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The online cruise reservation system allows cruise operators to reach a huge market segment and provide numerous attractive bargains to attract customers.

OneClick’sCruise Reservation System allows cruise lines and travel agencies to handle numerous bookings, inventory levels, fare codes, taxes, and channel partners from a single cruise-specific interface. This special cruise management software includes comprehensive cruise management as well as online reporting with pertinent information such as summary, sales, profit, vendors, insurance, and margins, among other things. With the assistance of our cruise management system, one can effortlessly handle their services properly with no work.

Introduction To

Cruise Reservation System Development

OneClick offers a completely web-based, customer-focused cruise booking software. You can synchronize bookings, compare costs among various travel operators and agents, and even list online pricing in real-time with a single click.

The primary goal of such software engines is to lower the cost of booking tickets, checking status, and gathering other travel-related information. We have a large number of cruise lines, cruise descriptions, and lines in this booking engine, all of which are linked with rich content and material such as photos, ship images, and attire plans to assist in the buying process. Consider OneClick services, then improve your portal sites with our specialist services and acquire offers from our offer crate. We also provide diverse screen access to your portal, such as PC, mobile, tablet, etc.


How Cruise Reservation System Works?

Whether you need a Cruise Reservation System, a Cruise Booking System, a Cruise Booking Engine, a Cruise API, or something else, we can help you transform your business and make it future-ready. Our cruise reservation system is designed to connect cruise companies to a single platform, which they may access via the cruise API.

OneClick can provide your company with the technology it needs to develop unique travel packages, automate time-consuming operations, and sell through more channels and devices. A cruise booking can be made through the Internet in conjunction with our cruise booking system package.

Customers can receive information and order tickets via the Internet at their leisure, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Reservations can be made in real time and paid for using an authorized credit card on the spot.


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Benefits Of Cruise Reservation System

  • flexible
    It is always available
  • revenue
    Compare Prices
  • plan
    Deck Plans, Photos, and Layouts of Cabins
  • Calendar
    Booking Summary Function
  • clock-1
    Information on Availability in Real Time
  • train
    Integration of PNR
  • fares
    Display of Multiple Fares
  • discount
    Commission Specifics
  • cruise
    Interaction with Cruise Mid/Back Office Systems
  • policy
    Product and Policy Details
  • cruise
    Change Cruise Reservations

Why Choose OneClick As A Top Cruise Reservation System Development Company?


OneClick provides cruise booking api solutions to travel operators all over the world. Our efforts are firmly driven by a smooth user experience, which can only be achieved through the deployment of advanced technology. We have considerably saved the user's crucial time for booking by using our efficient cruise booking engine software. Our online cruise reservation system included cruise lines, cruise ships, and cabins, among other things. Apart from that, it assists the consumer in making a purchasing decision by uploading photographs and videos of the boat, cabin, and deck, among other things.

Our services include cruise booking engine software, an unified ship management system, a cruse management solution, and much more. We are able to suit your specific requirements. We enhanced the user experience by granting them the ability to administer their own accounts. Our innovative solution allows the customer and cruise supplier complete control over guest accounts and other adjustments to the purchase request. OneClick is a well-known company for providing exceptional discounts for various cruise destinations. What distinguishes us from other suppliers is that we provide excellent services at cheap pricing.

All In One Travel Technology Solution Provider

We considered all end-user and cruise supplier criteria when building the cruise booking system. This covers customer profile analysis, back-office account control, shore excursion sales, inventory left, and much more. Our solution includes built-in cruise back-office software that aids in the maintenance of cruise customer data and provides a helpful report. It consists of the Agent Booking Engine (ABE) and its Cruise Search (CS) module, which assists agents in looking for cruises across cruise lines and destinations based on various search criteria and subsequently reserving online cruises. The agent booking engine enables agents to make changes to an existing cruise ship management software.

As a pioneering firm, we provide our clients with extensive internet distribution capabilities. It is thought to be the most dynamic and user-friendly API for cruises, airplanes, destinations, and events. We provide our clients with the assurance that they have chosen the best cruise API integration services for their travel website. A cruise API in XML or JSON format is required for integration. Because this is not a standard API like flights, hotels, or autos, there are fewer suppliers on the market. Our cruise booking engine is entirely based on business-to-business, business-to-customer, and other relationships.

This cruise API attracts excellent partners to its base and continues to grow with time. With the introduction of cruise API, the reservation procedure has been moved online. An online service has extended its reach to new ports and routes. The cruise can only be reserved through a travel service provider. Cruse Booking API is not accessible for Sabre and Travelport GDS insurance and transfer. This is why OneClick has partnered with Cruise API Integrations and successful destination management firms all around the world.

