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How Beacon Technology Can Help the Restaurant Industry?


Beacon-based proximity marketing has become a boon for businesses offline in their battle of competing with online merchants and keeping customers loyal & coming through their doors. 2014 saw small retailers taking a baby step into proximity marketing. earlier only big fishes in the industry like The Marriott, James Hotel, etc were adopting Bluetooth Beacon Technology for Restaurant industry to deliver an engaging experience to their guests.

Beacon Technology for Restaurants

Beacon is the Bluetooth technology that transmits the data to the Bluetooth enabled smartphones. These messages can include text, media, links, etc. Sending an advertisement for restaurant dining when the user is in the range of the beacon is called Proximity Marketing.

Using a Beacon in a dining restaurant or Beacon-based digital food ordering system is the best and cheapest way of marketing your business in comparison to a traditional way of doing it with signboards, radios, television, etc. There are multiple businesses around the globe that is already using Proximity marketing and promoting their businesses.

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5 Effective Ways of Promoting Your Business Using Beacon Technology for Restaurants:

1. Get your Customers to Sign Up When They are Around

Below are the best ways of marketing your business through proximity marketing:

  • Put up your beacons at Railway stations, Traffic signals, Parks, Theaters, Shopping mall to announce about your service to sign up with. Share delicious food pictures with your broadcasting message to attract more customers to restaurants using QR Codes.
  • Place iBeacon for dining restaurants and send the notification about the home delivery service.
  • The theatre is the perfect location to place your beacon and broadcast your food delivery service, so soon after the movie, they can place the order and have the taste of your service.
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2. Boost your Restaurant Sales by Broadcasting Relevant Information

Target a nearby audience with the appropriate campaign.

  • If you are putting your Beacon-based digital food ordering system near to Gym then broadcast about healthy food, if it’s going to rain today broadcast a message to book a cab service.
  • Put up your iBeacon for Restaurants near the office buildings. If employees working at night, broadcast your food delivery campaign to them.

3. Tie Beacon to Your Keychain and Keep Broadcasting Your Message

Connect your beacon with your keys and carry it with them the whole day. From wherever you pass by you can keep broadcasting your campaign to everyone around in the area. It’s the best way of reaching out to the maximum number of people with your campaigns.

Apart from the promotional campaigns, we can send feedback forms as well to the customer to get their feedback. Connect your pocket Beacon for dining restaurants to the delivery vehicles and get some actions from parking spots and traffic signals.

4. Keep Your Customers Engaged with Your App by Using Beacons

Always try to gain as many as a new customer. They are more valuable than the product of the cost they purchased for and it’s always great to have the old customer retained. Even if the customer turns off the push notification, you can still connect to your customers by giving proximity beacon notifications.

  • Get insights into your customer’s tastes and choices based on their browsing style and order history. You can use beacons in restaurants to send them a customized menu based on their previous choices.
  • Announce your loyalty program to your nearby customers using Bluetooth beacons in restaurants.
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5. Reach out to Your Customers Through Social Media Accounts

Link your Facebook ID with the latest Beacon and target your customers with cookies stored on their devices. Use those cookies and reach out to the maximum number of users with targeted advertising to your customers.

Social media is the best way of approaching the maximum number of people. With this, you can understand the taste, choice of food, and preferences of the user.

Use Cases for Beacons in Restaurants and Food Industry

There are instances of restaurants hoping to replace wait staff with tablets, going fully online for placing reservations and leveraging digital signage to keep up with a changing menu and increasing appetites. But another gadget has found its way into restaurants everywhere and it has their managers salivating over the possibilities. Here are some of the best use-cases helpful for restaurants:

1. Let Customers Know How Crowded You are Before They Arrive

Make customers knock inside your restaurant without even entering by letting them know how busy your restaurant is at a time as well as providing real-time information on how many people are dining inside.

  • Let them know what is the special being cooked today!
  • Offers they get on the most wanted food
  • Restaurants using QR Codes can easily make this possible.

2. Custom Pricing

When it comes to winning over a customer, it’s not a bad idea to play with dynamic pricing. You could deliver incentive pricing to someone who’s never been to your restaurant. Push notification to them about this exclusive incentive pricing with the help of beacon technology for restaurant.

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Not only for new customers, but you can also send an offer to those who repeatedly visit your restaurants which will make them come again!

3. Tableside Services

Instead of asking customers to pay at the counter, make them experience bill payments through the mobile app. Beacons can help them pay their bills through an app.

4. Tailored Menu

Restaurants can create a special menu for your loyal customer based on previous orders or selections. When they enter your restaurants, push notification to them letting them know what’s special on the menu today!

5. Automate the Process of Ordering

With beacons, you can offer consistent hospitality irrespective of how busy the restaurant is. You can do this by helping customers order beverages through their phones without having to wait for someone to come and take the orders.

6. Customer Feedback

Restaurants usually have a customer feedback form which the user has to fill but the same thing can be done creatively with the beacon. Using beacons, restaurants can push a form to the customer’s phone and request them to provide the survey.

Studies found that nearly 75 % of customers who received beacon-triggered messages said it increased their likelihood of purchasing in store. Let beacons into your marketing strategy and see if you find results as well! If you are looking for a beacon development company, contact our team of experts. We have helped different industries in the USA and Europe use Beacon Technology for Restaurant to boost their growth.


In conclusion, beacon technology has allowed restaurants to increase customer satisfaction, improve the food experience, and even make recommendations to customers based on their preferences. The Beacon Technology for Restaurant is becoming more and more common in restaurants as well as other industries.

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