Top 4 Viator Booking engine programs for Tours and Attractions

top 4 viator booking engine programs for tours and attractions

Viator is one of the leading service providers for finding and booking experiences anywhere from the world. To integrate Viator API you have to enroll for the Viator Partner program, it will give you API access and using it your customers have access to sightseeing, tours, attractions, and transfers in 75+ countries and over 450 destinations worldwide. Using Viator API anyone can earn a commission on each and every sale. Once you become Viator Travel Partner it will allow your customers to browse and book different Activities using the Viator platform. Viator API can be used by developers to build cost-effective Travel Application that allows the user to explore, search and book Activities anywhere in the world. Hence, if you want your customers to book on your platform you need to integrate Viator API to your portal.

4 Types of Viator Booking engine program

You can enroll for different distribution partner as per your requirements. There are a top 4 types of Viator Booking engine program available.

Viator Affiliates:

If you have a website or blog, you can become a Viator Affiliate partner and increase your revenue. Viators is one of the largest online suppliers of tours and activities. Viators provides customize widget that you can put directly on your website and start earning a commission every time your website or blog visitors book Activities or tours using a widget.

  • Viators offers 8% commission if visitors book directly from the website or blog
  • You can customize widget using a widget builder and add that tool on your website or blog
  • Viators provides 24×7 support to you and your website visitors
  • Mobile and website friendly widgets can be created in seconds

Network Affiliates:

If you are a media partner, influencer, or website owner, you can start earning money by promoting Viator experience to your audiences through Viator’s AWIN and Share sales network programs. It is similar to Viator Affiliates program but here you don’t need to integrate Affiliate widgets.

  • You can generate deep links using the Viator dashboard, reporting tools, and affiliate resources
  • You will get access to global affiliate programs with worldwide tours, activities, and experiences
  • New deals and promotions update regular basis
  • You will get a flexible commission with varied payments
  • Customized campaigns to help you to grow
  • All visitors from your reference have 30-days cookie tracking

Travel Agents:

Accredited agents, hotel concierges, and vacation rental owners can become Viator Travel Agents without any cost and can book for their existing clients. Viator will not contact your customers, your customers will remain your customers. Being Travel Agents you will get below shared benefits.

  • Travel Agents can also earn 8% commission on every booking, Travel Agents can book for their customers from 200,000+ bookable tours and activities, including excursion transportation, and experience.
  • Travel Agents can track each transaction and commissions earned by a transaction.
  • You can also create a custom link for your customers and can earn the commission if any user book using that link.
  • Viators provides 24×7 support to Travel Agents and his/her customers.
  • Travel Agents can also build the custom widget using a dynamic widget builder.

API Solutions:

Viator is providing tours and activities API to airlines, online travel agencies, travel content sites, destination guides, e-commerce companies, and loyalty brands for creating an unrivaled distribution network. For the mid to large scale company, it is considering an API solution. You must require technical expertise to integrate the API.

  • Viator supports content-only and transactional models with JSON APIs, to build the best user experience for your brand.
  • Using Viator API you will get access to more than 200,000 unique experiences, activities, and tour destinations all over the world for your customers on your website.
  • You can give the best customer experience to your customers by displaying the product images, reviews, and descriptions of tours, activities, and experiences.
  • Viator provides flexibility to select commercial model best suit with you: You can represent as merchant of record or for Viator to serve as the merchant of record.
  • Viator provides dedicated support team member who can resolve your run time queries which you face while integrating API.


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