Through its exceptional cruise booking app, OneClick was established with the goal of making booking easier for travel brokers. In addition, our cruise booking technology allows travel agencies to search the real-time updated inventory of cruise suppliers. Our cruise booking api is loaded with cutting-edge technology and grants you access to our UPS services. We are pioneering in a number of regions with our cruise reservation software. We serve our clientele on an international scale. In other words, we provide a global cruise reservation system as well as integrated travel software solutions. Effortlessly navigate the high seas with our cutting-edge cruise management software, designed to streamline every aspect of your voyage.

Key Features Of Cruise Reservation System Development

Online Presence

Online tools are being used by an increasing number of travel agents and consumers to research and confirm their cruise vacations. Over the last two decades, the features, functionality, and information that agents and consumers today expect to see online have grown dramatically. It is critical that the cruise booking engine you select is capable of clearly and fully presenting your whole cruise portfolio online in order to capitalize on the current world's developing digital disposition.

Information Rich Content

A cruise booking engine can now include a large number of cruise line, cruise ship, and cabin descriptions that are linked to media files and rich content thanks to modern technological solutions. To aid in the buying process, this can contain cabin photos, ship photographs, and deck layouts. Users can examine images of a certain ship, such as example guest bedrooms and public areas. Content is king, and it is crucial in the research and booking process.

Dynamic Packaging Optimization

It is critical to select a booking engine that has a large number of cruise lines incorporated into the system. Modern cruise booking system can provide your company with access to a large number of cruise lines; consequently, it is critical to pick one that is well linked. Furthermore, if you want to take your cruise booking to the next level by bundling multiple travel services like as flights and hotels, it is critical to select an engine that is optimized for dynamic packaging to give you the flexibility you need to stay ahead of the competition.

Mobile Responsiveness

It's no secret that today's consumer is frequently found linked to a mobile device, and it's often the first item someone grabs when looking for information or making a purchase. Travel research and shopping is no different. It is now possible to expand the reach of your online cruise booking system so that it is available from virtually any device. It is critical that any cruise booking engine you employ is designed to accommodate a wide range of screen sizes so that a consumer may begin their research and complete their booking whenever and wherever they want.

Real Time Pricing & Availability

You should be able to provide consumers and agents with live price and availability via cruise booking api connections with cruise lines connected to the platform if you have a strong cruise booking engine. Another thing to think about is your power to regulate the selling price that buyers see and to promote special discounts that cruise lines may be offering for specific sailings. Your cruise booking engine should give you the option to control selling prices, including the option to easily mark up or decrease the selling price as needed.

Guest Management

It allows the cruise line to efficiently manage guest data and preferences throughout the booking process, onboard the ship, and post-cruise. Creation and maintenance of detailed guest profiles including personal information, contact details, dietary restrictions, and other preferences. Integration with onboard systems such as room keys, dining reservations, and activity bookings to enhance the guest experience. Collection of feedback from guests post-cruise for analysis and improvement of services.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop Cruise Reservation System?


The cost of Cruise Booking Engine is determined by the options you select,

The estimated cost for a one-time setup of a cruise booking engine will be around $5000, with the capabilities listed below.

  • Development of a Website Booking Engine
  • Booking Administration on the Backend
  • Inventory management in real time
  • Cruise Package Supplements and Add-Ons
  • Route planning and itinerary administration
  • Fair pricing and fare codes
  • Channel Partners
  • Commission Management
  • Sales Management.

Set sail for success with our comprehensive cruise management system, empowering you to take control of every detail and deliver a seamless guest experience. Experience the ultimate ocean escape - let our cruise booking app take you on a journey you'll never forget!


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FAQs Of Cruise Reservation System

We are an independent travel technology vendor, not a travel goods reseller. To agree on specific commercials, each client must sign a direct agreement with each provider with whom they wish to engage (mark-ups, commissions, etc.). We have no influence over and will never interfere with the negotiations between you and your suppliers. At the same time, we would be delighted to assist you in communicating with them.

Yes, data in several currencies is properly managed.

Yes, OneClick offers a sophisticated Inventory section that allows you to manage your own travel products as well as those purchased directly from a specific source (e.g., local hotels or local transfer providers). Furthermore, you can grant these providers extranet access so that they can manage prices, availability, and descriptions within the platform without engaging you.

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