Beyond Buzzwords: Why NDC is More than Just a Trend for Airlines and OTAs

Introduction to NDC

New Distribution Capability (NDC) is a standard established by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) within the travel industry. Its primary purpose is to empower airlines to enhance the distribution of their products and services, especially through third-party platforms like online travel agencies (OTAs). The ultimate aim of the NDC platform for airlines is to create a booking experience that is highly personalized and seamless for travelers, all while granting airlines more autonomy over their distribution channels and the ability to offer a broader range of additional products and services.

In recent years, NDC for airlines has gained significant traction in the travel industry as both airlines and OTAs have come to recognize the limitations of traditional distribution channels. Historically, airlines have heavily relied on Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) to disseminate their content to OTAs, travel agents, and other third-party platforms. However, this approach has faced criticism for being outdated, inflexible, and lacking in transparency.

The advent of NDC for airlines signifies a substantial paradigm shift in how airlines and OTAs approach distribution. Through the NDC platform for airlines, they can establish more direct connections with their partners, resulting in enhanced flexibility, greater customization options, and increased transparency throughout the booking process. This transformation holds the potential to benefit travelers and the travel industry as a whole significantly.

The Transformation of Travel Distribution

Traditional distribution methods in the travel industry have a long history, but they have fallen short of meeting the evolving needs and expectations of modern travelers in today’s fast-paced technological landscape. Historically, airlines heavily relied on Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) as intermediaries to distribute their content to travel agents, online travel agencies (OTAs), and other third-party channels. However, these traditional methods have faced criticism for their lack of adaptability, antiquated nature, and the absence of transparency.

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One of the primary shortcomings of traditional distribution lies in the limited personalization and flexibility it offers. Contemporary travelers demand a seamless and personalized booking experience, a demand not adequately met by traditional distribution methods. For instance, GDSs typically provide only basic flight information, such as departure and arrival times, with little room for additional details or customization.

Furthermore, traditional distribution methods are marred by a lack of transparency. Airlines often have minimal control over how their content is presented to travelers, and they may be required to pay substantial fees for prominent placement on OTAs and other third-party platforms. This lack of transparency and competition can ultimately harm both consumers and businesses.

The emergence of NDC for airlines signifies a profound transformation in how airlines and OTAs approach distribution. By facilitating a direct connection between airlines and their partners, NDC platform for airlines offers enhanced flexibility, customization, and transparency in the booking process. This shift by NDC in airline industry holds the potential to benefit travelers and revitalize the travel industry as a whole.

NDC: A Game-Changer for Airlines

NDC, or New Distribution Capability, emerges as a groundbreaking distribution standard designed to overcome the limitations of traditional methods. NDC in airline industry empowers airlines with greater control over their distribution, enabling them to offer highly personalized and distinctive products and services. Additionally, NDC for airlines paves the way for novel and innovative travel experiences.

While NDC for airlines is still in its nascent stages, it holds the potential to reshape the air travel distribution landscape dramatically. This transformative standard brings forth a plethora of advantages for both airlines and OTAs (Online Travel Agencies):

NDC Benefits for Airlines

Enhanced Distribution Control

NDC empowers airlines to craft and deliver personalized, distinct, and tailored offerings. By sidestepping Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) and establishing direct connections with travel sellers, airlines can streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency.

Improved Profitability

NDC platform for airlines can be a boon to flight companies by allowing them to curb distribution expenses and boost ancillary revenue streams, ultimately bolstering profitability.

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Elevated Customer Experience

NDC in airline industry can allow airlines to provide passengers with personalized, bundled travel products and services. This level of customization fosters superior customer experiences, strengthening brand loyalty.

NDC Benefits for OTAs

Access to Comprehensive Offerings

NDC for airlines opens up a wealth of products and services from airlines, including ancillary options like baggage fees, seat selection, and travel insurance. OTAs can leverage this to provide customers with a comprehensive and competitive travel experience.

Enhanced Profitability

OTAs can enhance their profitability through the NDC platform for airlines by reducing distribution costs and tapping into additional ancillary revenue streams.

Competitive Differentiation

NDC for airlines equips OTAs to stand out from competitors by offering personalized and bundled travel products and services, setting them apart in the marketplace.

NDC for airlines signifies a paradigm shift in air travel distribution, heralding an era of greater control, profitability, and customer-centricity for both airlines and OTAs. This innovative standard holds the promise of revolutionizing the way we experience and book air travel.

The Current State of NDC Adoption

New Distribution Capability (NDC) has witnessed a surge in adoption within the airline industry, garnering support from prominent airlines and Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). These early adopters of the NDC platform for airlines are already experiencing its benefits, which promises a more personalized and dynamic approach to airline commerce.

