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Why do You Need an eCommerce App for your eCommerce Store?

Ecommerce businesses are growing more than before and eCommerce apps are becoming extremely popular.

People are shopping online, like never before and eCommerce apps are changing how online shopping is done.

It is beyond doubt that eCommerce businesses hold advantages for both retailers and consumers.

For retailers, it is an opportunity to expand their business, boost sales with much lower spending on a budget than an offline business.

For consumers, it is a simplification of the whole buying process from anywhere and anytime.

Talking of some statistics, researchers show that there are 3.5 Billion smartphone users for the year 2020, which will go to 3.8 Billion in 2021, and 90% of the time on mobile is spent on Apps.


Source: Statista 

A survey shows that 57% of consumers prefer online shopping. 

Cunsumer Shopping Preference

Within the next two years, mobile commerce will control 73% of all eCommerce sales across the globe.

As we can see the rise of mobile users and online shoppers, it’s high time for business owners to recognize the importance of Mobile E-commerce and adapt to it by providing online solutions.

Your eCommerce store needs an eCommerce App!! People are getting smarter and so should your store. (Offline and Online).

Reasons That You Need a Mobile App for Your eCommerce Business:


1. Be Visible to Your Customers All the Time

As far as consumers are stuck to their mobile phones, a mobile application is the only way for your business to stay face to face with them.

Once the customer has installed your app, you win half of the battle.

The other half, you can win by strengthening your marketing strategies and by providing exciting features. 

Make your brand available and visible to consumers all time, 

2. Gain a Competitive Advantage

Customers love to buy from apps and knowing this fact you can be an early bird to build your eCommerce app for your store while others are figuring it out.

It is never late to develop and launch an eCommerce app that has all your customer needs, but you should also not be too late to the party.

Nowadays, people have a higher inclination to “Amazon” shopping and they always try to find that experience in other apps.

So, you have to undoubtedly meet those standards, otherwise, customers won’t buy from you again.

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3. High Conversion Rates

If you compare mobile apps and mobile browsers, mobile apps are the clear winner.

They have the power to attract and engage more consumers.

Apps help in developing a strong relationship with customers by allowing them to view products, share reviews, add to cart, share products via social media, make a purchase, or buy later.

Furthermore, Push notification and personalization will take care of the app engagement.

That’s why mobile apps have higher conversion rates than browsers.

4. Provide Personalized Shopping Experience 

Consumers need a personalized experience when they are shopping online and this becomes easy to provide with mobile apps.

As mobile apps track user’s browsing and purchase history, it is easy to send them custom recommendations through notifications as they are always logged in to the app.

Hence, mobile apps take the user experience one step ahead.  

5. Customer Loyalty

A customer loyalty program is a marketing strategy to encourage your customers to continue to buy from you.

Make sure to have a loyalty program to motivate your customers to buy from you.

Mobile apps can have effective loyalty programs such as rewarding points on customer’s 4th or 5th purchase, on a daily physical activity they do (just like Myntra move), or rewarding points in scratch cards or spinning the lucky wheel.  


6. Data Collection & Analytics

Mobile eCommerce apps allow you to collect user’s information and track their activity.

Apps help to understand consumers more deeply by giving valuable information such as their buying behavior, likes & interests, reviews & ratings, personal information (Age, Gender, Location), and overall performance.

This way businesses can analyze the data to deliver more promising apps and products. 

7. Reduce Cart Abandonment Rates

 There are many reasons for cart abandonment, but one of the reasons is related to the user experience through mobile apps.

There is 20% cart abandonment in mobile apps, 68% on desktop sites, and 97% on mobile sites. It clearly shows that mobile apps have the lowest cart abandonment.

This is because apps make the checkout process smoother than others.

Consumers can easily select their choice of payment option(Wallet, GPay, Paytm), no overhead of adding shipping address again & again, and lastly apps remember your preferences that are saved in the settings. 


The importance of mobile applications for eCommerce businesses is increasing every day.

All the numbers and statistics say it all!

One can well imagine how mobile app development is a boon for your eCommerce store as it continuously engages customers and helps build a strong bond with your target audience.

The reality that consumers prefer mobile apps can not be ignored. Now that you have understood the importance, start thinking, and exploring. 

Pack your ideas and bring them to us, and we at OneClick IT Consultancy will convert them into reality.

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