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How AI Is Reshaping Future of Healthcare

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Healthcare Industry is not too far and is forefront in innovation and advanced in using medical devices, equipment, and processes that saturate the industry.  But AI seems poised to transform the way we collect, understand and use data on patient health, healthcare services, and historical health data to revolutionize medical diagnostics, treatment, and research.

Artificial Intelligence was initially conceptualized in the 1950s with the goal of enabling a machine or computer to think and learn like humans. AI is widely used by companies like Facebook (e.g. recognizing who is in a photo), and Google (e.g. providing search suggestions, or identifying the fastest route to drive).  However, in the healthcare industry, AI has only made small steps towards a vast and multidimensional opportunity.

AI has already established itself in healthcare in many ways, but healthcare professionals have only smashed the surface. Being in its beginning stages, AI has impacted the healthcare industry intensely.

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On any given day, the healthcare industry produces a tremendous amount of data. A method to be able to manage this data, centralize it, and access it instantly was much appreciated by healthcare professionals. With developments in AI, all of these data points can be entered into algorithms for a machine and deep learning for some fascinating predictive analysis for healthcare.

Medical professionals have been struggling with electronic health records (EHRs) — storage methods, security measures, and access. Big data and AI will provide a solution to all three of these issues.

Furthermore, AI can assist with the diagnosis and treatment of patients, detecting illness faster and with better accuracy through the history of a patient’s EHRs. Through predictive analysis, machine learning can look back at a patient’s past medical records and find patterns that could suggest that the patient is headed toward an illness — like the previously mentioned cancer. Doctors can take this information and get them back on the right path, preventing them from the onset of more things like a heart attack, diabetes, and other life-threatening ailments.

In my coming blog, I will share the different ways the AI has impacted and going to reshape the healthcare industry with the innovation in the coming years.

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