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Tap into a broad network of the highest-quality hotels with the OneClick hotel extranet services that allows integration with the preferred hotel channel managers all over the world. This extranet hotels integration is mainly for real-time price quotes from multiple hotel properties, which help end-users select appropriate accommodation according to their financial budget and other specific factors.

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growth migrate with oneclick

What is a Hotel Extranet?

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A hotel extranet system is the central control center for managing hotel bookings and rates. It allows travel companies to connect directly to hotel Channel Managers for the latest room rates and availability updates. Hoteliers and partners can streamline tasks like managing inventory, room rates, meal plans, images, and other hotel details in one place.

They access the system with a unique ID and password to handle bookings and check reports. The hotel planner extranet allows hotels to adjust room inventory and apply dynamic rates based on factors such as room category and time period, instantly available for users to access the Best Available Rates (BAR).

Both customers and agents can register to get the best B2R rates from suppliers. The hotel extranet system also helps improve multitasking by efficiently managing hotel, airline, or tour bookings, making it easier to provide the best options for clients.


Our Hotel Extranet Services

Room and Rate Management

Our Room and Rate Management service allows OTAs to easily update and manage room availability and pricing. OneClick's intuitive hotel extranet system ensures seamless updates across all channels, enhancing efficiency and accuracy. With our robust system, travel agents can optimize inventory and pricing strategies to maximize bookings and revenue effortlessly.

Booking Management System

OneClick hotel extranet software features booking management system that dramatically reduces the complete booking process for travel agents and OTAs. Real time up-dates to new reservations, cancellations, reservations modifications are just some of the ways you can be ensured of accuracy and efficiency in our system. The service enables travel agents to ease booking management and positively impact customer satisfaction by minimizing operational overhead.

Inventory Control and Distribution

With OneClick’s Inventory Control and Distribution service, OTAs can effectively manage room inventory across multiple platforms. Our hotel extranet system ensures real-time synchronization, preventing overbookings and ensuring accurate availability. This in turn allows them to operate more efficiently and make the most of the online booking opportunities which help OTAs keep at the forefront of their industry.

Multi-Currency and Multi-Language Support

The Multi-Currency and multi-language support offered by OneClick enhances the global presence of OTAs. This service ensures there is no scope of any confusion in the process for any International traveller. The service also helps OTAs serve a wider demographic of customers, which results in the businesses maintaining higher customer satisfaction in addition to expanding their footprints in new markets.

Real-Time Availability Updates

The real-time availability updates in our hotel extranet system ensure that OTAs provide the most accurate and up-to-date information to travelers. OneClick's system synchronizes data instantly across all platforms, reducing the risk of overbookings and cancellations. This enhances the reliability of your booking platform and builds customer trust in the long-runx.

Dynamic Pricing Tools

With OneClick Dynamic Pricing Tools, OTAs can boost their pricing strategies by tracking the market trends and demand. THe proprietary algorithms in our hotel extranet systems automatically update room prices allowing us to price our rooms competitively. This can generate new revenue opportunities for your business and keep your services appealing to travelers, increasing overall profitability in the process.

Payment Gateway Integration

OneClick’s hotel reservation service extranet integrates a robust and easy to use payment gateway to your booking platform. The service that we use accepts various payment methods and multiple currencies, ensuring that all payments are transacted effortlessly. This is important to elevate confidence in customers, which plays a key role in higher conversion rates and better user experience.

Guest Reviews and Feedback Management

OneClick’s Guest Reviews and Feedback Management service helps OTAs collect and display customer reviews seamlessly. Our hotel extranet system encourages positive feedback and addresses concerns promptly, enhancing your platform's credibility. This service improves customer trust and helps attract more bookings through positive testimonials.

Reporting and Analytics Tools

Leverage OneClick’s Reporting and Analytics Tools to gain valuable insights into your business performance. Our comprehensive reports cover key metrics and trends, helping OTAs make informed decisions. This service supports strategic planning and continuous improvement, driving growth and efficiency.