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What is BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)? A Complete Guide

The tech world is offering a new era of digital experience to us. Our daily lifestyle has advanced to the next level. Tech experts have upgraded the Bluetooth functionalities and users can gain immense benefits with the updated innovation Bluetooth Low Energy with iBeacon.

In this article, let’s discuss BLE with beacons in detail. But before going ahead let’s discuss classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy

Bluetooth Classic

Bluetooth Classic is an older version of Bluetooth technology that delivers higher data transfer speeds and allows for continuous connection. It is used in devices such as wireless speakers, headsets, and car systems with interactive features.

Low Energy Bluetooth

Low-energy Bluetooth lets you transfer low amounts of data at a time without wasting precious energy that can provide for the extended battery life of your devices such as fitness trackers, medical equipment, and smart home devices.

BLE technology 1

What is Bluetooth Low Energy?

Bluetooth Low Energy is also known as BLE and Smart Bluetooth. It refers to wireless technology. This is introduced with Bluetooth version 4.0 with the motive to launch high performance and overcome the features of Classic Bluetooth that includes lack of battery consumption, excluding inaccurate data transfer, and much more.

Top Advantages of BLE Technology

Furthermore, let’s know the major advantages of BLE that gives us more clarity on why we should opt for BLE.

advantages of BLE technology

1. Easy Accessibility 

Bluetooth Low Energy modules are becoming more accessible to people now than ever before. Not only can you find them in most smartphones, but they are available for use in other gadgets like smartwatches and TV remotes too.

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2. Low Power Requirements 

Along with transmitting data periodically, there’s another thing that makes BLE so low power. Key optimization is achieved by only sending signals when they are needed – something no other candidate can do.

3. Low Cost

Low-cost options exist for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. This is because the chipset, module, and other component costs are lower than any of its competitors in the market today.

4. Free Specifications Documents

One of the many perks of using Bluetooth Low Energy is that any specification document you may need can be easily accessed from the official Bluetooth website. This makes finding these important files easy and quick; especially when dealing with other devices or technologies which might come at a cost.

Top Limitations of BLE Technology

1. Limited Range

There are several factors that hinder Bluetooth LE’s ability to operate over long distances. One issue is the length of its frequency spectrum which causes it to suffer from congestion due to vulnerability to obstacles found between devices connected through Bluetooth BLE at distances greater than 100 meters. 

Another critical aspect affecting distance operation includes all of the technical difficulties relating to an antenna, such as device orientation and physical location.

2. Low Data Range

Low-energy Bluetooth can only handle a low data rate of up to 1-2 Mpbs. This is because this technology has many limitations such as the long time it takes for transmission packets (150ms) and its dependency on the range of wireless connections.

Which Devices Support Bluetooth Low Energy?

This list of devices shows which models are compatible with BLE technology.

  • iPhone 4 and newer.
  • iPad 3rd generation and newer.
  • iPad mini and newer.
  • iPod touch is 5th generation and newer.
  • Android phones with Android 4.3 or later.

Role of BLE with  Beacon Technology 

Beacons are sending out an ID number 10 times every second through Bluetooth waves. These signals go over distances and even through walls until they reach a compatible device – which then links them to an action, such as downloading an app or getting info from a cloud-based business promotion.

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beacon Implementation

1. BLE in Retail Industry

The basics are still the same – attraction through catchy banners or bright and fun displays- but now some retailers are incorporating digital in new ways. Virtual Reality shopping apps immerse users in a mall or store where they can shop virtually; with their surroundings changing whenever they look around, just like at home. Customers may also scan virtual items to see if they fit or take up too much space at home before buying them physically.

2. BLE in Real Estate 

Real estate is one of those factors in which BLE has recently upgraded its services. The main aim is to attract customers from all over the world and deliver next-generation experiences. With BLE retailers can easily spread awareness about different events and capture leads. 

There are other benefits also that include automated checking in the specific properties, recording all data and information, as well as offering access to virtual tours also that make the tours easier and faster than ever before. 

3. BLE in Event Stadium 

BLE  in the event stadium is playing a vital role as users can find the right place in crowded places. By grabbing the notification they can reach the accurate location and enhance visitor management with auto check-in, indoor navigation, networking, and much more. 

Bluetooth Low Energy Use Cases

1. Marketing

Yes, marketing is one of the major parts where Bluetooth low energy has marked its immense presence. Now, those days are gone when shoppers used to attract customers with their smart and unique strategies, the era has transformed and users are looking forward to new and innovative ways. 

With Bluetooth Low energy shoppers can offer relevant suggestions to the mobile screen of the users easily and attract their attention. 

Presently, it is one of the popular ways to attract customers to the services.

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1. Retargeting Customers via ADS

This is the second factor that BLE helps companies to grow. Entities can target the same customer again and again, once they have visited the stores and checked out, so with the ads brands users can target the same customers with different ad and marketing strategies. It works similarly to Facebook or Google

2. Indoor Navigation 

Bluetooth Low Energy offers indoor and outdoor navigation processes. Till now we all have witnessed the GPS functionality, but now we can leverage the benefits of indoor navigation also. In malls and shopping centers, BLE SmartPhone offers turn-by-turn directions, and also provides important venues and indications to the customers for the recommended route. 

Undoubtedly, this is specifically helpful for multi-story stores, shopping malls, and museums.  This has simplified the finding of routes and ensured an increased shopping experience. 

Apart from this, users can also find it in the crowd where the event is held in the nearby location. At the specific place, they can get the notification and they can get all the details about the event as well as auto-check in to clear out the formalities. This helps event managers to target the right visitors and users also can’t miss the interesting event in which they are really interested.

With Bluetooth low energy event management companies can easily leverage the benefits of the tech industry and offer end to end user experience to users. Even now with the collaboration with tech experts, they are enhancing the features such as gamification, auto check-in, and order with personalized experiences. 

BLE technology 2


Technologies are constantly enhancing and BLE is becoming a new attraction and helping businesses to offer advanced experiences. In this blog, we have clearly given you in-depth knowledge about Bluetooth and BLE  as well as the role in different sectors that will help you to understand the dramatic market shift.

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