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5 Compelling Reasons Why you should Invest In BLE App Development


Bluetooth has proven to be a highly helpful technology for transferring data over recent years. Today, it can be seen on a variety of devices and is widely used for file sharing as well as music streaming. Bluetooth’s significant power consumption, however, is a major drawback of the technology. Keeping a Bluetooth connection on throughout the day can significantly drain the battery. The issue is exacerbated for low-powered gadgets like those found in the Internet of Things or even simply your smartphone. Bluetooth Low Energy was developed specifically to address this issue. The question, therefore, becomes, what is BLE and how to Develop a BLE App function?

In this article, we’ll answer all your queries and explain all you need to know to develop BLE app. This article will be particularly relevant to individuals and businesses who want to simplify everyone’s lives by using this emerging technology.

What is Bluetooth Low Energy?

To begin with, let’s define what is BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). BLE is a kind of wireless radio technology that connects numerous gadgets and enables data transmission.

BLE is an add-on modification to the already existing technology of Bluetooth, which you might already be acquainted with. When compared to traditional Bluetooth, BLE devices usually function at a smaller range and transmit comparatively less data since their performance has been tuned in order to ensure better battery life.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is a technology in the realm of bespoke app development that allows a mobile app to communicate with other devices, such as a heart rate sensor or fitness tracker. In addition to that, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is also the same mechanism through which a proximity sensor sends data to all BLE-enabled apps in the near vicinity.

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What Perks does BLE Mobile App Development bring to the table?

Why do companies even consider BLE over a plethora of other advanced technologies like Wifi, 4G, or even when 5G is around the corner? Let us answer that! At short ranges, Bluetooth LE outperforms other technologies since it is faster and more affordable.

With BLE, we can directly connect to a nearby device and receive an instant response. This saves more time and money compared to setting up more complex connections that need a server and other costly infrastructure for exchanging data. Listed below are a few additional advantages of Develop a BLE App that set it apart:

Advantages of BLE

Added Value in the Marketplace

With Develop a BLE App, you can tap into a vast infrastructure of Bluetooth devices, boosting your odds of reaching a large audience. Thanks to cutting-edge wireless technology and progressive software, you can effectively predict and cater to the demands of your customers, leading to revenue growth and enhanced customer loyalty.

It Can be Found Almost Anywhere!

The demand for Bluetooth-based solutions is enormous. Already, billions of gadgets in the market are making use of BLE technology.

Minimal Energy Consumption

BLE can function for a long time on a single set of inexpensive button cells. When compared with traditional Bluetooth, BLE uses just a small portion of the energy during its active phases.

Seamless Integration

Since Bluetooth Low Energy is built into almost every modern smartphone, you can easily create BLE apps that connect with a wide variety of wearables and other devices over a standard protocol.

Smooth & Consistent Performance

BLE technology employs a variety of approaches to reduce latency and interruption with other wireless standards.

The Scope of Use for BLE Technology

the scope of use for ble technology

When it comes to gaining an edge over the competition, you know that data is king. If you can get an advantage by using information from IoT devices, then Bluetooth Low Energy App Development must be your primary focus.

BLE applications facilitate the management of a wide range of sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) devices in a number of sectors. If you own a company in one of the following sectors, you should seriously consider investing in BLE App Development:

  • Healthcare
  • Commerce
  • Automobiles
  • Home automation
  • Fitness

This begs the question, why would one develop BLE app? Mentioned below are the most frequent reasons that drive businesses towards BLE technology:

Reasons for BLE technology

frequent reasons for ble technology


BLE technology offers an inexpensive marketing solution and is incredibly cost-effective. Since it merely requires cheap, low-power signaling devices, it can be easily deployed in large-scale settings. The low cost of Bluetooth Low Energy applications allows for their flexible and scalable implementation.

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Limited Power Consumption

Bluetooth Low Energy reduces the amount of power needed for data transmission and reception. A single coin battery can power it for years, and with certain tweaks, that time can be stretched out even further. The equipment’s battery life will be less affected by signal transmission.

Location Monitoring

When used in conjunction with dedicated trackers (beacons), a BLE app may pinpoint a user’s precise position anywhere within a building. That’s a fantastic approach to wow your clientele and provide them with something of value the convenience of accessing your location.

Audio Streaming

It’s a relatively new development in BLE technology, and it significantly extends the playback time of streaming devices without draining their batteries. Since BLE supports several streams of data, it also allows you to have simultaneous conversations with several people.

Mesh Networks

As with location tracking, this kind of solution involves monitoring anything of value, like a piece of medical equipment, using a network of interconnected sensors. Additionally, a Bluetooth LE application that manages a mesh networking infrastructure can even enable a clinic to efficiently optimize its lighting.

5 Steps to Develop Bluetooth Low Energy App

5 steps to develop bluetooth low energy app

Design a Thorough Onboarding Procedure

It’s likely that more configuration may be required until your Bluetooth device begins functioning. If the user must touch a button, scan a code, or connect your item in a certain manner, illustrations, photos, and videos can prove to be extremely helpful. With this, it’s easier for users to understand what it is they should be doing. It also shows that you care about your customers and want to provide them with the best possible experience with your product. 

Request Permission

When you create BLE app, permissions are another crucial factor to think about. To work properly, BLE applications need access to Bluetooth and, in certain situations, to location-based services. If you’re going to ask for permission in an uncommon manner, it’s best to explain why you need it. If you don’t tell them, the user could simply deny it, which would make things worse. Though it contributes to the user experience as a whole, designers and coders often overlook this factor.

Simplify the Identification of a Device

Bluetooth gadgets have cumbersomely long unique identifiers. If someone has to deal with many devices, you may make their lives easier by keeping some issues hidden. There are a number of indicators that might help you choose the right gadget, including buttons, signal strength, and QR codes. Plus, if there are several gadgets, let people give them unique names or symbols to help differentiate them.

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Enhance the Performance of Firmware Updates

Custom software development in BLE gadgets is unique and requires constant updates. There has to be a system in place to notify users of updates, explain the changes made, and guide them through the process. To receive the new features, sometimes you have to push the firmware update. It’s wise to give it some thought right away.

Make Sure the App works on Various Gadgets

Testing an app’s quality assurance is a good idea, but data from real-world situations might be even more illuminating. You never know what you’ll learn about your app and device until you put it in the hands of actual customers. It’s an efficient method for verifying assumptions, pinpointing problems, and spotting opportunities for improvement.



BLE allows nearby devices to communicate wirelessly, without the need for cables, all while using very little energy and maintaining a high level of security. BLE enables a wide variety of applications, such as the transfer of small amounts of data between nearby objects, the creation of interactive linkages between smartphone user and their environment, and the delivery of a customized experience to a consumer based on their current location.

When it comes to BLE app development, OneClick has vast experience in both developing applications and determining the hardware needed. Our expert dedicated development team helps you maximize the potential of your BLE endeavor by paying close attention to every aspect while maintaining uniform procedures, ensuring smooth connections, and providing an amazing user interface and experience. Our commitment to build BLE apps, have always resulted in our customers always being satisfied with the results thanks to our methodical approach. Get in touch with us if you’re looking for the best BLE App Development services, including not just iOS and Android but also a wide range of other devices and networks.

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