How Much Cost To Develop An Ecommerce App?


By 2021, ecommerce sales through apps are expected to account for 54% of total ecommerce sales. To allow you to attract a maximum of customers while distinguishing yourself from competition, your Ecommerce app must have an attractive and ergonomic design, rich features, easy navigation and an intuitive catalog.

These Features in E-Commerce App Development are essential to the success of your online store. As proof - 57% of Internet users do not recommend a company with a poor app design. As in many situations, a question concerning the cost to develop an ecommerce app or website instinctively comes to mind.


What Determines The Cost To Develop An Ecommerce Application?


Selling online necessarily involves having an e-commerce app since the number mobile users has far exceeded. Advancements in technology have also affected user behaviour.

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The common question hounding most clients is what will be the cost of developing such an ecommerce app. It is necessary to understand it varies depending on the complexity and the number of features that are expected in the app. Thus, an online store will be logically more expensive than a showcase site consisting of only a few pages.

If you plan to create an online store, that is to say a website or app with online payment, the price of your website will also depend on the technical solution you have chosen. It will all depend on whether you are going through a SAAS or open-source solution. Among these CMS solutions like WooCommerce, Shopify, Prestashop and others, it's a question of choosing the one that best fits your current business. All-in-one e-commerce solutions sometimes leave less room for personalization, but allow faster handling.

Other factors affecting the cost of E-Commerce Application Development:

  • Design and Construction
  • Domain Name & Hosting
  • Open-source or Customized solution
  • SSL Certificate
  • Cross-platform Or Native Development(Android or iOS)
  • Content and Referencing
  • Maintenance

Features Of Ecommerce App

Third party system integration
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) to manage your inventory, orders, shipments, invoicing and other back-office services.
SSL certificates
Internet transactions must guarantee a certain level of security. The SSL certificate assures you that all the data exchanged cannot be stolen during processing by the web server.
Personalized programming and e-commerce functionalities
Tailor-made programming to support design and development or purchase of additional extensions for exclusive features
Customized designs
These sites are designed to go beyond the competition by using interactive elements, high-resolution images, videos and a whole range of intuitive features.
You can also incorporate Augmented and Virtual Reality features in your online store to reinvent the experience of physical shopping.