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8 Good Practices for Secure Video Conferencing in 2024

Overview of Video Conferencing

A third of the world’s population is under movement restrictions to stem the spread of COVID-19. The foreclosure has pushed huge swathes of the workforce to telecommute, which is a first for many people and businesses. In less than two months, countries on almost all continents registered an increase of 100 to 300% or more in the use of secure video conferencing software, compared to pre-COVID-19 indicators.

With social distance and containment around the world, people quickly began to seek effective means to conduct secure online collaborations. Thanks to easy use and availability, video conferencing quickly became very popular.

On the other hand, users quickly realized that some of these platforms like Zoom had video conferencing security risks and there were data breaches.

While nothing matches your own secure video conferencing app development, we have listed tips for secure web conferencing in this blog post.

Here are the Best Secure Video Conference Tips

1. Protect Your Account

Your video conferencing account is first and foremost a different account and when you set it up you should follow the fundamentals of account protection. Choose a unique and strong password, and enable two-factor authentication, if possible. This method makes it more difficult to hack your account and guarantees better protection, even if the data relating to your account were to be disclosed.

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You may be interested in hosting a public event, and online events these days are the only public events allowed. This is why online collaborations are attracting more and more people. Even if your event is really open to everyone, you should avoid sharing the link on social media. For instance, during online sessions/classes and webinars.

3. Password Protect Each Meeting

The best way to ensure that only people you want can participate, keep every meeting password protected. Also, your meeting password should be different than your profile or account password. Do not share passwords on social media. Use emails or private messages to share both meeting ids and passwords for a secure video teleconference.

4. Activate Secure Video Conferencing Features for Joining Approvals

In order to better control your meeting, use a function that allows members to wait until the host starts the meeting. This will help the host or admin to validate each member and prevent hackers from joining in. This lets you know who is joining your meeting, even if someone who was not supposed to be present has obtained the password. This feature also allows you to remove an unwanted person from your meeting. A good video conferencing software development company can help you add such unique features for added security.

5. Pay Attention to Screen Sharing

Any video conferencing application offers screen sharing (a participant can show their screen to others). Here are some parameters that should be monitored closely:

  • Allow only the host to share their screen or offer this function to all participants.
  • Allow multiple participants to share their screens simultaneously. If you don’t know why you should enable this option for your meeting then chances are you don’t need it. Keep this possibility in mind, however, in case you need to activate it at some point.
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6. Choose an App with End-to-End Encryption

While this may increase the cost of developing a secure video conferencing app marginally, this feature is the need of the hour. Whether you are choosing a web conferencing app or custom developing one, integrate end-to-end encryption. With end-to-end encryption, all communications between you and the people you call are encrypted, so that only you and your guests can decrypt them. All other parties, including the service provider, are unable to do so.

7. Improve Your Work Environment

While we probably all laughed at the pretty viral videos of pets or toddlers entering an interview or meeting via video streaming, think about the effects that such interruptions could have on your meetings. Thus, it should be verified that appropriate mitigation measures are in place before the start of your meeting.

8. Think About What People can See and Hear

This advice is valid for all video conferencing services. Before joining a call, take the time to think about what other participants will see and hear. Even if you are alone, they may expect you to wear the correct attire. It is better to take care of your appearance.

The same goes for your screen, especially if you plan to share it. Close all the windows that you do not want to show to the participants, whether it is the surprise gift that you buy online for one of the attendees or a job search which your boss does not know. We let you imagine what the other situations could be.

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To Conclude

Take the time to browse through all of the video conferencing system settings options that you may already have or that you plan to use. As you can see in the overview of considerations above, there are many parameters. Finding the right configuration for your environment is an important task to be undertaken to ensure that corporate communications remain secure.

Finally, check the privacy policy of the service you use. The adage that if it’s free, you’re probably the product should be sufficient motivation for you to check whether the company collects, sells, or shares your data to finance the provision of its free service.

At OneClick IT Solutions, developing secure video conferencing software is our priority. With secure online collaborations mushrooming as a necessity, most of our clients are choosing customized video conferencing solutions. Connect with us for quick and feature-rich video conferencing app development.

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