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How Much it Will Cost to Develop a Doctor Appointment Booking App?


The online medical appointment booking revolution began in 2013. Far from being the prerogative of only a minority of Internet-savvy people, medical appointment booking app and patient management systems are one of the main priorities of the 2022 e-health strategy.

As a part of this strategy, it is necessary to simplify the administrative procedures for patients (admission, making appointments online, etc.).

This can be done with the help of online appointment booking app that facilitate consultation and user participation.

The digitization of our health system is underway.

One of the current turning points is marked by doctor appointment booking app.

In this blog, we highlight the advantages and features of a good patient management system and the cost of developing a doctor appointment booking app.

What is the Doctor Appointment Booking App?

Available on your patients’ smartphones, with Windows Phone, iOS, or Android, all have free access to this medical application.

The main purpose of this patient management system is to provide privileged access to your patients.

This will be beneficial for them in times of emergency and also receive important information.

An easy-to-use application with maximum security.

One of the main features is making appointments is that everything is automated.

This optimizes the management of your calendar to its maximum.

The online appointment booking application has a function that allows the patient to follow their form via evolution curves.

This can be useful for monitoring the effectiveness of a treatment or the progression of chronic disease.

The patients can monitor and save the readings on the health mobile application.

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They can then share it with the doctor who will modify medication or instructions, if necessary.

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Advantages of an Online Appointment Booking App in the Medical Field:

For Doctors

  • Increase their number of consultations per month, reduce secretarial costs by 30%, reduce administrative burden and thus free up medical time.
  • Optimize consultation time by filling up the entire schedule. This is done by offering patients to check the calendar and reschedule or prepone their appointments.
  • Organize your activity in the best possible way thanks to statistics monitoring (average time taken to book an appointment, percentage of new patients, etc.)
  • Save your secretary’s time in managing appointments by phone for better administrative purpose. In fact, the best doctor appointment booking apps promise to reduce secretarial time to 65%.
  • Reduce the number of missed appointments

For Patient

  • Flexibility in online appointment booking any time of the day or week.
  • Reminders regarding appointments so patients do not end up forgetting or missing it.
  • Medical appointment scheduling software offers a directory of health professionals in different locations.
  • This helps you narrow down the search (for instance, search for a dermatologist in your area).

Features of a Doctor Appointment Booking App

The doctor application offers you access to a complete and detailed interface of your patients’ files.

You can add data when the need arises and observe these files at any time of the day.

When developing this doctor application, it is important to consider the confidentiality of your patient data.

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The centralization prevents you from dispersing over different software and gives you optimal security for each of your data.

With the best online appointment booking app company, you can also avail of personalized support to facilitate the handling of the patient management system.

Other features include:

  • Your branding will be present in the application, being truly individual to your clinic.
  • With the push notifications option, you are able to reach your patient in real-time.
  • A live dashboard helps you make real-time changes.
  • Exclusive app for your practice- This will ensure you do not lose potential customers when they leave your app to place appointments with your competition.

What is the Cost to Develop a Doctor Appointment Booking App?

Now after considering all the advantages, the biggest question arises, “How much will it cost to develop a doctor appointment booking app?”.  

To answer this question, it is important to have a vision of all the features of the application and administration needs.

Cost to Develop Healthcare Mobile App

Project Price Estimate of Online Appointment Booking App and Patient Management System

The project price includes the entire implementation of the application: from the technical and functional design to the submission.

In view of the features listed, we at OneClick would suggest cross-platform development, in Flutter language.


What is the Cost Difference Between Cross-Platform Development and Native Development?

As a reminder, there are different technologies to develop an application.

Our costing is based on a cross-platform development in Flutter.

Cross-platform development consists of writing part of the code for several platforms.

60 to 80% of the code will be compatible with iOS and Android.

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Only the remaining part of the code will have to be written for each platform specifically.

Saving time on development leads to saving part of the budget.

Native development, on the other hand, requires developing a code once for Android and once for iOS.

Thus, for a native application, the cost may increase by 20 to 25%.

If you are a doctor and looking to get the most of this digital trend, an online appointment booking app is your first step.

OneClick IT Consultancy is a leading mobile app development company with nearly a decade of experience in creating user-friendly and robust apps. 

From patient management systems to doctor’s appointment booking app, we have developed solutions to redefine how the medical sector works.

Connect with us today to discuss your idea. Or request a call back from our team of experts for a no-obligation quote.

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