As of April 2021, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) reported a notable year-over-year growth of 18% in NDC certifications across airlines, IT providers, and sellers, successfully achieving IATA’s self-imposed target of reaching 20% NDC bookings by mid-2021.

IATA’s estimates indicate that 10% of travel agency air sales are now facilitated through NDC for airlines , with leisure travel accounting for 95% of these indirect sales.

2. Prominent Airlines and OTAs Embrace NDC

Leading airlines such as Lufthansa, British Airways, American Airlines, and Iberia were among the pioneers in embracing the NDC platform for airlines. Their adoption of NDC technology is driven by the desire to address the challenges posed by traditional distribution methods and to provide more personalized services to travelers.

Forward-thinking OTAs, including OneClick, have taken proactive steps to integrate NDC, thereby offering travelers smoother booking processes and more comprehensive fare details.

3. Realized NDC Benefits by Early Adopters

NDC empowers airlines to regain control over their products, enabling them to tailor offers according to market demand and individual customer preferences. This heightened flexibility translates into a more personalized and dynamic travel experience for passengers.

OTAs that have seamlessly integrated the NDC platform for airlines have witnessed improvements in their booking processes, allowing travelers to select flights, review fare details, and opt for ancillary services with greater ease.

While the adoption of NDC for airlines has come with its share of challenges, the travel industry’s intricate nature and diverse ecosystem necessitate continuous innovation and collaboration among industry stakeholders. The growing recognition of NDC’s value and its increasing importance make it clear that NDC for airlines is more than just a passing trend for airlines and OTAs.

NDC Technology Stack

New Distribution Capability (NDC) integration requires a robust technology stack and infrastructure to enable airlines and Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) to leverage the NDC benefits of this innovative technology. Understanding the key components of the NDC technology stack is essential for decision-makers looking to embrace NDC and enhance their airline commerce capabilities.

APIs and Web Services

At the heart of NDC integration lie Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and web services. These interfaces establish standardized, efficient data connections among airlines, OTAs, and other travel industry players. NDC API integration grants real-time access to airline content, including fares, availability, and ancillary services. This enables a more personalized and dynamic travel experience for customers.

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Offer and Order Management Systems

Offer and Order Management Systems (O/OMS) are pivotal in NDC integration. They empower airlines to craft and oversee personalized offers, encompassing fare bundles, ancillary services, and value-added products. O/OMS platforms permit airlines to adapt offers dynamically, considering market demand, customer preferences, and other variables, delivering a tailored and adaptable travel experience.

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

To fully capitalize on NDC platform for airlines, flight companies and OTAs requires robust data analytics and business intelligence tools. These resources offer insights into customer behavior, market trends, and other factors shaping pricing, marketing, and overall business strategies. By analyzing NDC data, airlines and OTAs can refine their offers, enhance customer satisfaction, and boost revenue.

Cloud Infrastructure and Security

NDC integration mandates a dependable, secure cloud infrastructure to facilitate real-time data exchange between airlines, OTAs, and stakeholders. Cloud-based solutions offer scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency, allowing adaptation to shifting market conditions and customer expectations. Stringent security measures, including data encryption and access controls, safeguard sensitive customer information and ensure compliance with data privacy regulations.

By understanding the key components of the NDC technology stack, decision-makers can better evaluate the feasibility and benefits of NDC integration for their airlines and OTAs. Partnering with a trusted NDC integration provider, such as OneClick, can help streamline the implementation process and ensure a seamless transition to this innovative technology.

Calculating Success: The ROI Potential of NDC Integration

New Distribution Capability (NDC) adoption paves the way for substantial Return on Investment (ROI) for airlines and Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), ushering in a more personalized, dynamic, and efficient approach to airline commerce. Decision-makers venturing into integration of NDC for airlines stand to gain diverse NDC benefits that bolster their financial standing and elevate the overall traveler experience.

Increased Revenue and Ancillary Sales

Integration of NDC for airlines empowers airlines to offer finely tailored products and services, resulting in boosted revenue and ancillary sales. Harnessing real-time data and analytics, airlines can dynamically fine-tune their offerings in response to market trends, individual preferences, and other factors, optimizing their revenue potential. Likewise, OTAs that have integrated NDC for airlines have witnessed streamlined booking processes, enabling travelers to seamlessly select flights, review fare details, and choose ancillary services.

Cost Savings and Operational Efficiency

NDC integration translates into cost savings and heightened operational efficiency for airlines and OTAs. Through process automation and the reduction of manual interventions, NDC for airlines facilitates swifter, more accurate booking, ticketing, and servicing, culminating in reduced operational expenses. Furthermore, NDC API integration empowers airlines to rationalize their distribution channels, obviating the necessity for multiple intermediaries and curbing distribution costs.

