Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Apps


At OneClick we have always been future-focused by adapting to new technologies and emerging trends. It has been no unlike with wearable device app development or more recently the location technologies leading to Bluetooth low energy devices and apps. Today we are one of the most sought after firms for wearable device application development and BLE development.


Features Of BLE Apps

Indoor Navigation
Android app broadcast marketing campain on Bluetooth enabled mobile phones
Create campain, add 40 character message, Schedule the campaign
Enter personal info and keep the profile updated
Attract more customer by offering them to download app
One dashboard to manage all the devices. Get info on active/deactive devices.
App Notification
No notification sound, no buzz, nothing.

Eddygram App

Get people off sidewalk into your store. Eddygram ground-breaking technology help businesses attract nearby clients with notifications to their Android Phones, People are always checking their notifications, be sure the next time they check they see yours at the right time and place when they are near your store(within 100 meters).

  • Configure Device
  • Create Campaign
  • Send notification offers to customers
  • Set schedule for campaign

Find App

Want to track kids in a crowded environment? Want to ensure your pets do not go far away? Find your key easily early in the morning? Can't remember where you kept your handbag? Track if your bags made it to your flight? Or find your luggage easily on the luggage belt after a flight? Avoid forgetting your phone in a restaurant? THE FIND by SenseGiz can solve all your problems!

  • Search devices
  • Connect with devices
  • See how much near is my device using Rssi
  • See last location of my device

Safr App

What would you do if you were in an emergency situation such as a fall/crash or a medical emergency? Do you want to get inactivity alerts when you are sitting at a desk and not meeting fitness goals? Do you want to know how well you slept last night? Control your phone without touching it? Know who is calling you without takinh your phone out?

  • Set goal
  • Track total steps, distance, calories burn
  • Track sleep analysis with graph
  • Set contact number for Crash fall and panic
  • Set alert timing for crash fall and panic
  • Set ringtone for perticular alerts
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FAQs of BLE App

Beacons are low energy, low-cost, low-powered transmitter devices that work on Bluetooth technology.

BLE is a wireless communication device that will work on short-range. BLE devices are designed to ease communicating with mobile.

Beacons are battery-operated devices. In case if the battery runs out all you need to do is replace the battery.

Beacons broadcast UID number which is a number unique to the beacon. Once beacons are connected with mobile devices it will be easy to connect next time when the BLE device comes in range.

iBeacon is a trademark registered by Apple. For the iOS operating system, iBeacon is a software extension of the BLE protocol.Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is designed to provide significantly lower power consumption. BLE defines data transmitted and the RSSI signal strength.

The normal range of BLE devices is 70M but it usually depends upon the obstacles in between BLE devices and Mobile. Usually, battery life of the BLE device is 1 year to 2 years.

All Bluetooth 4.0-enabled devices are capable of picking up BLE signals, these include all iOS devices manufactured since 2013.

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