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How Much Cost To Develop An Ecommerce App?

By 2021, ecommerce sales through apps are expected to account for 54% of total ecommerce sales. To allow you to attract a maximum of customers while distinguishing yourself from competition, your Ecommerce app must have an attractive and ergonomic design, rich features, easy navigation and an intuitive catalog.

These Features in E-Commerce App Development are essential to the success of your online store. As proof - 57% of Internet users do not recommend a company with a poor app design. As in many situations, a question concerning the cost to develop an ecommerce app or website instinctively comes to mind.

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What Determines the Cost to Develop an Ecommerce Application?

Selling online necessarily involves having an e-commerce app since the number mobile users has far exceeded. Advancements in technology have also affected user behaviour.

If you have embarked on the journey to go digital, entrust your ecommerce app development to the best in the industry – OneClick. Our team of experts understands the pulse of the audience and has successfully utilized technological trends to boost sales in ecommerce.

The common question hounding most clients is what will be the cost of developing such an ecommerce app. It is necessary to understand it varies depending on the complexity and the number of features that are expected in the app. Thus, an online store will be logically more expensive than a showcase site consisting of only a few pages.

If you plan to create an online store, that is to say a website or app with online payment, the price of your website will also depend on the technical solution you have chosen. It will all depend on whether you are going through a SAAS or open-source solution. Among these CMS solutions like WooCommerce, Shopify, Prestashop and others, it's a question of choosing the one that best fits your current business. All-in-one e-commerce solutions sometimes leave less room for personalization, but allow faster handling.

Other factors affecting the cost of E-Commerce Application Development:

  • Design and Construction
  • Domain Name & Hosting
  • Open-source or Customized solution
  • SSL Certificate
  • Cross-platform Or Native Development(Android or iOS)
  • Content and Referencing
  • Maintenance
  • video-call

    Better overall experience for customers

    Customers can shop anytime, anywhere
  • face-filters

    Outstanding growth potential

    50% traffic comes from mobile sales
  • connect-webcam

    Omni-channel experience

    Be where your customers are, offline & online
  • host-webinar

    Multiple payment options

    Hassle free payments as details can be stored
  • video-call

    Smarter features

    Leverage the smartphone features like GPS, NFC, QR codes
  • face-filters

    Faster surfing

    Mobile apps load faster than desktops

Features of Ecommerce App

You Can Monetize Your Own Ecommerce Application

How Does An Ecommerce Application Work?

  • Login / Registration

    User will log in with different login options or creating their account on the ecommerce system.

  • Adds to cart

    User search for appropriate product and add that product in to the cart.

  • Complete checkout process

    User complete checkout process by selecting variation of color and sizez of the product.

  • Finalises Transaction

    User finalise the order and done payment with available payment option and confirm order.

  • Order Confirmed

    The order manager sends a request to the warehouse to dispatch the products to the client.

  • Shipping

    A truck from a dispatch firm collects the products from the warehouse and delivers them.

  • Confirmation

    Once the products are sent, the warehouse computer e-mails the client to confirm that her product is on their way.

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Technology Stack

front end (website and mobile apps)
  • HTML 5 HTML 5
  • Angular js angular js
  • Ios & android ios & android
  • Flutter flutter
  • Css 3 css 3
  • React js react js
backend (website and mobile apps)
  • nodejs node js
  • php php
  • .net core .net core
  • my sql my sql
  • postgress postgress
  • mongodb mongodb

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