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Improved Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

The advent of NDC integration heralds a personalized and dynamic travel experience that significantly elevates customer satisfaction and engenders loyalty. Airlines that furnish tailored products, services, and pricing in alignment with individual preferences and requirements are poised to attract and retain customers effectively. OTAs that deliver a seamless booking process and enriched fare details likewise contribute to a positive traveler experience, cultivating enhanced loyalty and repeat patronage.

Competitive Advantage and Market Distinction

Early NDC platform for airlines adopters have harnessed a competitive edge and market distinctiveness by providing innovative, customer-centric services. Airlines and OTAs embracing NDC can position themselves as industry trailblazers, beckoning new customers and business allies who value the benefits of this advanced technology.

While the precise ROI of NDC integration may fluctuate based on the scale and breadth of the airline or OTA, the intrinsic value and necessity of NDC for airlines are incontrovertible. Decision-makers seeking to elevate their airline commerce capabilities should weigh the long-term NDC benefits and prospective ROI of NDC implementation, guided by a trusted NDC integration provider like OneClick to ensure a seamless and triumphant adoption.

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Why OneClick is the Top NDC Systems Integrator

When it comes to the best NDC systems integrator, OneClick rises above the rest as the trusted partner for airlines and Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). With our extensive experience in NDC integration and a firm dedication to delivering customized solutions, OneClick is here to guide decision-makers through the intricacies of this groundbreaking technology and help them realize its full potential for their businesses.

Expertise in NDC API Integration

At OneClick, we possess an in-depth understanding of the NDC landscape. Our NDC systems integrator team comprises experts well-versed in the latest industry standards and best practices. This expertise empowers OneClick to provide comprehensive NDC integration solutions, precisely tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges of airlines and OTAs. By teaming up with OneClick, decision-makers can harness our knowledge and experience to ensure a seamless and successful NDC implementation.

Tailored Solutions for Airlines and OTAs

We understand that each airline and OTA is distinctive, with its own specific requirements, objectives, and constraints. That’s why OneClick offers solutions customized to suit the needs of every client. Whether it involves a full-scale NDC integration or a phased approach, OneClick collaborates closely with our partners to create a personalized roadmap aligned with their business goals and schedules. This commitment to flexibility and attention to detail distinguishes OneClick as a trusted and dependable NDC systems integrator.

Collaborative Approach and Ongoing Support

At OneClick, we believe in fostering enduring relationships with our clients. We adopt a collaborative approach, working hand in hand with decision-makers and their teams to ensure a smooth and successful NDC for airlines integration process. Our NDC systems integrator support extends beyond the initial implementation, as we provide ongoing support and maintenance. This assistance allows our partners to navigate the ever-evolving NDC landscape and maximize the NDC benefits of this innovative technology. By choosing OneClick as their trusted partner, airlines and OTAs can embark on their NDC integration journey with confidence.

In an industry marked by rapid change, decision-makers require a partner they can rely on to navigate the complexities of NDC integration. OneClick’s proficiency in NDC integration, tailored solutions, and commitment to ongoing support positions us as the perfect NDC systems integrator for airlines and OTAs eager to embrace this innovative technology and unlock its boundless potential for their businesses.

Ready for NDC Integration? OneClick is Here to Guide You

The New Distribution Capability (NDC) isn’t merely another passing trend for airlines and Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). Instead, it signifies a transformative change in how these entities conduct their business, allowing for a more tailored, dynamic, and streamlined method of airline commerce. As leaders in the travel sector, grasping the escalating significance and necessity of NDC becomes vital, especially given the numerous advantages it can offer your organization.

OneClick, a trusted partner in the integration of NDC for airlines, offers expertise, tailored solutions, and ongoing support to help airlines and OTAs navigate the complexities of this innovative technology and unlock its full potential. By partnering with OneClick, you can stay ahead of the competition, enhance the customer experience, and drive revenue growth.

Initiating Your Journey: Connect with OneClick

If you’re poised to embark on your integration journey of NDC for airlines, we encourage you to initiate contact with OneClick today. Our NDC systems integrator team is eager to understand your distinct business challenges and craft an NDC integration plan tailored for you. Regardless of whether you’re contemplating a comprehensive roll-out or a staggered strategy, OneClick is equipped to guide you through NDC’s intricacies, ensuring a smooth transition.

Discover the array of NDC integration services OneClick offers and discern how we can be instrumental for your business. Dive deeper on our website at www.oneclickitsolution.com or connect directly with our dedicated sales team at contact@itoneclick.com.

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