Top NDC Services Company is Now IATA Certified

top ndc services company

Are you an OTA looking to leverage the new NDC Norms for your customers?

Or an airline channel manager, looking for ways to achieve better margins?

Are you exploring how to access Airline specific ancillaries directly? With assistance from our NDC/ARMi CERTIFIED team of travel tech experts, you can access richer, more personalized content for your customers. OneClick's IATA CERTIFIED NDC services can bridge the gap, and let your airline soar to new heights of customer engagement and revenue. Ready for a tech upgrade that delivers? Start your NDC API Integration journey with OneClick now.

Airlines today deserve better than the confines of outdated GDS monopolies. Our expert team at OneClick is here to guide you through every step of your NDC integration journey. We know that the resistance from internal teams, the complexity of integration, and the need for comprehensive solutions are real concerns.

top ndc services company
tech key for customized travel

NDC: The Tech Key for Customized Travel Adventures

NDC, or New Distribution Capability, is the brainchild of IATA and a game-changer in the travel world. Think of it as the modern-day messenger – it's an XML-based data streaming standard that helps airlines and OTAs communicate more fluidly. No longer will you have to navigate through choppy waters of limited content and rigid formats. With NDC, you're given a first-class ticket to richer content, tailored offers, and direct communication. If you're weary of the repetitive patterns in GDS systems, NDC introduces a different rhythm. It brings the chance to personalize, have dynamic pricing, and explore many other options.

Ready to dive headfirst into the NDC wave? OneClick has got your back. Airlines aiming to elevate their game or OTAs yearning to serve up unforgettable journeys, let's sync our compasses and chart out unparalleled travel tales. Drop us a line today!


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