How Hotel Booking API is Helpful for The Hoteliers?

How Hotel Booking API is Helpful for the Hoteliers

Overview of Hotel Booking API

APIs are regularly used in technologies, but do you know that APIs are helpful for the hotel business too? A hotel booking APIs is a web-based restore hospitality and tourism industry by storing all the data and information to gather in the form of the number of available rooms and prices from different hotels & make those data open for the public to book the hotel online.

Hotel data is linked to one or more GDS (Global Distribution System) in order to sell their hotel rooms on a regular basis. Also updating their price day-wise and festival wise, they also update availability of the rooms. However, the GDS has hundreds of merchants across the globe by using various interfaces for the GDS.

Whether you’re new in the business or leading the travel industry, you might have probably noticed the vast shift away from analog systems towards software. Here you can take an example of economist Adam Smith’s theory. Adam Smith mentioned in his theory that instead of producing all the goods the country needs, each country can produce what they are best at and can trade with other countries for the other missing things. The same logic is implemented here in the software, APIs enable software companies to become specialized, i.e. develop a software that has a specific purpose or at which you’re pro.

What is an API?

API stands for (Application Program Interface) basically it is the tool used for communications between different components of program and system. API is the bunch of methods that enables data sharing between applications. 

The concept of API is quite simple, in the early days of software development systems were server-based which means that they spoke with each other. With the time advanced processing power and internet speed has increased software became more easy to develop and more accessible. The whole world has shifted from a lonely server to a hyper ecosystem that connects platforms and there became a need to enable seamless communication among the whole system.

There are 3 Types of Travel APIs

3 Types of Travel APIs

  • Private APIs: It is aimed at improving solutions and services within a company. Private APIs are mostly used by internal developers to integrate new systems or apps into current systems.
  • Partner APIs: This API is shared with only business partners.
  • External APIs: This is the only API available for third parties. They can be any open and proprietary.


Features of Hotel Booking APIs

Here are various and the most appealing features of hotel booking APIs.

    • Real-time booking
    • On the spot response
    • Develop in analytics
    • Flexibility and scalability
    • Agent facility
    • Push Notification
    • Add hotels and rooms
    • Agent facility can be added
    • Cost-effective
    • Optimized
    • Independent application framework and languages

Hotel Booking API for Hotelier CTA

Key Benefits of Hotel Booking APIs

Let us see various key benefits of using hotel booking integration APIs

    • Before API offers your hotel to choose your business modules.
    • You also get an option to explore all outstanding contracted prices.
    • After integration of API your hotel booking system has all time presence with instant booking approval.
    • APIs make the reservation process easy and automated.
    • With API integration your customer will get valid and exact information.
    • All the hotel bookings are user-friendly.
    • Customized service is provided to each guest with hotel booking APIs.


Top 5 Hotel Booking APIs in Hotel Industry

Nowadays, travelers look for the best & affordable hotel for their stay. Hotels have been an important part of the travel industry.  There are various hotels that have begun to the process of booking and cancellation easy by integrating APIs. 

Here We’ve mentioned the 5 Best Hotel Booking APIs Provider:

Top 5 Hotel Booking APIs Providers

  • Airbnb: Airbnb is an online marketplace where travelers can rent out the available properties for the short or long term.
  • TripAdvisor: It is the world’s largest travel website. TripAdvisor API helps traveller to unleash the full potential for every trip. It has nearly 702 million reviews with that it is the world’s most trusted and selected travel listing globally.
  • Expedia: Expedia API is properly documented with a growing developer community. Expedia is a travel booking website that is used for travel fare aggregators and travel meta search engines.
  • Priceline: Priceline API is a part of a group that includes,, and now they are planning to be a part of OpenTable. With the Priceline API, developers can easily integrate various hotel websites.
  • Hotwire: Hotwire API is easy to use for users as it provides high-quality hotels at the lowest prices worldwide. It has the fastest-growing community with lots of developers who are looking to integrate with this platform.


How does the Hotel API work? And who offers the Best Hotel API for Hotel Business?

Hotel API is developed on an existing travel portal which is completely based upon the need and data of hotels from global hotel suppliers to deliver the best customer experience.

If you’re looking to develop a hotel booking app OneClick provides you a cost-effective solution for hotel booking apps for small to midsize hotel business that meets your expectations. 

With the integration of hotel API travel agents will receive all the hotel data like name of hotel, location, longitude, latitude, price of the hotel, facilities and different features from global hotel business owners. We provide the best hotel API which provides searching and booking hotels online and delivers the best customer experience and also increases revenues for Travel Agents.   

Before integrating hotel API in your Travel Portal you need to convert visitors into successful bookings and you can grow your business in the travel industry.

Hotel Booking API for Hotelier CTA

Why Choose OneClick as a Best Hotel Booking API Integration Company? 

There are various service providers that claim to give you the best result. What is the difference between those various companies and OneClick, we give a commitment and devotion to every single project. With 9+ years of experience, our team is confident and have the ability to provide you 100% satisfactory results.

If you’re still not satisfied you can connect with our travel portal development team. 

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