How can Chatbots process human languages?

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The chatbot is a Computer program or an Artificial Intelligence which directs a conversation via audio or textual methods. Such a program is frequently designed to simulate how a human would behave as a conversational partner.

Chatbots are changing the way in which brands connect with their clients. Their combination of consistent network and close quick reaction time make them an attractive way to extend or even replace the functionality of web and mobile application

The chatbot is versatile therefore they’re able to adapt and help solve different business pains.

How the chatbot works:

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At first, chatbot looks like a simple app There is an application layer, a database, and API to call external services.

The bots are first prepared with the actual information. Developer utilizes that logs to analyze what clients are trying to ask and what does that mean. With a combination of Machine Learning models and tools, they match the question that the client asks and replies with the best suitable answer.

For example, let’s take a simple bot, one that only does one thing: Orders takeout. When someone texts the message “order a pizza,” the bot would hopefully recognize the command (“order”) and the request (“pizza”).

There are many apps who used the chatbots like LinkedIn, Gmail, messenger and many more they give the suggested content for each response for example if you got the message “Hello” It provides suggestions like “Hi”,” Hello, how are you?”.

Bots utilize design matching to classify the content and create an appropriate reaction for the clients. A standard structure of these examples is “Artificial Intelligence Markup Language” (AIML).

In my opinion, Chatbot is still in its early day, so we will see how things will evolve. Maybe it will take off, or maybe we can combine Voice UI with Conversational interfaces as a visual support. It’s certainly a perfect time for entrepreneurs and bot enthusiasts to experiment new uses cases with CI.

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