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Google’s step towards Medical Research = Hearing Aid

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On 17th Aug Google released a new feature in Android OS. This feature enhancement makes Android OS be more accessible to its users. Now users can use their hearing aid using Bluetooth. Android has made it available for their users now, but it was already available for iPhone users.

Over 5% of the world’s population which is 466 million people has a disabling hearing loss. This number includes 432 million adults and 34 million children. It is estimated that by 2050 over 1 billion population of earth will have a disabling hearing loss which is one in every ten people.

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Alphabet (Parent company) has many companies under them which majorly divides into Google and other bets. Other bets include many other Health-related companies founded by Alphabet/Google. X Lab is the secret research company found by Google who collects data from every human from their Android devices and uses to improvise their medical research and probably their medical products. They work together and collecting and analyzing health data for the human genome which is working on machine learning projects in health. Ideas Alphabet believes could change the future.

Pair and stream audio

Hearing aid manufacturer GN hearing that is helpful to create new hearing aid spec for an Android device called ASHA or Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids. It will be able to connect and stream from a device without using an intermediate device.

  • It will help you to listen to music or any other audio as well as the phone call, where you can hear the voice clearly & loudly.
  • The user will able to connect, pair and monitor the device via hearing aids.
  • It has been designed to minimize the impact on battery and you will able to control the sound of hearing aids using your supported device.

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