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The tourism sector is flexible, dynamic, and attracts a global audience. In the midst of this, the internet has changed our outlook towards booking methods.

At this juncture, travel portals help agents provide travel booking solutions to end-users – whether it is customers or businesses (as in the case of B2B). With more and more travel portal development solutions ushering in, global travelers who make online bookings have risen by leaps and bounds. With bookings close to $8.7 trillion back in 2017, the contribution of travel to GDP increased dramatically. This scenario further contributed to some serious employment generation and the demand for travel portal development.

Flight booking APIs, hotel booking API, car booking API, third party API, white label solutions, B2B and B2C solutions, travel portal development companies can equip your website with all these features, and many more. If you are looking to develop travel portals, here’s a list of the top 8 travel portal development company:

1. OneClick IT Consultancy

OneClick IT Consultancy is an all-inclusive software development company with nearly a decade of experience and expertise in travel portal development. The team deploys web testing and designing facilities to its clients along with digital marketing of your platform too. They offer a wide range of travel bookings ranging from flights, hotels, cars, resorts, cruises to even adventure activities through the Global Distribution System. All these searches are based in the APIs of renowned booking services. 

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They also have a client retention rate of over 97% and a high return users’ rate too. Everything seems to be a matter of one tap. OneClick offers Agile software development services for travel with a focus on delivering innovative solutions quickly and efficiently to meet the ever-changing needs of the industry.

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2. Enuke Software

Enuke offers the development of several aspects for B2B & B2C travel portals. They have expertise in areas like flight bookings, hotel bookings, insurances, and cruise vacations.

The website is efficiently linked with the Global Distribution System for flight reservations. This raises the online inventory of flight tickets. The same is the rule for bus APIs and car bookings. The redirection to a safe payment gateway offered by them can make a travel portal even more dependable.

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3. Travelpd

Travelpd is a brand name in the domain of travel technology solutions. The integration of the travel app with GDS has earned it a loyal client base. The site provides testing and development of travel booking websites. It would be really hard to miss out on this niche player. With faster search results and the most affordable fare prices, the app developed by them can be availed across a varying range of screens.

4. Travel OTAs

Travel agencies seeking a myriad of services in travel portal development opt for the services of this company. Hotel bookings here are offered through GDS and CRS booking management.

If you want to give a comprehensive experience to your customers or end-users for overall travel bookings, developing your travel portal with Travel OTAs is advisable. The site has a secured payment gateway amongst other features. With innovative solutions, the site is garnering a good client base in travel portal development.

5. Travel Portal Solution

The services include B2B and B2C and white-label travel tech solutions. They also assist you with search engine optimization. Services like web designing and app development can also be made available without any hassles.

Flights, hotels, and bus API integrations are the primary attractions of this website.

6. Brevity Software

This travel portal development company provides web-based booking engines with a plethora of lucrative services. The site offers integration with GDS like Galileo, Sabre, and Amadeus API. Customers or your end users can compare websites to choose the right package. In the recent past, the website has reached new milestones and has earned the name of a leading travel portal development company.

7. Indglobal

Indglobal has been in the mainstream business for several years now. The portal provides a useful user login system to B2B travel portals so that businesses can have multi-agent logins. B2B and B2C set-ups can be availed with GDS integration. The website offers alluring white-label travel portal development and so much more.

8. Trawex

This leading platform can be a one-stop solution for travel booking agencies. In addition to hotel and flight booking integrations, they also offer seamless back-office management, this portal. A dynamic content management system adds to the value further.

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The recent progress in the travel sector can be attributed to the enticing packages offered by travel portals. Hassle-free booking ensures more revenue thereby taking the websites to new highs. Are you planning to take your traditional travel business online? Reach out to our experts for a no-obligation quote for customized or white label travel portal development solutions.

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