On Demand Taxi Booking App Development Like Uber


The Taxi booking app is one of the best and top on-demand taxi booking apps that help you to avail quick and smooth rides within hours. It won't take much time to avail of your first ride with a smooth signup process and user experience UI. There are few steps to book your ride like: Set your pickup and drop-off location, select car type in available option, and you'll get a confirmatin within a few minutes.

Once your trip ends, you'll get a payment invoice and pay the fare by mutliple options of the payment gateway. Best option to share the ride experience for drivers who will help to choose user driver rating for the next ride. So, You can build your own taxi booking app if you've a business of transportation and car rental.


About On-Demand Taxi Booking App Development Like Uber

Gone are the days when people used to wait for buses, taxis to travel from one place to another. Everything around us is getting intelligent and so are the apps in our phones. The concept of a taxi booking app is pretty simple, you enter pickup and destination locations, search cabs, the cabs nearest to you will pick up the request and you get your ride. Taxi booking app is developed one for each user : Rider and Driver. The nearest driver sees your request and accepts it. Our one such client requirement was to create a taxi app for the people of the US. The aim of the app was to provide a user-friendly interface for navigation to both user types , finding the best shortest routes for journey and auto time and price calculations based on route.

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Features of Taxi Booking App Development

  • registration
  • search
    Search Ride
  • clock-1
    Schedule Ride - Ride later
  • car-1
    Share Ride - Split payment
  • message
    Messenger (Chat /Call)
  • gps
    LIVE location of driver on Map
  • direct-payment
    Multiple Payment methods
  • review
    Ratings & Feedback
  • reporting
    Personal Profile, History of rides
  • notification

Cutting-Edge Features for On-Demand Taxi Booking App Development

  • mike
    Voice recognition
  • game
  • discount
    Discounts & referral codes
  • revenue
    Bidding on travel price
  • bag
    Sharing details of trip

Challenges of Taxi Booking App Development


There are a various of challenges which are too big to be overlooked. There is no stopping to uber-like app development paving way for itself in the market. Customers are at an advantageous position with options of online cab booking services to choose from.

Few of Challenges here we got while we're developing the Taxi Booking App

  • Manual Processes In Place
  • Adoption of Obsolete Taxi Booking Technique
  • Poor Customer Experience
  • Speed and efficiency in hiring a taxi
  • Location alerts and smart route planning
  • Vehicle Maintenance

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Tech Stack While Developing On-Demand Taxi Booking App


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User Experience wise Screens of Taxi Booking App


How Did Taxi Booking App Help to the Client?

We developed a full fledged system for the client that included an App for android & iOS and an admin panel for managing the frontend activities. Both the apps were developed taking into account the ease of usability for riders and specially drivers. The client was well satisfied with our developed product and wanted to expand the reach of the app.

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