and efficiency you will gain in setting up the Bot.

Do you want to set up a chatbot?

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Food Delivery Apps Development

The development of food delivery apps like Zomato, Swiggy, Grab, Foodpanda, Just Eat and many others in the meal delivery market has changed the consumption habits of the population. It, therefore, becomes essential for restaurateurs, but also for all food stakeholders including artisans, to position themselves there!

Food delivery software provides you with complete automation tools to manage orders, delivery and stock. They also support marketing activities for restaurant and delivery service owners. It usually includes an online customer portal to place food orders, supplier services to manage menus and deliveries, and payment processing functionality.

Businesses looking for food delivery software can also benefit from restaurant management software and checkout software for restaurants. All in all, food delivery app development is accessible and affordable for anyone around the world.

Are you ready for launching your own food delivery app?

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E-Learning Development Solutions

Does your organization need a flexible digital learning solution to adapt to changes in your markets? Are you looking to reduce the time spent developing e-Learning content?

Online learning solutions allow you to develop efficient and flexible distance education programs. With multilingual training options, eLearning solutions are ideal options for international groups or any organization and educational institutes planning to offer an educational program in several languages. We offer a solution in SaaS mode in which our customers can activate the features that meet their needs. Therefore, we cover with a very high functional level all the needs of e-learning, from creation (rapid learning, e-learning, serious game, tutorial, interactive video) to dissemination.

Organizations need to acquire a global solution that brings together the latest innovations.

Do you need eLearning solutions that are both efficient and easy to use to design your courses?

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BLE Solutions

Designed to power the Internet of Things, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is a new version of Bluetooth that goes perfectly with applications. BLE works with all kinds of smart devices or devices connected to a smartphone or smartwatch; it improves heart rate monitors, fitness accessories, surveillance cameras, kitchen and entertainment appliances, etc.

All of these wireless connected devices use Bluetooth Low Energy technology. It simplifies the life of the users and is also easy to develop with its flexible development structure which gives free rein to the imagination of the creators.

They can create new products that communicate with smart devices on the market. BLE also makes it possible to add new functionalities to devices that already have Bluetooth technology. The application available on smartphones iOS and Android offers explanations in several languages ​​on the site, with photos, videos and texts in support.

If you need an application with BLE

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HRMS App Development

Human resources and human capital management tools fall into three main categories: basic HR tools, talent management tools and employee engagement tools. Basic tools are the minimum required for the operation of any HR department.

By investing in HR software, companies are looking for solutions to their current problems in recruiting, retaining, compensating, developing and managing their workforce. The expectations for basic HR tools have not changed, but companies, whatever their size, are increasingly focusing their investments on talent management.

Any business with large number of employees can use a comprehensive HRMS solution to manage wages and employee records. Anyone with minimal office space can consider switching to a comprehensive human resources program. By doing much of the record keeping on a secure computer, you can reduce storage cabinets and filing of paper documents.

Companies that hire a lot, especially seasonally, will certainly find advantages in using software to automate human resource tasks. Additionally, by using a robust HR payroll system, you will increase the profitability of your business.

Do you want to increase your organization’s manpower handling efficiency? You can now turn to HRMS software solutions.

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Hotel Application Solutions

To be a successful hotel, your customers must have an even more comfortable stay. Analysis of booking data provides a great insight which helps streamline the hotel management process. Knowing your customer’s behavior and choices help you get more recommendation for your property. OneClick can provide solutions for both you and your customer. An App or website for the booking, information about services, property tours, and other services is very helpful for your guests. Business owners get comprehensive CMS, dashboard, feedback system and reports along with reservation data.

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Travel Application Solutions

Travel Industries globally, are gearing up for innovative and cost-effective solutions for exploring the technological approach to market their products. Travel portal development has become a buzzword, which all travel agency is very much aware.

OneClick offer onsite/offsite engagement module to develop B2B/B2C to build a robust online Booking engine for our clients across the globe. We are specialized in travel portal development, white label system, integration of Travel API from aggregators as well as suppliers. OneClick helps with building your brand by developing your own travel portal system with advanced technology to bring speed, improvising the performance.

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IoT Application Solutions

With the emergence of smart devices and smart sensors Internet of Things (IoT) technology has led the business to explore more opportunities. An estimated 50 billion sensor devices will be connected to the Internet by 2020.

IOT solution and consultancy has become key descriptive technology by providing business to streamline the most complex business easily. We at OneClick, provide complete development services that utilize smart software/mobile solutions which provide benefits to increase efficiency in the customers' and employees' lives.

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