Video Conferencing App Development Like Zoom


Video conferencing has successfully solved many challenges of remote working. But how about data and security threat? This factor alone has given rise to an increased demand for developing video conferencing app like Zoom or Meet. SMEs and larger enterprises are comparing the cost of monthly Zoom subscriptions to app development costs. And the latter seems to be a lucrative deal.


About Video Conferencing App Solution

Video conferencing platforms were drastically used during the tough pandemic times. The video conferencing experience is changing and evolving as the new technologies keep coming. We had a client who wanted to take the conferencing experience to the next level by integrating smart features.This platform allows users to host events, invite guests, play LIVE content during the event, Sidechat over an ongoing event, Q&A sessions and much more. We had a lot of technical challenges to implement all the new functionalities requested from the client. We developed a complete video conference hosting platform (Web) and also a super admin panel (backend) to manage the front end activities.

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Features of Video Conferencing App like Zoom

  • filtered-reports
    Create personal space and host events to share with your audience
  • pencil
    Edit event as per your needs
  • ic_requirement
    Create Guest lists
  • message
    Browse through our extensive menu or quickly search your favorite dishes through our search bar facility.
  • right-sign
    Streaming of LIVE content (Change content in real time)
  • group-user
    Group call over ongoing LIVE event
  • query
    Q&A session to clear your audience queries
  • content writer
    Set-up & Edit personal profile
  • user
    Manage users during the event (Flag, Block, Deactivate)
  • chart-column
    View statistics of your hosted event